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The effects of running on the human body

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The effects of running on the human body
The contents

  • What is the impact of physical exercise on the human body?
  • Running, as one of the most effective physical exercise for the body
  • Beautiful body: accustom yourself to run

Technological progress affects all spheres of life of modern society. Life in many respects is easier and food is more accessible, this has a direct impact on the human body, especially on his functional abilities. Many of the internal organs and systems start to work less. A sedentary way of life has long been considered one of the main prerequisites to the development of many serious diseases. Therefore, the priority task of modern man is the cultivation of the love of the sport. The greatest interest should be the types that are available to urban residents. Among them, special attention should be paid to the run as one of the most simple and effective exercises for the entire body.

What is the impact of physical exercise on the human body?

Regular exercise can increase energy costs and make up for the lack of movement that is inherent to most urban residents. Today’s reality is that sport becomes the only way of physical activity, to compensate for the natural need of the human body in motion and force loads.

To pay attention to the regular physical activity needed in childhood. Statistics show that more than half of the total number of sickly children of younger and teenage age, never engaged in any sports.

Low physical activity makes increasing the body defenseless against many possible diseases. If a few decades ago, diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system diagnosed mainly in middle-aged and elderly, today they are much “younger” and often occur in teenagers. To avoid such unfavorable life scenario it is necessary to accustom the human body to the sport since childhood.

Properly chosen physical activity, is characteristic for any sport, the most positive impact on the human body.

  • Strengthens musculoskeletal system

Regular exercise increase the resistance of bone to stress, and promote muscle growth. Physical activity improves blood circulation in tissues, which contributes to better transportation of oxygen and nutrients to all organs and tissues of the human body. Sport is an effective prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis and spinal hernia.

  • Strengthens the nervous system

Sport affects not only the body but also on the speed of mental processes. It leads to the formation of new conditioned reflexes. The exercise is facilitated by the adaptation of an organism to the growing loads and acquiring new skills. And the increased speed of nerve processes leads to a faster brain response to various external triggers.

  • Improves cardiovascular system

The heart of a man who exercises regularly, it becomes tougher. And blood vessels, pumping a greater volume of oxygen-rich blood, promote the rapid recovery of the body after intense physical exertion.

  • Improves the respiratory system

During exercise the human body needs an increased amount of oxygen. This leads to increased depth and frequency of breathing, which increases lung capacity.

  • Changing the life style

It is proven that people who prefer active way of life, less prone to stress and abrupt changes of mood. They are more cheerful, different good health and longevity.

Running, as one of the most effective physical exercise for the body

Modern society dictates strict requirements for the appearance of a woman. Her body must be fit and slim. In order to achieve such a result many people visit fitness centers where by means of heavy lifting and anaerobic physical exertion is pumped individual muscle groups. However, to maintain overall body tone and maintain a good figure you can stop your attention on running.

It is a very accessible sport and is suitable for people of different age, gender and original physical shape. Running sets Wellness impulse to the whole body, relieves emotional stress, and also allows to increase energy. It is proved that during the run in the human body are synthesized endorphins that cause a sense of joy and peace and block the negative emotions.

Running has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Such physical activity increases the number of red and white blood cells in the blood, improves the immune system. Regular Jogging to train the heart muscle, which increases the amount of oxygen consumed and the risk of development of many diseases of the respiratory system.

While running, improve the lipid metabolism that affect weight loss and burning extra calories. So Jogging is an effective means of weight loss and a perfect body.

Runners rarely suffer from diseases of joint musculoskeletal system considerably fitter and healthier. Positive impact the sport and the condition of the liver. It is established that during the run she gets several times more oxygen than when doing daily chores.

The positive effects from regular Jogging is pretty fast. After a few weeks the body will feel the advantages of this sport. However, some people stop training after the onset of pain in joints and muscles, which may be a result of adaptation of the body to stress. To minimize these negative manifestations should observe the running technique and follow some common to all sports rules.

Beautiful body: accustom yourself to run

Human health largely depends on the efforts he is making to preserve it. Even good natural environment should be maintained. The easiest way to maintain a beautiful body — to teach him to run.

Leading fitness trainers recommend beginners runners to adhere to the following rules:

  • to pick shoes for running (should properly distribute the weight of the body);
  • choose special clothes for Jogging (sweat-absorbing, protects from the wind and does not cause allergies);
  • to start running in the warm season (so your body better adapt to stress);
  • be sure to do a warm-up to warm up muscles before exercise;
  • beginner runners should start with a quick step, with subsequent transition to running;
  • to slow down the pace in the presence of pain in the side;
  • not to stop abruptly after your run;
  • it is not necessary to run immediately after waking up loads at this time provides the body with great difficulty.

To bet should be on the quality and regularity of runs, but not at a distance. Jogging is better suited running tracks with a special coating, they have a very gentle effect on your joints. Well established and unpaved Park trails. But from Jogging on concrete paths it is desirable to give — they are just as harmful to the joints as city pavement. The first month of training most are pretty hard, but overcoming this critical period, you can count on a beautiful body and set new healthy habits.

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