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The ideal proportions of the female body

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Is it possible to check harmony with algebra? The ideal proportions of the female body care like the fair sex, and working in the fitness industry, fashion, art and dance people of both sexes. Scientists are exploring this question, and the girls all want to meet the ideal. What are the proportions, eye? In the history of mankind there was a time when the ideal was considered large bellies and small Breasts. And the era of “heroin chic”, when the thin boyish figure was in trend. Then came the fashion for fitness, and muscular body. At all times were considered attractive X – shaped figure with a slim waist, but you have to understand that beauty is not only in proportions. It is subjective, often intangible, and put it on the settings does not work. So the proportions are important, but they do not make women lovely and attractive.

The contents

  • 1 design features a beautiful female figure
  • 2 Perfect shapes women according to men
  • 3 the Formula for the ideal proportions of the female body
    • 3.1 Mesomorph
    • 3.2 Ectomorph
    • 3.3 Endomorph
  • 4 the Ratio of height and leg length
  • 5 the Ideal proportions of the chest, waist, hips
  • 6 the Perfect ratio of weight and height

Visual parameters a beautiful female figure

Do you like the figure sculpture of Venus de Milo? If sculptured in marble Greek gods and today could be the scene of a beach bodybuilding, only slightly adding to shoulder width, then Venus in modern times would be quite a few chances. A fairly full stomach, a relatively small bust, narrow and sloping shoulders, and indeed, with such excess weight is the only keepers in the neighboring Department, but not in beauty. We must understand that “dried” the female figure became a trend only in the 20th century, and came to us from the catwalks. In Ancient times, was estimated proportions, so to speak.

If you believe the architects, the figure of the sculpture is subject to the so-called Golden section, this irrational number representing the ratio of waist to hips. It allows figure out the proportion. Plastic surgeons use is a number equal to 1, 618… to determine new forms to the waist.

Greek sculptors believed that the Golden section should relate the parameters of the waist, shoulders, and hips. This is what is embodied in the sculpture of Venus. Because if you ask honest people, not fashion critics, and not fitness experts, long deformirovanii their minds in favor of the industry, Venus will be very personal.

It is believed that the human eye tracks the shoulders, hips, waist, and the curve that connects them. So working on the outline, trying to concentrate on the transitions and smoothness of lines.

It is considered that the types of female figures only five:

  • Hourglass is a “classic” with a narrow waist, broad shoulders and hips. The ratio of such figures close to the Golden ratio from nature, and even if the possessor of slightly gaining weight, she is still attractive. It is to an hourglass shape tend in the fitness bikini and ordinary visitors of gyms want that figure. Unfortunately, a narrow waist for many remains just a dream, but to visually reconstruct the shape of the body is possible if to add volume to the shoulders, buttocks and thighs;
  • Pear-shaped figure – the ideal of the Renaissance, and the most healthy body type according to some doctors. Fat is stored in the lower half of the body, the shoulders are inferior to the hips in volume, and the waist remains narrow, but the shoulder girdle is almost not developed. In terms of fitness so the ladies are a little less fortunate, as you have to do several cycles and drying to balance the top and bottom, usually in attempts to lose weight thighs are still full, but the top dries very significantly;
  • The triangle is an athletic figure with broad shoulders and narrow hips. With such a body type is much easier to achieve success in such sports like bench press, weightlifting, gymnastics, but for a long time such a figure was considered ugly. “Free bonus” from nature is that in the background of any shoulder waist looks narrow, and body fat of the owner of such figures usually are not inclined;
  • A rectangle is a figure reminiscent of the type “Apple”, but bole athletic. Usually these women are big nature Breasts, long legs, but the waist is almost there. Fat is deposited on the male type, in the stomach area. And it evenly covers the abdominal wall and internal organs. Doctors believe that this type obesity is more dangerous to life and health, therefore, women of this type it is necessary to monitor the weight. “Boxes” tend to be mesomorphic physique, and is usually progressing well in strength sports.
  • Apple is a pretty slender figure, narrow shoulders and hips but a bigger belly distinguish the representatives of this type of figure. “Apples” is difficult given the weight loss, since even a major effort not to give the most harmonious forms to which all aspire, and the girls quickly lose motivation.

Types of female figures is a sample list. In reality, they can vary considerably, as does the girl strongly depends on the growth, percent fat mass, leg length, arm, shoulder width, and how she dresses and presents herself. In modern fashion there’s an entire movement dedicated to selecting wardrobe-type figure. And fitness tools that allow you to adjust any figure. Why be upset about the nature of data is not necessary.

Perfect shapes women according to men

They say that the male perception of a woman’s body is very different from women’s. And certainly far from the ideals that promoted a modern gloss, the fitness industry and other sources that tell us that without buttocks “shelf”, and broad athletic shoulders, and chest at least 4 sizes we ugly.

All sources in one voice say that a man’s eye evaluates the ratio of waist and hips, or rather – the lack of body fat on this waist. That is, if the smooth lines and the difference between the narrowest and widest portions of the hull are present, the girl ideal. In practice, there are a variety of options. Someone attractive seems “dry”, almost theatrical form. Someone who likes a more mellow pieces and another at all like soft women with a little tummy.

