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The complex of exercises for morning exercises

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Morning exercise is considered the Foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Full awakening of the body occurs much faster, if it begins to work musculoskeletal system. It is the set of exercises morning exercises aimed at the rapid awakening after a night’s sleep.

The complex of exercises for morning exercises

Morning exercise is considered the Foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Full awakening of the body occurs much faster, if it begins to work musculoskeletal system. It is the set of exercises morning exercises aimed at the rapid awakening after a night’s sleep.

Rules for the conduct of morning exercises

When planning exercises for morning exercises, it should be remembered that this is not strength training. The training is designed to work with the muscles. Sharp loads have a negative effect on the heart because include active mode of operation of the heart muscle. Charging, on the contrary, is intended to provide you with activity throughout the day.

Some time before training, be sure to wash your face and drink some clean water, it is recommended to perform a set of exercises for morning exercises on an empty stomach. The best completion of such a training is a douche, which will increase the immunity and save you from lethargy.

The main error in the conduct of physical activities is considered as the fatigue body.

The purpose of charging is to raise the tone of the body. The best way to determine what intensity you require, is the health. If you feel tired, you need to review the complex morning exercises.

Morning exercises: compound exercises

Options classes are many, and the programme focuses on parts of the body that you want to develop. Exercises to charge in the morning are:

For the neck:

  • the movement of the head forward and backward and in both directions;
  • the slow turn of his head.

For hands:

  • the circular motion of the hands in a fist;
  • circular motion one shoulder joint, or alternately to use just a pair of shoulders;
  • the rotation of the forearms: at the expense of 1-4, then at the expense of 4-8 back;
  • the rotation of the elbow joint: touch fingers to shoulders, perform a rotation on a score of 1-8.

For the body:

  • smooth bending forward, trying to reach fingers of hands the floor;
  • rotational motion of the pelvis: the hand position on the belt;
  • the slopes of the body to both sides: the arms bend when you tilt.

For the feet:

  • leg swings:10-12 times per leg;
  • the circular motion of the knees, performed in an inclined position;
  • slow squats: about 10 times.

The entire program must be performed slowly and smoothly, follow the heart rate limit heart rate 120 times per minute. Such exercises for beginners will fit perfectly, will help the process of toning the body and increase will power, most importantly, suitable for men and women.

The systematic lessons, morning complex can be supplemented with strength training:

  • push-UPS;
  • abdominal exercises;
  • connect a small dumbbell weights;
  • to use the Hoop for spins.

Complex of exercises for morning exercises

Exercises for morning exercises also target the improvement of body and quick waking up in the morning. Doctors recommend that adults perform this simple exercise program:

  • high step walking in place with high knees, in the amount of 30-40 steps;
  • Atlanta: in a standing position with hands in a fist, move to the shoulders, tighten your chest, turn to the side 20-30 times;
  • game belly: on the exhale you need to relax your belly and the inhale, on the contrary, to draw, to perform 10-12 times;
  • steps zahlest: walk in place, do your heels touch the buttocks, in the amount of 40-50 times.

The main recommendation for this exercise is the observance of breathing technique: the maximum load is on the breath, and the minimal Vice-versa. If you are tired, you can do a set again. Importantly, the time in the occupation did not exceed 10-15 minutes.

Exercises to charge students

An active lifestyle is perfect for school, because it prevents the problem with the spine and strengthens the muscles. Exercises to charge in PE:

  • walking, not moving for 60 seconds;
  • bending forward with hands on shoulders, perform 8-10 times;
  • touching the floor: we do the bending forward trying to touch the floor, repeat 15 times;
  • the circular movements of the torso left and right:
  • jumping on the spot.

This program can be carried out, if a child leads a sedentary lifestyle, both in school and at home. Together with his parents he will be keen to play sports, and a little practice will soon become a habit.,

Exercises to charge men

Exercises for morning exercises for men will help keep the body in tone, strengthen your cardiovascular system and eliminates fatigue and sleepiness. It is possible to Supplement the basic training program dumbbells. To the basic exercises include: squats (20-25 times), the classic and side lunges (15 per leg); plank, crunches (10-15 times). You can combine and complement the training, most importantly during morning exercises – all exercises should bring you ease and pleasure.

For efficiency and effectiveness physical activity it is worth remembering the following rules:

  • Before physical activity does not need to eat Breakfast, and complete exercises with a cold shower.
  • If possible, do exercises outdoors or on the balcony.
  • Not SuperCool and not peregrinates, performing an exercise program.
  • Engage in comfortable athletic shoes and clothing.
  • Follow the breathing technique during exercise, breathe deeply and evenly: breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth.
  • Gradually increase the exercise intensity, for example, replacing them with more complex or increase the number of repetitions.
  • Morning exercise is a good way to keep your body in good shape, to overcome sleepiness and to develop willpower, but don’t forget about the full training. Sports load will help to heal the body, increase physical activity, prevent a bad mood, irritability and drowsiness. Perfect set of exercises for morning exercises does not exist, you can make it yourself, guided by one rule: it all depends on individual training and preferences.

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