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The best complex of exercises for beginners at the gym

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The best complex of exercises for beginners at the gym
The contents

  • Do you need a personal trainer
  • Features fitness for beginners
  • Typical mistakes of newcomers
  • Selection of effective fitness workouts for athletes entry level
  • Exercises for girls: a special training program

Lack of physical activity in daily life leads to unpleasant consequences: exacerbated chronic and age-related diseases, accumulate those extra pounds, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. All this spoils the mood and depressing. The first step to advancement will be the test gym and consultation with the instructor. And there already all will depend on well-chosen exercises as well as personal effort of the artist.

Do you need a personal trainer

Beginners in fitness first time you are lost and do not know how to organize their work in the hall. So start exercising it is best under the guidance of an experienced specialist. A personal trainer will be the correct complex fitness workouts, teach proper technique of performing elements, will explain the subtleties of each of the functional simulator. Training done under supervision of an instructor, more efficient conventional, single classroom.

First time every beginner is hard enough. He often does not understand what to do. But if you strictly follow the instructions of the coach after a few lessons, you will notice improvements the appearance and overall health. With each new training own technique is improved and movements become more precise, measured and verified.

Features fitness for beginners

It is important to listen to your own body, gradually paving it to loads and avoiding excessive intensity. Otherwise soreness after too active training can deliver a lot of discomfort and spoil all the plans. Muscle pain can be so strong that even the morning getting out of bed will seem like torture.

Experiencing unusual load, the body reacts to them differently. You need to be ready for “the ultimate” energized pain is just the result of a slight inflammation in areas of microtrauma of muscle tissue. It is safe and takes place a few days after the training. To reduce pain will help a well-done warm-up warm-up before training and stretching exercises on the hitch after.

Before you start exercising should consult a doctor. The presence of serious chronic diseases and injuries can be a reason to limit those or other fitness exercise.

Typical mistakes of newcomers

The most frequent mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of fitness include:

  • correctly matched workers weight;
  • intense exercise with equipment violation;
  • excessive haste;
  • skipping the warm-up block.

Selection of effective fitness workouts for athletes entry level

Programs for beginners is aimed at creating a specific database skills. They are not too complex elements. They aim to a smooth preparation of the body for more intense exercise. Typically, these programs consist of basic exercises with free weights.

  • The first version of the program: the simplified system fitness workout from the split method.

The program was developed to build a strong muscle corset. The training course is designed for sessions with three visits per week. All sports items are done in 3 sets of 10-15 reps. The growth of physical fitness the number of repetitions can be gradually increased.

The first day consists of:

  • a ten-minute warm-up with tonic and charging unit of cardio;
  • training to strengthen the chest muscles: bench press or dumbbell rod — fiznagruzki from the prone position;
  • work to strengthen the triceps: different types of bench — French and a narrow grip and raise your hands with dumbbells over head (training from a seated position);
  • the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle: work with a barbell, lifting hand weights (dumbbell, kettlebell) in front of you;
  • exercises to strengthen the muscle fibers of the press;
  • stretching complex for a smooth stretching of the muscles after intensive training.

Phase diagram of the training, the second day of class:

  • warm-up unit;
  • strengthening the back: pull-UPS using a wide grip;
  • the thrust of the upper block in the slope (can be replaced by a traction rod of the inclined position);
  • strengthen biceps: flexion-extension hand — use wheel weights average weight;
  • training with a barbell on Scott bench;
  • strengthening of the shoulder girdle: the simultaneous abduction of the limbs to the sides (dumbbell in each hand);
  • complex press;
  • the hitch with the inclusion of elements for stretching of muscle fibers.

The third day is represented by the following stages:

  • warm-up warm-up;
  • study of the lower extremities: leg press, squats with any weighting, mixing-dilution of the legs;
  • strengthening of the shoulder girdle: the reduction of arms with the simulator “butterfly”, raising the dumbbells from an inclined position, the classic push-UPS;
  • the block elements on the strengthening of the press;
  • stretching.

This training plan allows you to work each day is a new muscle groups with equal intensity. The exercises are not repeated, which eliminates the monotony and make training varied.

  • The second version of the program: a comprehensive fitness.

The program consists of effective exercises aimed at the full development of all muscle groups. To execute the training plan must be given to the sporting activities at least three times a week. Working workout must be diluted with free days to recover and rest.

The scheme of the training process:

  • warm-up unit;
  • squats with a barbell to work out the legs;
  • flexion and extension of tibia on the simulator;
  • lift rod narrow grip to strengthen the bicep;
  • hyperextension to prepare the muscles for subsequent loads;
  • pull rod from the oblique position or deadlifts to strengthen the back muscles;
  • dips for chest development of muscle fibers;
  • hitch.

It is important to follow the plan, without changing the sequence of exercises. The program is especially effective in the first few months of training.

Exercises for girls: a special training program

Fitness training helps the girls to pull the body, give the figure a chiseled shape to rid extra pounds, improve General physical health.

Classic women’s intensive training program might look as follows:

  • basic warm-up elements;
  • the cardio: jumping rope, running or sessions on the elliptical;
  • information-raising the legs in the simulator;
  • squats;
  • reverse push-UPS from the support;
  • simultaneous breeding hands with dumbbells in the slope;
  • press the dumbbells over your head from a prone position;
  • lunges with weights — classic and reverse;
  • alternately pull the upper/lower block to the breast and stomach, respectively;
  • twisting on the floor and bench;
  • classic, side and back strap;
  • stretching-stretching exercises.

All elements of the training programs are carried out on a circular principle: 3 sets 8-15 reps each. The last repetition must be performed with effort. Between exercises let rest for about 30 seconds to restore breathing.

The gym is a good test of willpower, determination, discipline and endurance. First gym sessions connected with difficulties: it is shyness, lack of confidence in their own abilities, lack of training, ignorance of the technology. But over time, the world of fitness is firmly included in the daily life and completely changed her lifestyle for the better.

With each class, the training program will be easier, and when they come visible results, problems with motivation will disappear forever. The dream of having a beautiful, toned body will become a reality.

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