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The first comparison on Olympia Weekend-2018

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International show Olympia Weekend-2018 opened the stream comparisons the best of the best athletes that their victories throughout the season competitions qualifiers won the right to stand on stage now Las Vegas. The first category has already conducted a preliminary comparison and were distributed on circles (callouts) way for the further posing. So, in the women’s division of the Fitness Women participating in the assessments of the judges of the IFBB Pro formed three callout:

1st Callout

Darrian Borello
Myriam Capes
Kate Errington
Missy Ferrell
Ryall Graber
Whitney Jones
Bethany Wagner

2nd Callout

Jacklyn Baker
Kate Errington
Giorgia Foroni
Ariel Khadr
Jennifer Worth

3rd Callout

Danielle Chikeles
Allison Ethier
Sara Kovach
Emma Paveley


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