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The best exercises on the wing

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What is the broadest muscle, and where are they? How to build wings? A list of the most effective exercises for development of muscles. How much rest between workouts? The answers to these questions, read on.

The broadest muscle, also known as “wings” formed the bulk of the back. They are located diagonally from the shoulder blades to the spine and are utilized during the movement of the shoulders and arms. Beginners are often faced with the question, doing what exercise, the wing will grow. However, he is wrong. A wide paired muscle that must be trained evenly. Otherwise, they will develop asymmetrically, which not only formed an ugly figure, but may have problems with health.

The list of exercises to exercise the broadest
The basic exercises aimed at leveling the wings – different variations of pull-UPS and deadlifts.

The first develops the width of the muscle and the second helps to increase their volume. Pull-UPS are standard, narrow, reverse, or wide grip. It is the latter method provides the highest performance when training “wings”. But the back will be loaded regardless of the type of grip, so the beginners can perform pull-UPS any way. Professional athletes to increase the efficiency further using the weights.

Traction is also done in different ways depending on the kind of sports equipment:

  • rod;
  • weight;
  • dumbbells;
  • block in the simulator;
  • fitness elastic band.

Unlike pull-UPS specified exercise can be performed with the load on both sides, or separately. For example, pull a dumbbell or kettlebell will help turn to pump the wings, and the use of rod and block of the simulator providing a uniform load on the back at the proper technique.

Every exercise is performed with maximum straight back. It is also necessary to monitor the breathing and stick to the negative phase. A quick bending of the arms is produced on exhalation and the slow extension – breath. The described technique can help prevent premature fatigue and increase the burden on the muscles.

Additional exercises

Competent training program wide professional athlete consists of basic exercises and support. In order to pump the “wings” are additionally performed:

  • Push-UPS on the racks. Lowering below the standard amplitude allows to make maximum use of the widest. In the absence of specialized racks can be used books, stacked in two piles.
  • The layout of dumbbells in the slope. The exercise is done with slightly bent legs and straight back. Need to lean at an angle of 90 degrees, quickly raise dumbbells to the sides, and slowly lower. The advantage of the described exercises – additional study, rear beam deltas, allowing you to pump up the powerful shoulders.
  • Pull the dumbbells in push-up position. Adopt the starting position for push-UPS, but instead of racks put your hands in the weights. Alternately raise them to her and lower back, trying not to change the position of the body. Plus, the techniques described here – additional study, triceps and chest.
  • These exercises are recommended in conjunction basic, but don’t spend much time with them, and to use as auxiliary.

    In any sports train wide

    Bodybuilding not only provides a massive “wings”. Engaging in the following sports, can benefit wide:

    • all types of navigation.
    • gymnastics;
    • Canoeing;
    • kayaking;
    • cross-country skiing;
    • pole vault.

    During exercise in these sports there is an internal rotation, adduction and extension of shoulder, thereby automatically used “wings”. Athlete performing dynamic, concentric, eccentric and static contractions, thereby increasing strength endurance. Handball, volleyball and tennis have a combined load, but most are not for the muscle and to warm up.

    The intensity and frequency of training

    Before exercising compulsory warm-up lasting 5-10 minutes. Training begins with small loads. For each exercise it is recommended to take 3 sets. The number of repetitions should be the maximum. Only the latter approach is done to failure. To the muscles of the body developed symmetrically, it is recommended to train the widest in conjunction with other muscle groups. Rest between sets is 1 to 3 minutes depending on the physical preparation of the athlete. On recovery between workouts wide it takes about 5 days.

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