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The best exercises for abs: fitness complex

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The best exercises for abs: fitness complex

The contents

  • Features fitness training of HLS fan at a press
  • The list of basic fitness exercises for the abdomen
  • How to do fitness properly and safely

To cope with the unwanted kilos in the abdomen will only help the fitness. One of the best athletic programs is considered the training developed by professional trainer Gay Gasper. Her lesson plan will enjoy a fan of a healthy lifestyle with any level of skill.

Features fitness training of HLS fan at a press

Fitness exercise, forming the basis of the training Gay Gasper, unable to master even for untrained people, for what the program was called “abs for beginners”. Each of the ten exercises you can perform with a minimum load or a little harder.

Program workout fitness from Gay Gasper perfect for fans of healthy lifestyles, who prefer to exercise at home. To achieve success, you do not need expensive exercise equipment and other sports equipment, but it is advisable to buy a comfortable Mat with non-slip surface. Doing every second day, you will notice the result after a couple of weeks, and after 2-3 months the figure will acquire the desired shape. If you want to achieve success in a shorter time, combine exercises for abdominals with cardio and a low calorie diet, as advised by the Creator of the program. Regular aerobics will help to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and to burn fat throughout the body, and proper nutrition will prevent the return of unwanted pounds.

The list of basic fitness exercises for the abdomen

To create an attractive shape in the complex there are exercises not only for belly, but for the back. During the training it is very important to follow the sequence of exercises. Caffeine for strengthening the abdominals, start with classic twists. To increase the load on the muscles of the abdomen, hold at the top for a few seconds. Try not to strain gluteal muscle, keep your chin held high.

The next stage of fitness training — leg lifts. This exercise is aimed at the elaboration of the lower press. The back should be firmly pressed to the floor throughout the exercise.

Combine the first two exercises, doing crunches with leg lifts. It is very important not only to raise the upper body above the floor, but to reach for his chest legs. If performed correctly, the pelvis and the ribs should be as close to each other.

The following fitness exercise is working the oblique abdominal muscles. When performing side crunches maintain a certain rhythm: climb up two accounts, a little late in the top position and with the same speed will descend back. Then do the twisting with the attack. Lifting the shoulders off the floor, pull knee to shoulder. Returning to the starting position, you need to completely straighten the leg and pull it diagonally. Do two sets of 10 repetitions.

A workout for the abdomen incorporates all the familiar exercise “Bicycle”. You probably remember him from school physical education lessons. At run time, try not to hurry up, move your legs smoothly and without jerks. This is followed by the rocking socks — elementary exercise well working on the abdominal muscles. When it runs, it is very important to breathe correctly: hold the legs up in the breath and touch the floor on the exhale.

To work out all your abdominal muscles, perform a circular rotation. Lie face up and rotate the casing in different directions, changing direction every 5 reps. Lift the body on the exhale and lower on the inhale. The pelvis and buttocks hold tightly to the floor.

The penultimate exercise — deflection with bent legs. You need to get on all fours and lean on your elbows, after placing a training Mat or towel. Lift the knees above the floor and hold the position for three seconds. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

Complete training the raising of the legs in the support position. Stand on your toes, put elbows on the floor. Raise your legs high, approximately the height of the thigh, staying in the top position for 2-3 seconds. Do 10 repetitions for each leg, after which 4-5 minutes to devote to stretching exercises. Hitch is an important part of the lesson, so never skip this step.

How to do fitness properly and safely

Fitness for the press traditionally includes various options of twists. When they are executed is very important to observe the correct technique, which will help to achieve maximum results and avoid injury.

While crunches work the direct and oblique abdominal muscles, whose task is the bending of the housing. Lifting the torso off the floor, bend ribs to the pelvic bones, not trying to touch the breast of knees. Only proper implementation will help to engage the abdominal muscles and not other groups of muscles.

Beginners often make mistakes when performing crunches. The most common is to attach the legs using the sofa or partner fitness training session. In this position it is much easier to do, but the abdominal muscles don’t get enough pressure. If you prefer to train with fixed legs, do it on incline bench.

An important part of fitness is the breath, but he wasn’t followed by many young athletes. To keep the right rhythm, lift the body on the exhale and return to starting position on inhale.

The most dangerous mistake is the incorrect position of the lower back. If it is lifted off the floor during crunches, is that the athlete faces a displacement of the intervertebral discs. If you can’t maintain the natural curve in their lower back, try with force to push back to the floor. As insurance in the early stages, you can use a rolled towel or exercise ball.

Try to perform the exercise smoothly, without jerks. Do not try to make movements with a maximum amplitude, because the key is the muscle tension. If you feel that you are working all the muscles from the abdomen to the ribs, the exercise is done correctly.

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