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The foundations of the power of fitness: basic and isolating exercises

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The foundations of the power of fitness: basic and isolating exercises
The contents

  • Classification of physical exercises
  • The complex of exercises for beginners in strength training
  • Isolation exercises for beginners fitness

Most new visitors to the gym have little fitness knowledge, which prevents them to achieve positive results of training. To avoid this error and its negative consequences, we must first study the theory of providing physical activity. This will help make workouts as productive and effective as possible.

Classification of physical exercises

Knowledge of the classification exercise is one of the basic. Having an idea of what muscle groups are working when performing a particular movement, you can intelligently make the most effective exercise program for the solution of specific problems with the figure. So, all training movements are of two types:

  • Basic multistable.

Already from the name it becomes clear that these physical exercises engaging multiple joints and muscle groups. Consequently, in their implementation, a large part of the musculature of the body will experience intense pressure. Basic training movements are the basis of the training and allow you to achieve these results: increase level of physical training, bring the muscles in tone and to stimulate the active growth of muscle mass, strengthening the joint and ligamentous apparatus. For this reason, the training program fitness for beginners should almost entirely consist of basic exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, pull-UPS and push-UPS and presses.

  • Insulating.

When performing these exercise movements actively is only one joint, and the burden falls on one or two muscle groups. Such physical exercises are designed to give relief to a specific group of muscles as well as additional strengthening of the muscle lagging in development.

Given the characteristics of basic and odnosemjannyj exercises and the effect they have on the muscles, it can be concluded that the basis of fitness should be exactly multistable movement that promotes muscle growth, strength development and endurance and improve overall physical fitness. The isolation of the movement can only complement the basic set of exercises in cases where it is necessary to diversify the load, to achieve muscle definition and separation of muscle groups, and eliminate the disparity in muscle development with the help of an accented elaboration of certain muscles.

The complex of exercises for beginners in strength training

New gym attendees who wish using the power of fitness to improve physical fitness and an active increase in muscle tissue can start working on achieving this goal with the implementation of the following basic compound exercises:

  • Deadlifts.

Before its implementation, it is necessary to choose adequate weight. Beginners the first time can work even with a blank fretboard, while not thoroughly mastered the correct technique. Deadlift involves the following steps for making the starting position: put the shell on the floor, to stand beside him, having got his feet under his neck, to breathe, to sit down a little and bent down to take up rod. Next, you exhale to lift the weight straight body. During the thrust necessary to maintain the fitness weighting up as close as possible to the lower extremities. Finally upright and exhaling, you have to gradually put the barbell on the floor and to repeat this element of the basic fitness classes, doing all of the above-described sequence of movements.

  • Bench press weights while lying down.

The role of weighting in this basic exercise, most often performs the rod, but may use dumbbells, which allows for greater range of motion and involvement in the training process of muscles-stabilizers. To implement the standard basic bench press with a barbell, you need to lie on romovoy the bench, to plant the feet into the floor, remove the bar from the racks, fixing it, and to bring the shell to the upper part of the chest. Continuing to fulfill this element of the underlying set of exercises, you should inhale and straighten the elbows by a shell in the upper position over the chest and exhaling during this period. Without holding the bar at the top longer than a second, slowly lower it to starting position. For beginners it is recommended to perform a bench press using medium or medium-wide grip.

  • Squats.

Because this basic element of fitness classes aimed at the development of muscle mass, when you perform squats you need to use the weights – the barbell held on the shoulders. Equipment this exercise requires the preliminary fixing of the weighting on the shoulders and upper back and bringing the pelvis back. The back should be straight. Next you need to sit down to a level parallel to the floor hips and pressing your heels into the floor and exhaling at the same time, straighten up.

Isolation exercises for beginners fitness

The complex of exercises for beginners, providing insulating load can include training movements:

  • To sit on the bench, rest the elbow of the hand holding the dumbbell to the hip. Breathing in, bend the elbow, bringing the projectile to the shoulder at a distance of approximately 15 cm. Exhale, straighten the upper limb.
  • Stand up straight or sit down (the position of the body doesn’t matter much), raise your arm overhead, holding a dumbbell in it, and lower the shell over the back of the head by flexion of the elbow joint. The shoulder must be in vertical static position. This exercise should be repeated equal number of times for each upper extremity. For a variety of fitness activities can be included in the training program option at the same time two hands, in which the work is carried out with a single projectile.
  • Lie on the bench for hyperextension, his palms on the back of his head and dangling his body. In the correct starting position, the bench should end at the level of the pelvic bones. Inhale to lift the torso so that it formed a straight line. Exhale in the upper position and again to hang the body, returning to starting position.
  • Get on all fours, uperevshis palms into the floor at the level of the shoulder joints. Breathing in, take the knee off the floor and bring bent in the knee joint leg (right angle) upward. Down the leg, repeat this element of fitness classes, working other lower extremity.
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