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The cardio for weight loss: rules and tips for exercise

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The cardio for weight loss: rules and tips for exercise
The contents

  • Mandatory warm-up
  • Relax after a workout
  • Proper stretching
  • A variety of load
  • The focus on exercise intensity
  • Classes in the weekend
  • The meal before training
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Body hydration
  • Diet for weight loss

The benefits of cardio have been proven. Fitness trainers and physicians are advised to include this type of load in your daily life, to prevent not only heart problems, but also to control your weight. Exercise that increases heart rate and heightens the flow of blood throughout the body, accelerate weight loss. They can perform both outdoors and indoors. The easiest options are Jogging, Cycling and Hiking.

Weight gain is associated with different types of health problems (from diabetes to heart problems), so more and more people rely on cardio fitness in order to get rid of excess calories. But to achieve the desired effect it is important to do the exercises correctly, following a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Mandatory warm-up

Before cardio, and before any physical exercise is important warm-up. It should last at least 3-5 minutes. Stretching exercises promote circulation throughout the body, warm up muscles, preparing heart to work intensively, prevent possible injuries. Another advantage of workout is that it increases the body’s temperature, which in turn improves oxygen supply to all organs, and it is necessary for an effective workout. As a result, the weight loss will be more effective.

Relax after a workout

After physical activity the heart continues to beat faster than usual, and the body temperature remains high, the blood vessels are dilated. As a warm-up before class, a little rest after training is also required. So don’t immediately run to the shower. You need to sit or lie down to calm my heated body and to restore the heart rhythm. At this time is useful to practice deep diaphragmatic breathing to the cooling process passed correctly and efficiently. This approach to training allows you to burn more calories and optimises the workload on the heart.

Proper stretching

The exercises must include stretching. It helps to prepare the muscles to intense stress and reduces the risk of injury. The body becomes more flexible, strong and pliable, which simplifies training and enhances their performance. Stretch gradually and gently, so as not to damage muscles and tendons. Before doing this it is desirable to make warm-up exercise. Stretching should be performed after completion of the training, to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid causing pain and spasms in the muscles.

A variety of load

If you daily perform the same exercise, expected weight loss will need longer than when training with different types of loads. The monotony leads to the fact that the body gradually gets used to perform familiar movements without much effort, energy and calories. However, the performance of fitness decreases.

Improper load distribution of the same exercises lead to uneven increase muscle in certain parts of the body. Besides the same repetitive movements make the training boring, which wants to get rid. It is advisable to make a cardio program is to incorporate different types of exercises.

The focus on exercise intensity

When it comes to cardio for weight loss, many people prefer to run or walk. Experts believe that any type of cardio it is advisable to pay attention to their intensity. If you want to lose weight faster, it is unlikely that sluggish leisurely walk or jog this will help.

In such cases, it is important not the duration and distance, and the intensity of training. Therefore it is better to run or walk or ride a bike faster than usual. That was not so difficult, you should alternate the usual pace of training (about 1-2 minutes) with a maximum (about 30 seconds). This approach will speed up the weight loss and better weight control.

Classes in the weekend

Many believe that after strict compliance with the mode of training for everyday life, they deserve a full weekend. But experienced instructors not suggest much to relax those who intend to reduce weight. Even on weekends it is advisable to exercise at least in a slightly simplified form to make the process of losing weight is not suspended. For example, if in everyday life people worked hard in the gym, then at the weekend he can walk in the woods an active step, to swim in the pool or ride a Bicycle.

The meal before training

Those who prefer not to eat before workouts, not to unnecessarily burden the body should reconsider your habits. Experts believe that physical activity is better for a little refreshment. If you perform cardio activity on an empty stomach, the energy for a proper and full set may not be enough. But to maintain energy balance is not necessary to eat. Enough to do a small low-calorie snack with a healthy foods: for example, a protein shake, eggs, apples, granola, banana. In addition, we must not forget about sufficient quantities of water to prevent dehydration.

Appropriate clothing and shoes

Uncomfortable clothes and shoes reduce the rate and efficiency of classes, ruin your posture, add discomfort. No matter what kind of scheduled exercise (running, walking, aerobics), it is important to choose the right sports shoes and clothes. This will reduce the risk of injury. T-shirt, pants or shorts should be made of lightweight, pleasant to the body of materials that quickly absorb sweat.

Body hydration

When you perform intense cardio with a heavy load on the heart, the body often sweats. To help the body restore water balance, it is necessary from time to time to drink plain water during lessons. If it is not enough, you can quickly step dehydration, increased blood pressure and reduced flow of oxygen to the muscles. This will reduce significantly the effectiveness of training and harm health.

Diet for weight loss

Important, though a bit paradoxical advice for weight loss — never miss meals. It is recommended to consume small portions of food 5-6 times a day. This avoids spikes in blood sugar. We need to focus not just on reducing the amount of food and its quality. The focus needs to be healthy foods and a balanced combination. This will help to speed up weight loss.

However, calories and carbohydrates, it is desirable to reduce. It is better to focus on fiber, protein, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They can be found in many fruits, berries, starchy vegetables, dairy products, fish and lean meat. To monitor the correct operation of the heart will help food with unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. A lot of them in marine oily fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna or sardines), olives or olive oil, nuts, flax seeds and avocado.

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