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The best stretching in 5 minutes

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Everyone has an opinion on stretching exercises, but anyone who exercises will understand that they are needed. Before you expose your muscles to physical exertion, you need to warm them up and stretch them well. Muscle tissue must be supple so as not to be injured in training and be exposed to beneficial effects. This is necessary before exposure to loads of any type in order to make the muscles, tendons and ligaments more functional. This is a guide to holding a short but very effective stretch.

It is especially important to stretch the muscles before strength training. First, the prepared muscles will help lift more weight, as they will generate more energy. Secondly, stretching the muscles before exercise reduces the likelihood of injury when working with a heavy weight.

In order to mobilize the muscles, just four movements are enough. Alternately perform them before workouts, and you will prepare important muscle groups – the ankles, hips, and back.

It is these zones that are easy to injure, if not prepared for exertion, the hip and ankle joints, the back, especially the upper part and the shoulders.

Warm up before exercise for stretching the muscles

Do six repetitions of each movement before training. Pick up a pace to perform six repetitions took about 45 seconds.

Knee lift

This exercise is designed to stretch the gluteal muscles. Take the starting position – legs shoulder-width apart, arms loosely positioned on the sides of the body. Step forward with your right foot, bend your knee and lean forward slightly at the hips. Raise your right knee to your chest, clasping it with both hands just below the patella, then pull it as close as possible to the middle of the chest. Lower your right leg, straighten up and do the same with your left foot.

Knee lift

Lunge with Offset from Spider-Man

Aimed at mobilizing the muscles in the legs, as well as in the groin area. Balancing on your left foot, take a step with your right foot forward and slightly outward at an angle of 30 degrees, then slowly bend until your right knee reaches a right angle. At the same time, the left knee should fall so low that it practically touches the floor. Keep your legs in a lunge position and your back straight, lean forward and touch the floor with both hands. Thus, a lunge is made with a shift in step, alternately on each leg.

Lunge with offset

Stretching up

Doing this movement is necessary for the activation of the thoracic spine and the muscles of the nucleus, as well as for stretching the muscles of the chest. Standing straight, straighten your shoulders to open the chest as much as possible. Raise the straight left arm up, stretch as high as you can, then parallel to the straight left arm and raise the straight right arm. Hands should rise and fall synchronously and continuously.

Stretching up with dumbbells

Thigh rises

Needed to prepare for the loads of the important zone – the hamstrings. Lunge so that the right knee is in front and bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The left knee practically touches the floor, bend your back and put both hands on the floor. Bend your back only in the waist, the upper part should be straight. Straighten your back, take a step forward and repeat the same thing, starting with the lunge with your left foot.


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