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The greatest record on the bench press without equipment

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Why the bench press is included in the list of the best barbell exercises? Why use gear? Who owns world records in the bench press competition? The answers to these questions, read this article.

The bench press is a basic exercise that provides a comprehensive study of the pectoral muscles, triceps and back. It has been in the training program at any professional athlete. However, some athletes have achieved much better results than others doing the bench press without equipment. The records will be the best motivation to budding athletes in the physical and strength development.

The difference between a press with gear and without

The main difference in training with equipment – use in the process of performing exercises additional uniforms, allowing to work with large weights. These things include:

  • belt;
  • Mikey;
  • the wrist straps.

Thanks to the gear set the first world record in the bench press in 1957. Put it weightlifter Paul Anderson, pushed off the chest the bar weighs 280 lbs. Before the competition was held without auxiliary uniforms.

The maximum score belonged to Doug Hepburn, pozavchera 263 kg.

Eventually it was found that the results when performing exercises with equipment and without it are radically different, then the competition for each method were held separately.

World records among men

Initially, the competition on the bench press bar was carried out exclusively among men. Women entered the sport much later and also set many records. However, it is the men credited with its popularization. In the list of the most famous Champions include:

  • Ryan Kennelly. 160-pound American powerlifter in 2008, squeezed from the breast bar weighing 487,6 kg. Despite the fact that the result is installed in the equipment, nobody was able to beat over the next 8 years. Ryan gradually lowered the maximum weight and at the age of 41 is pushed from the breast 297 kg.
  • Robert Luando. 110-killogramovy athlete has become a legend among weightlifters, shaking in the supine position the barbell weighing 453 kg. As Ryan Kennelly during the competition he used gear, but his training became popular among athletes training without it.
  • Eric Spoto. This athlete takes the third place in the list of heavyweights who outfit, and first among athletes that do not use it. Eric shook the rod at 327.5 kg during the competition, without jerks, which caused a standing ovation from the attendees of Champions. In addition, 147-pound athlete is a champion in arm wrestling.
  • Scott Mendelson. In 2003, American athlete set two absolute record for bench press with equipment, pushing from his chest at the rate of 457.5 kg, and without it – 323,4 kg. At the moment, the achievements of Scott’s beaten, and he no longer takes part in competitions and coaching young athletes to our sports centre.
  • Vladimir Svistunov. The athlete from Ukraine has numerous achievements, including the European champion and the record in the heavyweight division. In 2015, the athlete pushed 347,5 kg from the breast, winning the championship in the European Championship.
  • Vadym Dovganyuk. Another 105-pound Ukrainian in your weight took first place at the European Championships in 2015, the weight 335,4 kg. This result was not only the best in the competition, but also got into the Guinness Book of records.
  • Kirill Sarychev. Russian athlete and one of the most outstanding athletes has a record of two world records. At the age of 25 with a weight of 170 kg Kirill pushed from the chest 326-pound barbell. In 26 years the athlete has improved a little, shaking weight 335 kg without equipment. It should be noted that Ryan Kennelly, the result of which was kept for 8 years, could push from the chest only 297 kg, which is almost 40 kg less than Kirill. At the moment, the athlete maintains his own YouTube channel, which shares the training program subscribers.
  • Siamand Rahman. The Iranian athlete not only among the Champions on the bench press bar but it is disabled. At the Paralympics he shook from the breast weight of 300 kg and set a goal to achieve the same result without equipment.
  • Stan Efferding. This athlete is not only a champion but a person, due to which bodybuilders began trading in competition at the same level as the powerlifters. Professional bodybuilding, Stan pushed from chest 275-pound barbell, writing his name in the record books.

World records among women

In the 90-ies in the contest of bench press begin to actively involve women. Since they could not on an equal footing to compete with men, they have the separate standards. The number of athletes who have achieved the highest results in the bench press are:

  • Tamara Rainwater, Grimwood. American athlete in 1994, shook off the chest 182,5 kg, winning the absolute world champion in weight to 82.5 kg. She was the only woman that has achieved a similar result. At the moment, its achievement is not broken.
  • Larysa Soloviova. Ukrainka in 2011 shook 165 lbs, winning first place in the contest of bench press.
  • Maryana Naumova. Young Russian athlete set the first record at 11 years of age, shaking a weight of 60 kg. Champion on the bench press did not stop there and already in 15 years, pushed from his chest 150-pound barbell. Currently, the girl is 19 years old and she continues to occupy a leading place in almost all the competitions in which participates.

A bar press is still the main indicator of the strength of the athlete. This exercise is one of the best for the formation of athletic build and muscle mass. However, by practicing exercises with a barbell, you should gradually increase the weight and avoid overtraining, to not get injured. Otherwise, to get close to the record would be impossible.

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