Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

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Only proper nutrition

The figure does not depend on the weight: I do not believe — look at these pictures

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“I thought that if I reach the desired numbers on the scale, it somehow makes me more worthy of acceptance, and love would open me up to new possibilities. But I discovered the opposite. I never appreciated what you have achieved, because all the time was fixed on thinking about my needs of the figure. <…> Of course, people accuse me that I gained the weight back, but I gained not only weight, but also received acceptance and love for yourself.”

more calories
more carbohydrates
My fitness journey has not always been simple and direct, it was full of UPS and downs, but I’m not upset over these falls, because it will be a step back now, but I have already done 100 steps forward from the point where I started.”

“I don’t usually share my weight with you, because I rarely weigh in, and he says nothing. Why? Because the number on the scales does not reflect my psychological or physical health.”

“Weight is just weight, it does not show anything except the severity of your body. He N. E. DETERMINES how your body looks”.

“I reached the same weight I had in the beginning, when I started training more than 2 years ago. As if I did a circle, right?”

“Here are two of my photos and a HUGE difference in the shapes of my body, although the weight is almost the same”

“I didn’t change my body ill diet, I changed his regular exercises and eat enough protein. A year ago, this photo went viral — I was invited on the show The Talk, I’ve opasalas with People, US Weekly, The Daily Mail”

“I saw the number on the scales and realized that we should all just shout “fuck you!” that fucking number because she doesn’t mean anything at all!”

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