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The fitness system Tae-Bo: basic exercises for women

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The fitness system Tae-Bo: basic exercises for women

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  • Basics and features fitness system Tae Bo
  • Basic exercises fitness system Tae Bo
  • Tips for beginners in fitness training, tai-Bo

Tae Bo is a unique direction of fitness exercises which combine elements of martial arts, aerobics movement and breathing practices. This system of providing physical activity enjoys great popularity mainly among the ladies. And there are a number of good reasons. With the help of Tae-Bo can not only strengthen muscles, to lose weight and improve physical health, but also to normalize the psycho-emotional state. In addition, these fitness training enable women to gain skills of self-defense.

Basics and features fitness system Tae Bo

Before fitness training, tai-Bo, you need to fully understand the theoretical foundations and characteristics of these classes:

  • the Creator of this fitness system is the American champion in martial arts Billy Blanks.

He managed to harmoniously combine elements of karate, Taekwondo, Wushu, tai Chi, qigong, Boxing and kickboxing exercises characteristic of aerobics. The result is a training complex, having no analogs as on the effects on the body and the effectiveness of such work;

  • every fitness training involves several mandatory steps. First of all, the warm — up.

It includes the standard dance-stepping and cross-country movement which leads to increased heart rate and increased blood flow. Using a workout the body is prepared for subsequent physical exercises and gradually enters into the mode of active work. The second stage is a refinement of basic strokes and exercises that promote strength and endurance. The third step focuses on stretching and holding a breathing technique borrowed from the Chinese system of tai Chi for stress relief and relaxation. The fourth stage is what is different about Tae-Bo from other workouts. Within him is the main burden. At this stage, the duration of which is 10-15 minutes to the energetic music are complex bundles of movement;

  • through exercises, borrowed from Boxing, strengthens muscles of the shoulder girdle, chest muscles and muscles of the back.

Movement characteristic of karate and Taekwondo, actively train all major muscle groups of the lower extremities, the press and just bark. Aerobic physical activity improves the cardiorespiratory system, endurance, coordination and agility, helps to burn large amount of calories (about 600 calories per hour session) to get rid of extra body fat and make the figure look more toned and slim. Elements of meditation and breathing practices that are included in fitness training, tai-Bo, and normalize the Central nervous system, relieve nervous and physical stress, help to deal with stress;

  • a special mental attitude, achieved by incorporating elements of martial arts, qigong and tai Chi in fitness classes, promotes the production of adrenaline and long maintain it at a high level.

In such circumstances, a person is able to withstand much more intensive exercise than the one that appears during the execution of traditional aerobic or strength exercises with its own weight.

Basic exercises fitness system Tae Bo

In the main phase of the workout Tae-Bo may consist of the following exercises:

  • Sasakianime on a step-platform.

You need to stand at a distance narrow step from the tap, the height of which is 15 cm of the Foot in the initial position should be close to each other. The upper limb should be stretched along the body. Keeping the straight back position, step with the right foot on the platform, placing the foot closer to the right edge. Put on the left edge of the platform left foot. During selegiline on step need to be lifted through the upper limbs. To run from the shell, perform the movement in reverse order. In this exercise, you need to keep your knees slightly bent so as not to overtax the joints. The recommended number of repetitions of sasahivi — 8-10 times.

  • Sasakianime on a step with high lifting of the knees.

Standing near the shell, put the brush at the waist and put one foot on the middle of the platform. Shifting her body weight to pull the other bent at the knee a leg up to your chest and simultaneously pull the upper limb forward. To lower the leg on the floor and go with Stepan. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times on each lower limb.

  • Side punches.

To perform them you need to apply a quick and light blows to the head of an imaginary opponent, aiming a fist slightly. Torso while turning you should not. The impact must be due to the rapid extension of the arms at the shoulder and elbow joints. This exercise can be combined with a walk or jumps on the spot.

  • Rear kick.

To do that, you must first lift the bent leg, leading foot close to the supporting lower extremity. When the foot reaches the level of the patella of the supporting leg, it is necessary to sharply bring the lower limb back, after the strike the heel and not fully straightening the knee joint. Repeat the exercise should equal the number of times for each leg.

Tips for beginners in fitness training, tai-Bo

To fitness classes was effective and safe, new to Tae Bo you must strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • before you enroll, it is important to ensure that there are no contra-indications to occupations such physical activity. For this you need to consult a physician. Typically, the conduct of fitness training is not recommended for dysfunction of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, diseases of the spine, joint problems, vision disorders and several other diseases.
  • the intensity of the fitness should correspond to the level of physical training. Should not immediately take up the execution of complex movements. This can cause premature fatigue and cause injury;
  • to practice tai-Bo should be in convenient and high-quality sportswear and footwear that has good shock absorption and securely holds the foot and ankle.

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