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The best types of air fitness

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While philosophers are debating why people cannot fly like birds, everyone has the opportunity to experience the sensation of flying with air fitness. This is a great variety for the training process, especially if regular classes have already become a routine. If you are not afraid of heights or afraid, but dream of overcoming your fear, then hurry to choose the type of air fitness that you like. Here are the best types of fitness in the air.

Types of air fitness differ in training technique and equipment used.

Hinges TRX

One of the systems for training with your own body weight when using a suspension system with loops at the ends. The methodology was developed for the preparation of American special forces, but it was very fond of the American civilian population, after which it spread throughout the world.

Such training has an effect on the deep muscles, the instability of the support makes any exercise functional. In order to maintain balance, the body is forced to activate muscle stabilizers. There is no axial load on the spine, and it is the spine that benefits greatly from the work of stabilizer muscles.

Workout loads can be not only functional, but also power, it all depends on the choice of exercise, even stretching exercises can be done on trx loops.


Training takes place in a suspended hammock, various exercises from simple to complex, including decompression coups, are performed in the air. The movement against the force of gravity relieves tension in the muscles, strengthens the muscles of the whole body, provides effective functional training.

These workouts are divided into many areas – stretching, yoga, power coups, Pilates, fitness and even dancing. Training in a hammock of any format will strengthen the vestibular apparatus, stimulate blood circulation, enhancing brain nutrition and stimulating the production of hormones of joy.

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