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The dirtiest places in the gym

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You go to the gym to become more beautiful and healthy, but don’t suspect that there is a highway to the danger zone. In every gym there are accumulations of bacteria and viruses.

People go to the gym to become more beautiful and improve your health. They do not realize that in the hall you can find not only tight stomach and strong arms, but also a number of diseases – viral, bacterial, fungal. Every gym is a cluster of dangerous microorganisms, for example, almost always on the surfaces of the equipment there is a norovirus, which brings tearing abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. Signing up to the gym, we do not expect that.
Not less common fungal infections affecting the foot and toenails, they are localized in the shower. In the locker room are more common bacteria that cause skin infections. In order to protect your health, you need to study the zones of localization of harmful organisms and to be especially vigilant in these places. If the gym has any anti-bacterial spray, then they need to handle surfaces of exercise equipment before use. In the absence of the spray can be limited to antibacterial hand gel.

Locker room

At peak attendance, the locker room is like a Petri dish, with a stable growth of microorganisms. The risk starts from the floor, which comes dirty soles outdoor footwear and continues on all horizontal and vertical surfaces, especially on the benches. For their own safety in the locker room and shower should not walk barefoot, it is also desirable to sit down on a bench without any clothes on.

Mats for exercise

And mats for General use – is a direct path to infections of the skin, viral diseases and even hepatitis A. For classes in the hall need to have their own Mat that will be processed after each session using the antibacterial wipes or spray with high alcohol content.

Sports bag

The majority of bacteria inside your gym bag are your own, they do not represent special danger. The outer side of the bag is more dangerous, because it is in contact with the benches, with the surfaces of the cabinets and even floors. After visiting the hall into a sports bag can be detected Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E. coli and other carriers of infections. For your own safety it is better to choose bags with synthetic fabrics and the bacteria more difficult to reproduce. Dirty clothes need to be put in a separate pocket of the bag and before it is better to pack in the package.

At least once a week sports bag should be washable with antimicrobial treatment.

We should not trust the “clean” towels in the hall, they will be washed and even disinfected, but they carry often use the same basket for dirty towels. You need to have your towel for a visit to the hall to spread it on the simulator, if you take a shower in the room, you will need another towel.


Doing cardio, all people sweat heavily, the sweat is a nutrient medium for microbial growth. Treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipses always have more bacteria than free weights. Exercise equipment cardio should twice be processed by a strong disinfectant – to use and after it.


Chlorination of water does not guarantee the elimination of all threat agents, so it is best to choose pools with a combined type water purification. The smell of chlorine will be an indicator of pollution, it is enhanced by contact with the microorganisms, so the stronger the chlorine smell, the dirtier the water in the pool. When swimming in the pool you need to use ear plugs, they protect from infections of the ear.

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