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The highlighter vagina and balm for the labia: is it worth to use it?

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modern gynecologists answer this way: “Vulva and vagina are self-sufficient and know how to protect themselves from harmful influences. For daily care of intimate organs need water only, and then only once a day. Buying a mask with white charcoal, which purifies the pores, it is important to remember that the vagina is not exposed to harmful influences in such amount as the face. And there’s no real reason to give her a “cleansing” or “detox”.

If you notice a change in smell or appearance of discharge, do not rush to mask it perfumowana fragrance. First you need to go to the doctor to find out the reason and cure her — and then the flavors won’t need. Also makes no sense to use tools which normalize the pH balance of the vagina copes with this myself.

However, an explicit prohibition of all those cosmetics specialists do not impose: “If someone is working — use it. But is it really necessary to your intimate organs? Hardly”. The delicate tissues of the vulva can become inflamed from the minimum contact with the product, especially if it is flavored. This can lead to the development of a strong fungal infection. So if you noticed something was wrong — stop use what does not suit you.

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