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The gluteal bridge: types and secrets exercises

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The gluteal bridge: types and secrets exercises

The contents

  • What is the gluteal bridge
  • How useful physical activity
  • Technique exercises
  • Options gluteal bridge
  • Contraindications for training
  • Secrets safe fitness

Some girls are lucky enough to have a rounded tight buttocks from nature. Most have to work on yourself by practicing specific exercises that allow the body part to acquire a beautiful volume and relief.

Buttock muscles respond well to exercise. The result of fitness workouts it is possible to notice quickly enough, so the classes are fun and motivating.

The gluteal bridge is recognized as one of the best exercises for the lower body. Among the many varieties there are those that are suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. If you observe the basic conditions for successful training – the regularity and proper technique of performance of an element, it will be possible in two months to notice first positive results.

What is the gluteal bridge

The essence of the gluteal bridge is lifting the pelvis from the prone position. While the shoulder belt should lie significantly below the level of the buttocks. This gives a high load on the gluteal muscles. If you are a newbie, regular exercise will strengthen the muscles and prepare it for more serious power training.

Basic physical exercise is targeted muscle group – the glutes. But if everything is done correctly, the parallel load will be:

  • of the thigh;
  • calves;
  • core muscles and extensors.

When performing exercises also work the abs and back muscles.

How useful physical activity

The gluteal bridge chosen by many fitness lovers. For this they have a variety of reasons.

  • The item is a simple and affordable: it can perform both beginners and more experienced athletes.
  • In most versions of the bridge do not use additional equipment, so it can be included in your home training.
  • Unlike squats gluteal bridge cannot bear the strain. So it can perform those who are contraindicated for other physical activities aimed at developing the gluteal muscles.
  • The advantage of bridge is that when it runs the main burden of getting exactly the muscles of the buttocks. While, for example, make squats also work the quadriceps.
  • Technique exercises

    The gluteal bridge exercise is as follows:

    • lie on your back, legs bent at the knees and put on width apart;
    • feet and lower back pressed floor, hands lie along the body;
    • clench and press, raise the pelvis and pull back from the floor;
    • the body from the shoulders to the knees pulling in a straight line to stay in position for 2-3 seconds;
    • lower the buttocks, but the floor they do not touch.

    To the beginner it is enough to do 2-3 sets of 20-30 repetitions. Subsequently, the load can be increased. If physically able, can complicate the gluteal bridge in the following way: put the feet together and at the top of the element to further dilute and reduce the knees.

    Options gluteal bridge

    There are several of the most effective gluteal bridge. For yourself, you should choose the one modification that will meet the current level of strength and endurance.

    • On one leg.

    The initial position is identical to the classic version, you should only be lifting one leg up or put it on the knee of the other leg. So is only one side – in this case, the gluteal muscles are worked alternately.

    • On the fitball.

    The need to keep the balance connects muscle-stabilizers, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise. In the initial position on the ball are or feet, or upper body above the shoulder blades. In the second embodiment, the pelvis drops on the floor: so it reduced the load on the lower back.

    • The post.

    This option is more suitable for advanced athletes. The neck of the projectile is at the hip crease, and held hands straight grip. It is important to follow the technique of item: rod should not move to the stomach, and all movements should be performed slowly without any jerks. You can replace the shell with a dumbbell or a pancake from the rod.

    • With a fitness band.

    One end of the elastic bands in the form of a ring is fixed on the floor under the buttocks. The second is in the area of the pelvis. The resistance of the projectile helps to increase the load on the target muscle.

    • On the bench.

    This version of the bridge allows for more intensive loading of the muscles by increasing range of motion. On the dais can be legs or shoulders. It is necessary to watch that the buttocks were constantly tense.

    • In the simulator Smith.

    To make a bridge you need to lie upper back on the bench. The pelvis should be placed between racks. The Griffon when it is better to put on the hip crease. To raise the pelvis so that your thighs become parallel to the floor. To take a break. Lower the pelvis, but not to touch the buttocks sex.

    • On the machine leg curl.

    Upper back positioned on the edge of the bench. Roller trainer should be at the hip crease. To raise the pelvis so that the body stretched out in a line parallel to the floor, then drop down. It is advisable not to touch the buttocks sex.

    Contraindications for training

    Most people can do the gluteal bridge with no restrictions. A gentle workout without shock loads on the legs allows you to engage even those who suffer from illnesses of venous character.

    On the spine this exercise also no adverse effects. When back problems the gluteal bridge is not only safe, but useful. It can be performed even in the presence of hernias and protrusions.

    Secrets safe fitness

    To make classes safe and bring only positive emotions, you must comply with the following guidelines.

  • When performing a gluteal bridge it is important that the feet are not standing too far or close to the pelvis. Otherwise will largely pumped quadriceps.
  • Listen to the sensations and pick a corner at the knee, so that the load on the buttocks was the highest.
  • When the pelvis moves up, push the heels into the floor to further load the muscle.
  • So the training was most productive, it is necessary to keep in tension all the muscles of the body.
  • All movements should be slow. It is impossible to sharply raise and drop the pelvis down.
  • Don’t lean on the neck during the execution of fitness exercises in order not to get injured cervical vertebrae.
  • The load should be increased gradually. Otherwise you can overtrain and not achieve the desired results.
  • Gluteal bridge – affordable and effective exercise that with the right approach can give amazing results. To buttocks gained the desired shape and relief, exercise regularly, observe technique and give the muscles time to rest and recover.

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