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The best basic exercises: technique and tips

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Every man wants to be the owner of a powerful torso, beautiful posture and harmoniously developed muscles. Beginners is seriously mistaken in trying to repeat the program the same as that of professional bodybuilders. It’s not the most effective strategy for beginners.

Regardless of the sport experience for the growth of muscle, first of all, you need to do the best basic exercises that promote muscle development. Why “base” is so important?

What is included in basic exercises for all muscle groups?

First and foremost, this includes the power, the implementation of which is inflated simultaneously several muscular groups. Basic exercises have a distinctive trait: multipartite. For example, isolation exercises are more used to make the muscles of the terrain and the desired shape, but not volume.

Mention of testosterone, one of the most important hormones of the male body, which depends not only the growth of muscle, secondary sex characteristics, positive mood, strength of character and masculinity together.

A variety of exercises have different effects on the human body.

The more muscles are simultaneously involved in the work during the exercise, the stronger they affect the production of testosterone and other hormones.

The more hormones in the blood, the quicker the added muscle mass. In addition to training, pay attention to nutrition and recovery.

What is the importance of developing testosterone?

Recently in England carried out a scientific experiment, which involved 40 men aged 19-40 years. Within 10 weeks of the 20th one repeatedly injected testosterone (600 mg per day), and the other ordinary dummy placebo. However, some of the test subjects were actively engaged in physical exercise, and the other part didn’t.

In the experiment set: exercise regularly and receiving testosterone injections men gained more muscle mass than those who also did, but received only a placebo. Furthermore, muscle mass has increased even among those who are not trained, but received a dose of testosterone. Thus, the increase in muscle causes mostly male hormone than exercise.

Dignity basic exercises

  • Muscle growth and weight loss. Executing basic exercises requires a lot of energy and high consumption of nutrients. Thus, making heavy use of glycogen, and at the end of the workout aktiviziruyutsya resource recovery of the body and fat burning.
  • Increased appetite. The result of the laborious classes is substantially accelerated metabolism in the body and increased appetite naturally, which was of particular importance for ectomorphs.
  • The increase libido. With increased testosterone, respectively, and increased libido.
  • The symmetry of the figure. The basic exercises help to build up many muscles of the body, which beneficially affect the entire figure, there is no effect of “perekonnast”.
  • Strengthening the connection between muscles and brain. Time-consuming a regular exercises significantly improve the interaction between the neurons of the brain and muscles, which ultimately increases the effectiveness of training.
  • One of the basic exercises especially attention should be paid to the famous “Troika”. This bench press, squats and deadlifts, and also bench sitting and thrust rod in the slope.

    The exercise “Bench press”

    Rightfully is one of the best basic exercises that is good for developing the muscles of the chest, the front beam deltas and triceps.

    The technique of basic exercises:

    • Lie on a horizontal bench, take the bar from the racks and slowly lower it to your chest, slowly push up, straightening the elbows.
    • While lowering and lifting the rod the neck should move vertically.
    • Try to use only chest muscles like your arms end in the area of the elbows.
    • Firmly put your feet on the floor and keep your back from the bench so as not to disrupt the technique.
    • All movements do smoothly, without sudden jerks and long pauses.
    • Take the neck grip wider than shoulders and keep your elbows in front of the body during movements.

    Exercise “deadlifts”

    It is perfect for the powerful development of the muscles of the back, buttocks, the back of the thighs.


    • Grab the barbell lying on the floor, wider than shoulder width grip and raise it to waist level, straight body and keeping your back straight, lower back.
    • During the entire exercise keep your back straight with a slight bend in the lumbar region.
    • During lowering and lifting of the neck should slightly slide along the thighs and ankles.
    • Lowering the bar, don’t bend your knees more than 90 degrees.

    Exercise “Squats”

    It develops the quadriceps (front thigh), lower back and muscles bark (anti body). Still actively involved buttocks, calf muscles and even abs.


    • Become a straight – back, slightly bend at the waist and remove the bar from the racks, and the fretboard should be at the back of the shoulders and neck. Slightly bend your knees in the same position do a squat and then get back in original position.
    • In the bottom of the squat do not reduce the angle at the back of the knee more than 90 degrees.
    • Watch that knees do not go beyond your toes.
    • In the top of the lift keep it in there until the end.

    Exercise “Pull rod to the belt in the slope”

    Another decent basic exercise for building muscle mass, which develops a wide muscle of a back (“wings”).


    • Tilt the case over the rod lying on the floor, so that he was parallel to the floor surface (however, if not convenient, you can lift a little higher). Grasp the neck a little wider than shoulder width grip and top, not changing the tilt housing, raise the rod to the lower abdomen, then put down the shell and uncross your arms.
    • Use both upper and lower grip of the fretboard depending on what’s comfortable for you.
    • Try to use exactly the muscles of the back. On the rise imagine that the hands are over the elbows and work only “wings”.
    • Remember a small deflection in the waist and straight back.

    Exercise “a press of a bar sitting”

    Well developed shoulders.


    • Sit on the bench, grab the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width, lift up the neck to line the upper part of the chest and level back. Smoothly lift the barbell straight up until the full straightening of hands and same way come back in original position.
    • Exercise performed in a seated position on a bench or standing.
    • Performing the exercise: standing up, legs and back should be smooth.
    • On the rise not make the neck too far over your head, it needs to be angled slightly in front of you.

    What should be the best workout with the basic exercises?

    The optimized program looks like this:

    • Monday – bench press lifts with the barbell on the shoulders.
    • Wednesday – deadlifts and pull rod to the belt.
    • Friday – squats to strengthen legs.

    Each exercise should be 4-5 sets with 7-12 reps. Every week increase the weight of the shells.

    Remember, at the beginning of each workout to do a 10 minute workout to warm up the body. Workout also reduces the risk of injury. After class do a 5-minute hitch, which includes stretching exercises.

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