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The coolest fat-burning workout that takes only 30 minutes

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Anastasia Rakamakafit, fitness expert and founder of the brand Rakamakafit: “the Main secret of weight-loss is that spending calories you need more than you consume (the principle of energy balance). So conclusion: training aimed at fat loss, should be as energy consuming. Sluggish to move, lying on his side, or straighten her sitting on a chair, there will not have to exert maximum effort and give up a sweat. Gyrosigma for a super-efficient workout approach:

1. Mnogocwetnye exercises, that is, those under which involved more than two major joints, and multiple muscle groups such as squats or planks. Such exercises give the body a strong metabolic and hormonal response, which helps burn calories. To fulfill their needs in quick time.

2. Those that need to perform at a fast pace, for example, jumping or running. The cardio in an intense rhythm speeds up metabolism and causes the body hard to consume oxygen which, in turn, oxidizes and breaks down fat cells.

3. Combining cardio and weight training — this combination is most effective, as cardio helps to speed up heart rate and breathing, and strength training allows you to efficiently work the muscles and burn additional calories.

I made up especially for you circuit training for fat loss of four simple exercises that involve major muscle groups. Perform each exercise for two minutes at a quick pace one after another without rest. At the end of circle of four exercises rest 2 minutes — and again in fight! You must make at least three, and better five laps, the fat started to burn”.

Attacks ago with breeding hand in hand

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, do not slouch, in hand take the handle of the expander. The hands are slightly bent at the elbows. Take a step back, keeping the torso in a steady position, with the center of gravity should be on the front leg. Execute the attack, the angle at the knee should be about 90 degrees, the knee does not go beyond the toe. Simultaneously with the lunge raise your arms to the sides at shoulder level or slightly above. Rise from the squat and return to starting position, simultaneously lowering hands down.

Plank with leg abduction

Take a horizontal position on the floor, resting on forearms and toes. Waist steady with the natural depression, try to curl the pelvis forward, straining the muscles of the abdomen. The blades is reduced, the shoulders are removed from the ears. From this position, leave leg out to the side for maximum width. Throughout the exercise keep the back straight, trying to work through the gluteal muscles.

Burpee with jump up

Feet shoulder width apart, hands freely along the body. On the inhale bend forward, sit down and put your hands on the floor in front of him, shifting on their body weight. Legs straight, torso parallel to the floor. Otomis once before touching the trunk floor and jump to bring feet back to the squat with support on hand. From this position jump up, making the clapping hands above head.

The rise on the bench

Stand straight in front of the bench height of 30-40 centimeters, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. Relax your shoulders, straighten your back, look in front of him. Watch the center of gravity, rise to the bench should be performed at the expense of the muscles of the front leg. The movement should be controlled. If you can not correctly perform the exercise, do step shorter.

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