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The hangover – the enemy of fun: 16 ways to avoid paying for reception alcohol

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Before taking alcohol

1. Double dose of multivitamins

Many believe that a hangover is the result of dehydration (lack of fluid in the body). But often it is the result of very different processes. So a good prevention will be the intake of antioxidants. Take an extra tablet of a multivitamin or drink a glass of pomegranate juice.

2. A Burger instead of a salad

Of course, you don’t want to overeat, but this is not necessary. A hangover is often not due to the amount of alcohol consumed, and alcohol metabolism, but it directly depends on the amount eaten. Make sure you eat the proteins and fats, and carbohydrates before you drink the first portion. Useful, for example, eat red meat is a source of beneficial amino acids and B vitamins, which help to quickly deal with the breakdown products of alcohol.

3. Rest

Sounds strange, but many people regularly don’t get enough sleep. Good sleep may not save you from a hangover, but will make your body can survive a tough night with minimal consequences.

In the process of drinking

4. Don’t drink champagne (sorry, sparkling)

The bubbles speed up the absorption of alcohol and you get drunk faster. The result is a more severe hangover.

5. Drink water or sports drinks

Between doses of alcohol won’t hurt the adoption of non-alcoholic beverages that restore the fluid balance and electrolytes in the body.

6. Don’t smoke

The study of bad habits 113 students of American colleges, which for eight weeks to record the volume taken alcohol, smoked cigarettes and symptoms of a hangover, showed that Smoking greatly increases the risk of morning sickness.

7. Bother with transparent

Vodka and gin contain less toxins and by-products than in dark drinks like whiskey and rum.

8. My hands

Another strange advice, but the alcohol changes the immune system, and if you feel the signs of impending disease, after alcohol intoxication will hurt longer and harder.

9. Drink expensive liquor

It is much more refined and causes less of a hangover. Besides, if you are on a budget, in the end, and you drink less.

10. Dance

Or play Billiards and ping-pong, accelerates the blood and faster perevarivaya drunk. And don’t forget the glass of water in front of the entertainment!

Before going to sleep

11. Do not overdo it with water

Drink it during the party — good, but inflated like a fountain, too, is not: the body will be harder, plus you’ll have the night to run to the toilet. So before going to sleep drink a glass and a half and another one put it next to the bed in the morning.

12. Wear a sleep mask

If the party lasted until dawn, you may long to fall asleep and hard to Wake up. Reduce the impact of light on sleep, then the hangover will be faster.

13. Take ibuprofen

He just can not hurt and is compatible with alcohol, unlike most other medicines for headaches.

In the morning

14. Not pohmelyatsya alcohol

This can give temporary relief, but then it will be even worse.

15. Eat the egg

It is a source of cysteine, which reduces the effects of the toxin that causes headache after drinking alcohol. Boiled eggs or omelette, that’s your perfect Breakfast.

16. Do not drink herbal tea

Chinese scientists have found that these teas slow the processing of alcohol and prolongs the hangover. So that’s something!

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