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The extra weight and stress as to break the connection?

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Constant stress leads to emotional overeating, on the basis of which there is excess weight. In order to get a beautiful figure, you need to break the link between stress and overeating.

Stress can be acute or chronic, in any form it leads to the appearance of extra pounds. The connection between stress and weight loss scientifically proven to be especially clearly manifested in women. Most people with obesity in the past have experienced a strong emotional event is negative – the painful breakup of a relationship, termination of employment, loss of a loved one.

Weight on the basis of the stress usually associated with emotional overeating, but it is only one of the reasons. The body perceives stress at the biochemical level, it includes the instinct for survival in a dangerous situation begins to store energy as fat. Thus, it is important not only how much food will be eaten, but also the method of application of the received energy.

First on stress-responsive brain, it activates the adrenal glands release adrenaline and cortisol. Then, accelerated heart rate, cortisol increases the appetite, the person feels a craving for high-calorie foods, usually it’s sweets. Glucose from food is not spent on the activity and stored for future use, the body stores fat.

Most often, the fat accumulated on the basis of the stress, is deposited in the abdominal area.

This mechanism cannot be considered bad, it allows you to survive in extreme conditions. cortisol not only increases appetite and makes gain weight, but also reduces inflammation, normalizes blood pressure, sharpens thinking. Resist the appetite the stress induced is very difficult, need a way to outsmart your own brain. We offer several methods of confrontation between emotional hunger.

Breathing practices

When the stress level increases, you need to take a few breaths through your nose, slowly and deeply. The breaths should be deep, the air was filled not only the chest but also the abdomen. Steady breathing calms the mind, anxiety retreats, with her retreats and hunger.

Physical activity

Vigorous exercise suppresses the production of stress hormones and stimulates the production of hormones of joy. Activity will bring a double benefit – relieve stress and burn extra calories. For de-stressing suitable cardio load and activities, requiring high concentration, for example, yoga or climbing. If the choice is made in favour cardio, then it needs to be organized in the format of interval training, for example, to run sprints.

Eating healthy food

If the physical activity and breathing exercises do not help to win over hunger, so really need to eat. But not harmful high-calorie foods, a desire which is an effect of stress, natural and healthy meals. Getting rid of stress promotes consumption of whole-grain products, vegetable oils and dairy products, they keep the blood sugar at a stable level, bring the saturation and tranquility.

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