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The first training session in the gym for girls: fitness tips

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The first training session in the gym for girls: fitness tips

The contents

  • The basic concepts and rules in fitness
  • Examples of fitness workouts for fans HLS
  • Features female fitness

The first visit to the gym often raises many questions in girls. There is doubt about which exercises to use for training, how to prepare the complex below was the result, and how much time you have to train, and what additional funds are needed to obtain the result. To not feel hesitation or embarrassment, you need to know in advance about the basic rules of the classroom and take a few lessons from a personal trainer.

The basic concepts and rules in fitness

The first thing you should do groupies HLS before visiting the hall, is to define the goal they want to achieve on the fitness training. It may be losing weight, buying a beautiful relief of the body, increase flexibility and endurance of the body. Based on this, build the program for employment.

Basic concepts for drawing up fitness training:

  • Basic exercises — the types of movements that involve working several muscle groups and joints.
  • Isolated exercises are movements that load in the work of one muscle group or one joint.
  • The number of repetitions in exercise is the number of times to repeat the movement for one approach. Circle or approach is usually from 6 movements, strength exercises, up to 30 -50 in mnogofotonnykh or cardio.
  • Operating weight — the weight of the weighting (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells) with which you are performing the exercise. It is determined individually depending on the type of element.
  • The recovery period is the time it takes muscles to recover after exertion. The rest between exercises — pause to move the breathing, and relax the muscles before performing the next element.
  • Protein-carbohydrate window — a state of mind and body fitness training, which he desperately needed nutrients to restore muscle tissue.

It is also necessary to carefully examine the major muscle groups to understand the technique of the exercises and what movements are the most effective.

Examples of fitness workouts for fans HLS

Women’s fitness often has the same goals as men: burning excess fat, set of muscle mass. To compile an individual program will help a personal trainer, but if a is impossible, then it is necessary to take the existing designs, adapting them for themselves.

To increase muscle mass train 3 times a week, making sure the day break to recover.

On the first day doing the following exercises fitness:

  • bench press bar or dumbbells;
  • breeding dumbbells lying down;
  • hyperextension.

For each element do 4 sets of 10 times. The second day of use:

  • squat with weights;
  • lunges with weights;
  • breeding dumbbell in hand in the standing position.

As in the first day, do 4 sets of 10 repetitions. For the third day as an exercise, take:

  • the thrust of the upper block to the chest;
  • bending of the hands with weighting;
  • extension of hands in the block.

Differences between men’s and women’s fitness load and exercise selection, as the female body has a different hormonal (lack of testosterone is to rapidly increase muscle mass).

For weight loss, you need to use a different variation of the program which envisages compliance with the following rules:

  • Compliance with the energy balance: calorie expenditure must exceed their arrival.
  • Exclusion from the diet of simple carbohydrates: foods that contain sugar, wheat flour. The basis of the diet should be grains, combined with meat and dairy products.
  • Fitness classes the emphasis is on running, rowing machines, jump rope.
  • Also use versions of the workouts listed above, but the number of repetitions increase to 15-20 times, and the weight of the weights reduced.
  • Breaks between exercises should be minimal — only to move and to breath.

Each class begins with a warm-up: use the cardio equipment, the elements of gymnastics for the joints. At the end of the workout do the stretching: it removes muscle tension and facilitate recovery after power loads.

Features female fitness

Regardless of the objectives pursued by girls, it is important to avoid some common mistakes for beginners in fitness.

  • Insufficient or excessive zeal. He and the other scenario may lead to poor results. If you train easy, with long pauses and small load, then the lessons will not bring any effect. In the reverse situation, the emergency load will result in severe muscle pains.
  • An improper diet. Often the situation when after an intense workout, the girl allows herself to eat ice cream, cake or other sweets, citing the fact that extra calories are already burned. This behavior negates all the effort, and the result may not be General.
  • The lack of clear goals and a theoretical framework. In the absence of the personal trainer must prepare for classes independently: to learn the basics of the anatomical structure of the body, make a workout plan to work out the technique of execution of movements to avoid injury.
  • The overabundance of communication. A common phenomenon in the fitness center: girls chatting with each other or on the phone, often in the process of exercise. Such behavior hinders breathing, distract from actions and delays changes to the figure. Therefore, it is important to remember that during the class can not be distracted, all attention should be devoted to exercises.

As with any exercise, women’s fitness goes through several typical stages:

  • Resistance. During this period, after two to three weeks of recovery and inspiration, the reverse movement: manifest fatigue, unwillingness to continue studying. The lack of results reduces the motivation, but the effort will be to force myself to get through this part.
  • The transitional state. May take a long period to 6 months. The girl begins to notice positive changes, begins to awaken motivation and interest in big changes. In order to overcome this phase, it is impossible to sharply raise the level of the load, otherwise the state of overtraining will be avoided.
  • The internal lift. The body adapts to regular exercise, negatively reacts to missing workouts. Appear favorite items, the success of fitness already proven myself, so the desire to retreat does not arise.

After passing these stages, there is often a regret for the lost time and opportunities, many wonder about why it was impossible to start earlier. The sport is becoming commonplace, bringing satisfaction and health.

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