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The digits on the bench press without equipment: equipment and errors

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The bench press is the best basic exercise for the development of the thoracic muscles. It is one of the three exercises performed by the athlete during the competition of powerlifting. That is why we will examine how to fulfill this standard, which errors can be found and which attracts the attention of the judge.


To prepare for the competition weightlifters spend a lot of time and effort. Concentrating on lifting heavy weight, athlete forgets about the correctness of the exercise. Mistakes or inattention, often interfere to achieve the desired result. Consider what are the digits on the bench press without equipment and how to get them.

Before performing the bench press, sit on the training bench so that the bar was located a little above eye level. Then grasp the neck and remove it from the special counters, straighten your arms. From this position, begin to lower the barbell. When it touches your chest, push it upward. Watch that at the end of the movement, the projectile was above the eye level, arms fully straighten. The exercise is performed with free weights and require regular monitoring and hedging.

The referee counts bit standard, when the athlete has completed the cycle without making mistakes.
Bench press, normal. What I draw the attention of the judge?

Every athlete, going to competitions, owns the technique of the exercise. But all is not everyone succeeds. If the judges see mistakes in the bench press, the approach will not be counted.

  • The judge is the head of the athlete, to monitor the correct execution of the exercises.
  • The athlete falls back on the exercise bench. Feet fixed on the floor. buttocks firmly pressed. May not remove those body parts from a horizontal surface. The head is, as will be convenient for the athlete.
  • Undersized athletes can use discs or blocks, setting them as a prop. Thus, the legs will get sufficient stability.
  • When lifting weights, allowed the presence of up to four assistants. Their goal is to insure you. If necessary, assistants are helping to remove the bar from the racks and return it to the starting position. It is important that the belayer does not overlap the overview of the judge and not bothered to follow the technique of performing exercises. They usually stand on opposite sides of the rod. This will allow the judge to carefully observe the movements of the athlete and fix technical errors during the bench press.
  • Hands are on the fretboard according to the markings, but no wider than 81 cm, the Initial width of the grip in the bench press is discussed with the judge. It should be safe for the athlete, given the raising of the weight.
  • At the beginning of execution of the bench press, the assistants give the bar the athlete on the extended hands. Then the athlete lowers her to the pectoral muscles. When the neck reaches the chest and stops at the extreme point, the referee gives the signal “press”. Only after that, begin to lift the shell up. The task of the athlete – squeeze, lower to chest weight, and hold the rod at the top on straight arms. Made athlete the result is recorded in a special table.

Mistakes most often committed by athletes

Sometimes it happens that the result is not counted by the jury. This is due to the committed athlete errors.

Let’s talk about the technique of the bench press on the bench. How to perform the exercise correctly to get the desired result?

  • Conveniently sit on an exercise bench. Its surface must be solid and stable. The angle of the bench from 0 degrees to 30 degrees.
  • The neck rod attached to the counters or limiters.
  • Take a seat on the bench, so that the eyes were classified.
  • The feet on width apart, feet spread to the sides for better fixation. Lower leg position perpendicular to the floor surface.
  • On a flat bench, the back has a small deflection on the swash is tight on the surface.
  • The capture of rod, keep the shoulders perpendicular to the floor. Use narrow or wide grip. The bench press is performed in the presence of assistants.
  • After finishing the exercise, return the shell to the rack, with the help of the insurer.

When performing the bench press with more weight, take care of the presence of the assistant. If no partner, then you should be able to finish the exercise in emergency mode. For this, the discs on the rod initially did not attach. Be careful when raising and lowering, the bar is not bent to the side. This could cause a drop of disks from the rod. Finish the movement, carefully lowering the shell on his chest. Keep the barbell very tight. Gently tilt it first one way and allow the wheels to come off the fretboard. Then repeat in the other direction. The neck back on the rack.

In order to achieve results in competitions and to meet the standards, you must not only have good athletic training, but also perfect to master the technique of this exercise.

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