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The fitness system crossfit: the main program

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The fitness system crossfit: the main program

The contents

  • Fitness classes in the style of crossfit
  • To suit fitness workout system crossfit
  • Who should not use such physical activity

Fitness classes in the style of the crossfit became popular in the beginning of this century, and immediately gathered around him many supporters and opponents. Fans call it the crossfit workouts that give you the opportunity gladly to give everything, to check yourself for strength. Opponents argue that it is a very traumatic and dangerous sport that brings harm to your health. To resolve the question with such occupations, it is necessary to study in detail, suitable for this style, and who better to abstain.

Fitness classes in the style of crossfit

Fitness workout system crossfit develop physical indicators in several directions: make the body stronger and hardier; the person becomes more fast and flexible. In crossfit there is a narrow focus, it is suitable for those athletes who need to improve performance in their sport. Elements for the program are borrowed from the classic fitness and bodybuilding and heavy athletics and gymnastics. This approach allows to improve the whole body in General. But it is important to understand that such classes will not make the athlete a leader in her sport and will only improve the source data.

Crossfit classes usually take place in the group and last for 40 to 60 minutes. Proper technique keeps track of coach and, if necessary, corrects the movement of the athlete. The program may include the following steps:

  • Active warm-up.

Is carried out at a very fast pace, as the elements are jumping rope with steel rope, jumping on a high box, and various types of push-UPS, squats or lunges. Then stretch those parts of the body will be exercise.

  • Power or function block.

In the power crossfit uses such elements as squats with weights, deadlifts with a barbell, pull and push a projectile from his chest. For functional training uses squats on one leg, playing on gymnastic rings.

  • WOD.

Means training one day — is the main part of the program of crossfit. In group activities begin simultaneously and are competing in the speed of execution elements. The program is circular, all the fitness exercises are performed one after the other; it is important to do as much as possible the number of cycles in the allotted time. Example WOD: sprint 100 m; some burpees repeat 2; deadlifts 2 replay; pull-UPS 2 times. The weight shells are selected, based on the physical capabilities of the athlete.

  • Hitch and stretching.

Upon completion of the fitness training, it is important to gradually transfer the heart rate back to normal, slowing the pace of the exercise. Then move to a series of tensile elements which will remove the tension from the muscles and helps them recover.

Exercises workouts picked based on the level of preparedness of the athletes and goals.

To suit fitness workout system crossfit

These fitness training are universal and are available for both men and women. Differences are only in the intensity of the program and working scales. For young athletes suitable lightweight options for training that will help prepare your body for more complicated elements. For example, when compiling the program for the conditioned athlete and the novice in the same age exercises will be the same, but if the athlete will train with a barbell with your working weight, then a young athlete to perform elements with a blank fretboard.

Crossfit is suitable for people of the following categories:

  • Novice athletes.

With no experience of the program begin to build based on light exercises to master the techniques of performing classic variants. In this case it is important to choose a competent trainer who will be your desired program, and will monitor the validity of the fitness classes.

  • Fans of team sports.

Despite the competition within the group, at the time of assumption, the athlete receives the strong support and motivation from other participants and the competitive spirit makes you commit.

  • Athletes who value hard training.

A program running at a time, requires overcoming itself, and the lessons of the last forces. For those who want to test their limits, crossfit is the perfect solution.

  • Former professionals.

Athletes participating in the competitions, accustomed to go to win at any cost and often at the end of sports career they may not get these feelings. Crossfit will be a great way to maintain good physical shape and maintain feelings of competition.

  • Those who quickly get bored at the regular gyms.

Crossfit can perform various functions: lose weight, draw the terrain, make the body stronger.

Physical exercises in crossfit is selected based on the performance of the athlete, so deal with it. But before proceeding to speed training, it is important to master the proper technique of movements.

Who should not use such physical activity

Like all fitness trends, crossfit has its contraindications and features. Such trainings may not be appropriate:

  • Athletes with a narrow specialization. In this case, it is recommended to focus on activities that will help to improve the necessary skills. For example, a powerlifter to lift more weight don’t need exercise crossfit, as well as athletes who want to build up a large amount of muscle, as such training is actively consumes it, making the body wiry.
  • People who are accustomed to training alone. Group lessons in this case will annoy and disturb focus. In addition, in the group of fitness people doing the same program but with different weights, which also interferes with an individual approach.

It is important to remember the dangers of excessive exercise and a reasonable approach to training.

  • In pursuit of the number of repetitions greater than that of the opponent, athletes often begin to sacrifice the technique of performing elements. Error movements often end with injuries, so it’s important to balance your own hand with the task.
  • The competitive spirit often encourages people to record, in an attempt to do something better than others. This often implies a strong delayed onset muscle soreness and the inability to train during the week.
  • Rhabdomyolysis. A serious and dangerous syndrome, which destroys the cells of the muscles, causing a severe blow to the kidneys, leading to their failure. In terms of shock loads on the limit, the muscle cells explode and die. The released protein (which contains myoglobin) into the bloodstream. The kidneys are not intended for the processing of myoglobin, trying to cope with the load, but often to no avail. Part of the muscle cells die, others are subjected to severe swelling. The athlete at this point can feel pain, extreme fatigue and lethargy in the damaged muscles. Without proper and timely medical treatment rhabdomyolysis leading to fatal consequences.

An important condition fitness training system crossfit is the compliance measures. Do not be afraid to seem weaker than the other members of the group need to compete primarily with themselves, noting the successes and correcting the failures.

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