Scientists never tire of repeating that sexual attractiveness is associated with health. That is, the ideal girl should not have a high percentage of fat, huge belly, and too full hips, all associated with illness. Similarly plays a big role in skin condition, hair, nails. That is why it is believed that grooming and fitness are important components of the image of successful and attractive women.

But other sources claim that sex appeal has nothing to do with the body parameters, and can be evaluated at the level of … smells. Attractive aroma, or the smell of your own pheromones each his own, and the men are literally “like a nose”. Anyway, the lack of unhealthy body fat prolongs life and makes it better, so that not only in the sexual attractiveness thing.

The formula for the ideal proportions of the female body

Man is so constituted that tries to calculate all the inexplicable. Scientists continue to invent formulas, criteria, parameters to describe the beauty. And the poets and artists just admire the perfect female bodies at all times. In fact, every science passes here before practice, because the parameters of beauty of the body. Some girls legs with the same parameter in centimeters will look longer due to the fact that the waist is located above. Some – slimmer due to the smooth lines of hips. And someone nature gave elegant posture, expanded shoulders and even the spine.

The formula for the ideal proportions should be seen as Advisory information that can be taken note of, but it is not necessary to dwell on it. The figure can be beautiful if fat adequate, developed muscles and the girl watching them.

Fitness come not only from aesthetic types of shapes that were discussed above, but also from the so-called physiological. They describe how a woman looks, depending on its speed of metabolic processes, body fat, and build muscle.

Types of female physique three:

A mesomorph

This is a born athlete. If a girl is not engaged, but simply adheres to the rules of the minimum healthy food, she looks like a regular sports club. She by nature will draw press will be slender legs, good posture and a pronounced waist. Maybe it will be quite difficult to achieve refinement of the model forms, but the trend is away from them, and nobody worries about it. These girls can for six months to prepare for a fitness, bikini, and it is about them often think that they are using illegal drugs. But really, they can just exercise and diet for athletes. If a mesomorph is recovering, there was really something serious, like long time of inactivity due to switching to a career, or pregnancy and childbirth. Mesomorphy shed weight quickly, especially if they are engaged in physical activity. Those who are not trained, it is recommended to start as soon as possible. The main bonus of mesomorph – his muscles;


This slender, slender nature girl. In the past, these have had no problems, because the fashion was extremely skinny, model figure of a woman. These girls “looks like a million” and now, but their existence is a bit clouded by the fact that pump buttock, which were included in the trend recently, it is extremely difficult. Training ectomorph is a heavy weight, a good technique, which is extremely difficult to achieve with long limbs, and a constant high-calorie food. Oddly enough, these girls are afraid to recover and preserve its natural beauty. That is why they often do not gain anything in the gym – poor nutrition affects athletic performance. But ectomorphy good in cyclic kinds of sports and gymnastics. And they almost never get better if you are abusing food, and quite active by nature. Because in ordinary life, those who are far from fitness is considered the “witches”. Ectomorph can “kill” your metabolism in only one way – the use of drugs and alcohol, plus the lack of sleep. This is what caused the collapse of the great models of the past, and that’s why ectomorfo better to lead a healthy lifestyle,


The main Martyr of the modern world. This is a girl by nature with large bone, good data is to build muscle, but an impressive amount of fat. Once not mocking girls like modern culture. However, the endomorphic type is no barrier to athleticism. For example, you can view online photos of Brittany diamond girl has extreme power sports, quite large in nature and weighs more than 80 kg, but she’s smart, has a beautiful developed a shoulder belt, pronounced waist and sculpted buttocks. So to justify the slow metabolism and the fact that the fat sticks faster than muscle, clearly not worth it. The main task endomorph – to establish a regular training regimen and nutrition.

The ratio of height and leg length

This parameter is familiar to the modeling business, there are even entire tables definitions of beauty depending on leg length. Usually it is believed that beautiful girls should have long legs and narrow waist.

The table presents the ratio of height and leg length.

Rostlinna feet

· from 155 to 160 см78-83 cm

· from 161 to 167 см84-89 cm

· from 168 to 174 см90-94 cm

· from 175 to 180 см95-100 cm

The ideal proportions of the chest, waist, hips

It is considered that the larger the Breasts and thighs, the better, but in theory I think that beautiful is the ratio in which 60-70% of the volume of the chest and hips is waist.

The perfect ratio of weight and height

ROSTO-weight ratio is not only an indicator of beauty but also health. In short, the perfect is considered the ratio at which weight women is the growth of minus 105-110 cm, But the last parameter characteristic modeling and the first – also can be harsh, when faced with an athlete.

The truth is that female athletes bikini weigh in misison “growth minus 105”, but more muscle can weigh more. In the modern world ROSTO-weight ratio is gradually disappearing into the background, and the parameter is taken the body fat percentage.

The table presents the ratio of height and weight for women.

Growth in centimetres in kilograms

13728 — 35

14030 — 37

14232 — 40

14535 — 43

14737 — 45

15039 — 48

15241 — 50

15543 — 52

15744 — 54

16047 — 58

16349 — 59

16551 — 62

16853 — 64

17055 — 67

17357 — 69

17559 — 72

17861 — 74

18063 — 77

18365 — 79

18567 — 82

18869 — 74

19172 — 87

The main parameter of feminine beauty is vitality, vigor, health and good mood they give. Therefore, physical activity should be part of the life of any modern woman.

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