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The device to prevent calorie counters to lose weight

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Exercise equipment and gadgets given spent on the activity of calories is created in order to help lose weight. In reality they create an incorrect illusion and only hinder to lose weight.

Fitness tracker says you’ve spent as much as 500 calories, and it puts you in a good mood. Conveniently, the equipment and sport gadgets can calculate the number of calories expended. These devices were designed specifically for weight loss, but how effective are they?

Blind faith in the calorie counter can sabotage weight loss and even make you gain weight. Frequently the devices calculate calories with great accuracy, and some specially misleading, increasing the number of calories expended with the goal of human motivation. When the simulator shows that for a one-hour training session burned 800 calories, that’s no reason to reward yourself with a piece of cake for all your effort, it is an occasion to reflect on the reality of the calculations.

Every calorie counter is working on his algorithm, which does not always correspond to the type of activity. Besides calorie consumption depends on a number of variables, the device asked to enter gender, weight and age, but it is not all of the criteria. Power consumption largely depends on the amount of muscle mass, the more muscle the more calories will be spent on activity and at rest. Sports watch or the simulator will not be able to take into account the amount of muscle mass. Also the level of energy costs depends on how you slept last night, what you ate for Breakfast, how you recovered from your last workout.

Thus, if the simulator reports that training spent 800 calories, actual energy costs may make like 600 and 900 calories. Tests showed that, on average, exercise machines usually overestimate the rate of energy consumption by 19%. But even if the counters would have the highest fineness, weight loss would depend not only on them.

The task of weight loss is not burning calories at any cost, but to create a negative energy balance.

If you act according to the principle of “I burned 500 calories so you can eat 500 calories without gaining weight”, instead of the weight loss comes new weight. Food must depend on individually tailored diet and their own feelings, but not from the dubious numbers on the device.

Strategy rewards yourself for a good workout food will always be a failure. Flexible system of eating for weight loss make concessions, but to eat the coveted treats will be possible under certain conditions. Readings for calories burned from exercise equipment, fitness bracelets, smart watches and other devices can be viewed to monitor progress. For example, after running at the track you saw the consumption of 200 calories, and now the consumption is 300 calories. In this situation, the data may be inaccurate, but the progress is obvious. Daily the calorie content is determined in accordance with the needs of the body, calorie consumption will only one of the determining factors.

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