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The best time for exercise: tips and types of workouts

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The best time for exercise: tips and types of workouts
The contents

  • Official studies
  • Fitness training for early risers
  • The intensification of the process of weight loss: 7 to 9 hours
  • Aerobic exercise: 15 to 16 hours
  • Power fitness training: from 17 to 18 hours
  • Exercises after 19 hours

For beginners it can be a revelation, but professional athletes and even more fitness instructors know that all fitness training should be performed at a certain time. Each type fiznagruzki is most effective if you do the exercises in strictly designated time period is determined by the peculiarities of our body’s natural biological clock. If one wants to maintain their weight, muscle tone and immunity in force, the need to distribute physical load by the hour depending on the ultimate goal of the training.

Official studies

Just how closely linked the time fitness workouts and athletic performance? In spite of detailed differences, most scholars still tend to combine optimum time to exercise in 4 groups: 7 hours, 15 hours, 17 hours, 20 hours.

In each of these time intervals (the average plus or minus 1 hour) is recommended to perform different types of physical activities. This is due to the fact that the hormone cortisol (responsible for stress, damaging proteins and accumulating fat) is produced in these watches in different volume. For example, in the evening level of cortisol is higher in the morning.

The higher the level of this hormone, the faster increase the body weight. So in the evening (from about 17 to 19) you need to rethink this hormone through intense strength fitness workouts, making it a strong muscle.

The same applies to human body temperature: the higher the body temperature, the more effective strength exercises. For this reason, training with weights is better to postpone until the evening.

To choose the best time for fitness training, you should determine your individual body type. For example, ectomorphs (people with a predisposition to slenderness, thinness) shows the physical load in the evening, when the body is ready to fully spend energy reserves.

Endomorphs (people with a stable predisposition to obesity) is recommended to engage in the range of from 7 to 10 o’clock in the morning, when the body takes energy from fat instead of glycogen, which haven’t started to produce enough.

Mesomorphs (people of average build with normal metabolism) you can do in the mornings and in the evenings, choosing any convenient time.

Fitness training for early risers

Physical activity at the dawn — perfect for early risers who wish to strengthen respiratory system and to spend the day in a cheerful mood. Early time of intense exercises with breathing techniques will saturate the body with oxygen, preventing drowsiness. Best fit for those hours of Pilates and yoga. The body is not only well-charged with energy, but also becomes a beautiful silhouette, a spectacular stretch and fit shape.

The intensification of the process of weight loss: 7 to 9 hours

In the early morning hours, the levels of the hormone cortisol is greatly reduced, and the polysaccharide glycogen is almost not produced. Due to this, the body instead begins to take energy from fat, contributing to reasonably fast weight loss.

To fat burning in the morning went very useful and effective exercise in this period must be at least 40 minutes at a moderate pace. The ideal option is a long run or interval running in the fresh air. At the same time, especially effective will be exercises to develop the flexibility of ligaments, the elasticity of tendons and joint mobility.

Aerobic exercise: 15 to 16 hours

In order to thoroughly strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve stamina, to build up strength and improve the body, in the period from 15 to 16 hours should do the exercises in cardiologia. In this period naturally begins to rise the temperature of the human body, so cardio is also have a beneficial effect on weight loss.

During these periods it is recommended to perform moderate aerobic physical activity. This can be running, jumping rope, swimming, training on elliptical and stationary bikes, Cycling, dancing, step aerobics.

Power fitness training: from 17 to 18 hours

Fitness training with a high degree of intensity, especially the power of the program, it is recommended to perform in the interval from 17 to 19 hours. In these hours gyms are usually full to overflowing. And it’s not just the end of the working day: at the specified time, the human body is the most enduring, warmed up and workable, since the temperature of the body is almost at the limit. Men in this watch the most actively secretes the hormone testosterone, so you should pay special attention to strength training — primarily those who are planning the recruitment of muscle mass.

Exercises after 19 hours

In the evening the temperature of the human body begins to gradually decrease: the body prepares for sleep. In this period the most suitable physical activity will be measured, smooth and slow fitness system, which include bodyflex, yoga, stretching.

Exercises these programs are based on slow stretching of the muscles and slow breathing techniques, so that all the cells of the body actively saturated with oxygen. Physical exercise in such a smooth and careful technique will not only enhance posture, relieve tension from muscle, develop endurance, but also get rid of apathy, moral tension, and sleep problems.

The optimal time for fitness workouts is always selected individually. In the selection takes into account the sex of the athlete, the level of physical activity, body type and individual features of an organism including all possible medical restrictions.

Before to start performance of physical activity, you should consult with an experienced health care professional to rule out the possibility of complications, and ultimate exercise program, taking into account appropriate timing of classes should be developed jointly with the coach. As a result of the fitness training directly related to time, you should also adjust your diet, sleep and lifestyle in General.

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