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The complex of exercises for weight loss woman of the house

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The complex of exercises for weight loss woman of the house

  • Fitness exercises for thighs and buttocks
  • Exercise for weight loss shoulders and arms fans HLS
  • Effective fitness training for weight loss

Fitness classes can help women get rid of excess weight, strengthen the body, make a figure slim and toned. But some areas of the body are problematic and require special attention, such as: the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. In such cases, will help fitness training with specially selected exercises designed to work specific muscle groups.

There are many different sets of exercises for productive fitness training that will effectively reduce the amount of problem areas to tighten the muscles, make the skin elastic. The effectiveness of training for weight loss problem areas is greatly enhanced if you combine fitness classes with well-chosen diet. The body needs to fewer calories than you consume during the workout. In this case, runs a natural mechanism of burning fat.

Fitness exercises for thighs and buttocks

Exercises performed during a workout for slimming thighs and buttocks, to reduce their volume, to get rid of excess fat, massive. But their implementation should not unduly burden the other muscles of the legs — this will allow you to avoid a pronounced relief appearance of the calves and thighs.

  • Fitness exercise “Bicycle”. Lie on your back, raise your legs up and do their rotation in the air. Motion to produce at a high pace. To run 45-50 repetitions, over time, to increase their number to 150.
  • Exercise “Scissors”. Lie on your back, raise your legs up. In an intense pace, alternately cross your legs. Perform 50 repetitions.
  • Foot up, side-lying. Lie on side, elbow and palm to rest on the floor. To make sudden kicks up. To perform 50-60 repetitions for each leg.
  • The Mahi leg up and to the side from a standing position. Stand up straight, you can lean against a chair or wall. Sharply raise the leg up and swung to the side. Perform 15-25 times and change leg.
  • Move your hips to the side in a standing position on his knees. To kneel, to sit to the left of the foot (the motion of the body in the direction) to return to its original position, to sit on the right.

Regular exercises of this complex during fitness workouts will allow you to quickly reduce the volume of thighs, get rid of “breeches” and tighten the buttocks.

Exercise for weight loss shoulders and arms fans HLS

Exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders include a number of exercises with dumbbells. This complex will reduce the amount of problem areas of the body and strengthen the back muscles to pull the chest. The weight of the dumbbell is chosen according to the physical fitness of an individual. The optimum projectile weight for the aspiring follower of the HLS will be 1.5-2 kg Fitness training with dumbbells create a greater load on the body, and preferably 2-3 times a week, leaving time for rest and recovery.

  • Breeding dumbbells in hand, lying on his stomach. Hands move to the sides and as high up as possible. Perform 10-15 repetitions.
  • Knee to lean on a chair or bench with dumbbell hand to lift to his chest, the elbow is moved back. Perform 10-15 repetitions for each hand.
  • The inclined thrust with dumbbells. The trunk is not inclined forward. Hands with dumbbells are pushed apart and up. Hands possible to take for a spin, perform 10-15 repetitions.
  • An exercise with deflection. Lie on your back, hands with dumbbells to get a head. Arch your lower back forward. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

Regular fitness exercise with dumbbells will reduce the volume of your hands and shoulders, get rid of flabby sagging skin, strengthen the back muscles and create a beautiful and slender posture. Repeatedly performing these exercises have a preventive effect in diseases of the spine (scoliosis), relieves pain in the back.

Effective fitness training for weight loss

Effective workouts for weight loss are compound exercises performed with extra load, at a fast pace, burning calories and fat even during rest and recovery. People who have decided to do fitness, it is recommended to perform cardio activity at the gym: treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine and the ellipsoid. For starters will be enough for 20-25 minutes of active training for weight loss, over time, the duration of employment increased to 1 hour.

The combination of power loads and cardio enables you to burn fatty tissue and turn it into muscle. Load level and time of training should be determined according to their physical condition and the intended purpose. Cardio training at a slow pace (walk) will not bring the expected result. Long-term training at a high tempo will lead to increased load on the heart and the body in General. For effective weight loss without harm for health need to track heart rate during training. This can be done by a simple formula: 220 minus age (in years). Maximum heart rate should not exceed 80% of the values obtained.

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