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The bodyflex: essence and principles of exercise

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The bodyflex: essence and principles of exercise

The contents

  • The technique
  • The use of the system
  • Rules lessons bodyflex
  • The complex of breathing exercises
  • How to improve the efficiency of the exercises?
  • Results of breathing exercises
  • Contraindications fitness

The method bodyflex – is one of the varieties of fitness, which is based on the correct (diaphragmatic) breathing and performing static exercises. She developed a simple housewife from America, which is very stout after the third confinement, and was looking for a new way of losing weight, because the previous did not bring the desired result. A huge advantage of this system is that it can be practiced by women of any age and physical fitness.

The technique

The essence of the efficiency and effectiveness of gymnastics bodyflex lies in the breathing technique. Thanks to her blood, and soft tissues of the body are saturated with oxygen, burns fat, improves cardiovascular health, well-being and health in General. In addition, deep diaphragmatic breathing helps to increase lung capacity to utilize them 100%. Completing a set of exercises bodyflex, need to breathe according to the following scheme:

  • deep, measured breathing in and out, normalize breathing and heart rate;
  • gradually inhale fully to fill your lungs with oxygen;
  • folded his lips, gently exhale mouth, the maximum plunging stomach;
  • close your lips, breathe in sharply to his nose, to fill your lungs with oxygen and bulging belly;
  • abruptly, with the sound of “groin” to breathe out your mouth, to release from the lungs of all the oxygen to the belly as if “stuck” to the inner wall of the spine;
  • hold your breath for 8-10 accounts, is smoothly inhaled.

The use of the system

Most women, regularly practicing this workout, there are several advantages:

  • accelerating the metabolism;
  • improving lymph flow that assists in the excretion of the decay products;
  • the contraction of the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to a decrease in the volume of the stomach;
  • weight reduction and correction of the elevation body;
  • elimination of cellulite;
  • strengthen muscles;
  • improving elasticity, elasticity of the skin;
  • skin rejuvenation of face, neck (when performing certain exercises).

In addition, a set of exercises bodyflex available for women of any build and age (in the absence of contraindications) and can easily be performed at home.

Rules lessons bodyflex

To get from the breathing exercises the maximum result and not harm your health, you need to conduct classes, subject to the following recommendations:

  • to train on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal;
  • to engage in a well-ventilated room, in comfortable clothes;
  • to train at least for 15-20 minutes;
  • at the initial stage of training in the presence of another person who can assist in case of fainting or dizziness (caused by hyperventilation of the lungs);
  • the appearance of the sickness to stop your workout.

The complex of breathing exercises

After mastering breathing techniques, you can begin doing these exercises bodyflex. Many of the movements are performed sitting with her legs spread, on hands and knees or in the position of a volleyball player: feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knees, body tilted forward, hands rested in the reeds just above the knees, the pelvis is pulled back, the look is directed forward. Each exercise technique should be done 5 times in 3 sets.

  • “Leo”.

To stand in the position of a volleyball player to perform breathing exercises. During breath hold widely open your eyes, look up, lips folded circle, forward and down as far as possible to stick out his tongue. 8-10 on account of breath, to take the starting position.

  • “Boat”.

Sit on the floor, widely spread his legs to the side, lean hands from behind. Breathing exercises, breath-hold to tilt the body and extend hands forward, shoulders lowered. 8-10 on account of breath, to take the starting position.

  • “Cat”.

Get on all fours, knees and hands set slightly wider than shoulder width. To perform breathing exercises with breath to arch your back, lower pelvis, and head down. 8-10 on account of breath, to take an initial position.

  • “Fire.”

Standing on all fours, take one leg out to the side perpendicular to the housing and align it. During the breathing pause to lift her up and hold 8-10 bills. Inhale, take the starting position.

  • The drill press.

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, spreading them shoulder width shoulder joints. Hands to pull up. During the breathing pause off the floor of the scapula, to reach up with his hands and chest. 8-10 on account of breath, to take the starting position.

How to improve the efficiency of the exercises?

Three factors that increase the effectiveness of the exercises bodyflex:

  • Correct breathing.

Practice the exercises only after mastering breathing techniques, otherwise the page will not give the desired result.

  • Regularity.

Conduct classes every day. If they miss, the weight will come back, and the breathing technique will have to learn anew.

  • Power correction.

There should be small portions, 5-6 times a day, eliminating from the diet of fast food, fatty, smoked foods, limit the intake of white flour products, sweets.

Results of breathing exercises

What can be achieved by regularly practicing exercises bodyflex:

  • to lose weight;
  • to strengthen the muscles;
  • to get rid of cellulite;
  • to make the body more relief;
  • improve posture, as well as the respiratory, circulatory, digestive systems;
  • activate rejuvenation processes in the body;
  • to relieve stress, fatigue, elevate mood.

Contraindications fitness

Diseases and health conditions under which the fitness is prohibited:

  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • high intracranial pressure;
  • inflammation of various etiologies;
  • disease of an infectious nature;
  • chronic diseases in exacerbation stage;
  • cancerous growths;
  • internal bleeding;
  • glaucoma;
  • the postoperative period;
  • the presence of a pacemaker and implants in the spinal column.

Also exercises bodyflex is forbidden to do during pregnancy. The lack of oxygen during breath-hold will have a negative impact on health and mental development of the child, and the voltage of the diaphragm and tightening of the abdominal wall will put pressure on the uterus, improve its tone and provoke a risk of miscarriage.

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