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The fitness system crossfit: rules and basic exercises

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The fitness system crossfit: rules and basic exercises
The contents

  • The equipment for fitness
  • A basic set of exercises for home
  • Rules of performance of exercises

Crossfit is a circuit training, in which there are diverse exercises for the development of strength, endurance and agility. During such sessions are not used isolation exercises, but is dominated by basic and functional. Training in crossfit is most convenient in a specially equipped room, but if you cannot visit such, you can do it at home. To do this in the first place should be appropriate and balanced in stress fitness program, and also to acquire the necessary equipment.

The equipment for fitness

Playing crossfit in the hall is far preferable to domestic because of the presence of a variety of equipment. If you can not regularly visit a gym, you can conduct the trainings at home, having acquired the necessary minimum of devices.

Before classes begin, you must purchase:

  • Sportswear.

It should not restrict movement and pull the skin, it is important that her material is well breathable and absorbent.

  • A gym Mat.

This can be a sleeping pad, yoga Mat or an ordinary blanket which you would be comfortable to lie on the floor.

  • Weights.

The best choice for home fitness workouts are two matched pair of dumbbells and kettlebells of the appropriate weight.

  • Jump rope.

It is useful to provide on the body aerobic exercise and can be replaced with any cardio.

These devices is sufficient to achieve a certain level of training, but to improve it you need to use extra shells, allowing you to diversify all the muscles. It is desirable that, in the home of crossfit was used:

  • The crossbar.

Although she used to perform a small variety of exercises, but the pull is impossible to fully replace any other elements. Do not have to have this shell of a house, it is enough if you will have the opportunity to practice on the horizontal bar in the yard.

  • Bars.

With this sports equipment you can also run an effective complex of exercises at the same time to place their houses are uncomfortable, so better to find the street version of this shell.

  • Gymnastic bench.

Ideally, you should choose the one where you change the angle, but even the most ordinary backyard bench will be a good alternative.

  • Upland.

It must be some kind of strong box or something similar to it, which will be used to zapihivanie.

A basic set of exercises for home

The following set of exercises suitable for men to work on the system of crossfit at home, without the need for special fixtures:

  • A burpee is an exercise which effectively is the “hallmark” of crossfit, and must include in any workout. Is it in the rest position, after which you need to do push-UPS and jump to get my legs under me, then suddenly jump up, arms raised vertically.
  • “Book” is a wonderful exercise which involves the work and the lower and upper abs. You need to lie on your back and simultaneously raise straight arms and legs, trying to touch them to each other.
  • Squats with weights you need to carry, holds a two hands kettlebell, dumbbell or any improvised means of the required weight.
  • Lunges with dumbbells help work the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, as well as to develop their strength, coordination of movements.
  • Pullups are a great basic exercise for developing the back muscles and hands. Grasp the straight bar wide grip and begin to slowly catch up so that the chin was above the crossbar.
  • Push-UPS perfectly help to work out the chest muscles and arms, rest your palms on different width and different position, which will make training varied. If you just can’t run the classic version of exercises to strengthen hands with pushups from the support or on his knees.
  • The implementation of this set of exercises will allow you to fully work out all the muscles of the body, provided that you have met all rules and recommendations.

    Rules of performance of exercises

    Fitness classes in the system of crossfit are different from other exercises, although use is already widely known exercises. Adhering to these rules, you will be able to conduct your classes with a maximum effect:

  • Be sure to spend a five-minute exercise warm-up, which will allow you to enter smoothly into the training process and to avoid many injuries.
  • Classes in the system of crossfit involve performing the same exercises in a circle, the minimum of these cycles should be 2. During execution, the individual property is not to pause between exercises, but after the completion of the first cycle and before the second to take a break in 5 minutes.
  • It is not necessary to train neither empty nor full stomach. It is good to eat for 1.5-2 hours before class (the food should contain proteins and complex carbohydrates). If you begin to do not eat before that, then after 15 minutes of exercise will feel the incredible fatigue.
  • The muscles need to provide a complete rest and give enough time for this. To carry out the crossfit workouts daily can only professionals, Amateurs should do at least one day break.
  • Adhere to exercise technique. Much better would be to make the training movement quality, but with less weight than to use a serious complication and it does not observe.
  • At the end of the workout it is very important to make a quality hitch, which may include aerobic exercise and stretching. This last step is important, because thanks to the hitch body comes to its normal condition, normal pressure and temperature, stabiliziruemost breath, relax the muscles.
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