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The body of pitoreske: perfect abs in 10 minutes a day

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Anastasia Rakamakafit, fitness expert and founder of the brand Rakamakafit: “For a start, let’s see, what constitutes the press. It is a flat and long muscle that is located between the ribs and the pelvis. She aktiviziruyutsya when flexion of the trunk, stabilizes the position of the body and prevents distension of the lumbar vertebrae. Often the press divided into upper and lower (and even share the exercises on this principle). However, this is not true, because the abdominal muscle is single and works all of the exercises entirely.

Another misconception is the belief that if you do more exercises for abs, slim waist and flat stomach with marked cubes will not keep itself waiting long. Alas, it is not. The fact that the common twisting of the body and leg lifts is very difficult to get rid of fat on the belly. In other words, the muscles get stronger and the cubes nakachatsya fairly quickly, but under a layer of subcutaneous fat you will never see. To “melt lifeline” (abdomen and flanks), it is necessary to revise the diet and create a slight deficit in daily caloric. You should eliminate fast food, processed foods, sweets and sweet drinks, salt, flour, fried, and alcohol. Drink plenty of fresh vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fat and at least 30 ml of water per kg of body weight per day. Only in this case, the excess fat will begin to give way to the relief press that is hiding inside.

Well, if your diet is already established, it’s time to practice! Presented below is a range of the most effective exercises, after which the stomach would burn with fire, and relief will not be forthcoming.

Note that the number of repetitions when you exercise individually. Don’t chase a specific number and high speed, and focus on your feelings. Do exercises at their own pace until the burning sensation or the so-called “muscle failure” when you are no longer able to make the replay even for a million rubles. Don’t hold your breath, control the breath and exhale at maximum effort.”


Everyone is well familiar with the exercise that gives a very cool effect. Starting position: lie on your back, arms bent at the elbows and sides. Legs are straightened, the loins pressed firmly against the floor. Raise the legs, bending the knees, and steadily, without jerks do footwork, like riding a bike. This exercise can be a little harder with the help of rubber bands or run a lightweight version only with its own weight.


Take the horizontal position on the floor, resting on forearms and toes. In other words, get in plank on your elbows. Back straighten the blades is reduced, the deflection in the lumbar spine is missing, the pelvis try to twist forward (the pubic bone to the navel). Alternately each foot on the exhale, make a movement bent the knee to the shoulder and return the leg to its original position.

Twisting of the body on the fitball

Starting position lie back on a fitball. Feet fully resting on the floor, knees bent at a 90 degree angle, hands fixed behind his head. From this position, gently raise the body up on a deep exhale, and slowly return to the starting position. Perform the movement slowly and try to concentrate on the work of the press. This modification of the twisting of the hull allows to remove the maximum load the lower back and spine, using only the abdominal muscles.

Rise straight down

Again lie on your back, legs extended, hands placed along the body. On a deep exhalation, lift the straight fitting with each other legs up, exhale down, not touching the floor. Lower the leg smoothly and controlled. Make sure the lower back was pressed firmly against the floor, if straight legs is not, it can be a little prosohnut knees.

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