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The benefits of Nordic walking

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The benefits of Nordic walking
The contents

  • The benefits of Nordic walking
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • The fight against excess weight
  • Benefits for the elderly
  • Possible contraindications

The world is becoming more people who consider a healthy lifestyle a norm of behavior. One of those new-fangled sports, which are addicted to, regardless of age, social status or employment, is Nordic walking.

The benefits of Nordic walking

What is the secret of the popularity of these activities among the population? First, to clear the benefits of Nordic walking, which distinguish it from other types of sport include the availability of training. It does not matter what time of the year outside the window, what weather forecasters predict, if there’s a gym (because his presence is not required). No matter how much time is given to exercise, walking sticks are recommended for the body in any way.

Training training does not require much cost. Enough to buy a special stick, the length of which is chosen with respect to growth (growth multiplied by 0.68). There are two types of such sports equipment: solid and telescopic. Experts advise beginners to use a solid. They are lighter, more stable and more reliable. You can also use ski poles, but you must pick them up by height. You should also purchase a few tips for exercising at different times of the year. Comfortable clothing and running shoes, comfortable sitting on the leg — that’s all you need to prepare before class.

Secondly, combining a visit to the Park, forest or waterfront with exercise, you can not only strengthen the immune system, to win the fight against excess weight, but also get aesthetic pleasure. Walk with like-minded people will lift your mood and cheerfulness.

Thirdly, Nordic walking can be performed regardless of physical fitness. The tempo is chosen individually. Stick help to reduce the load on the spine and joints, which greatly facilitates the process. If once in your life people skiing, to master the technique of Nordic walking is not difficult. Your back should be kept straight, the body to tilt forward, shoulders down and relax, your knees bend slightly. It is impossible to drag sticks along, they help to reduce the load on the spine and joints.

Strengthening the immune system

It is very important to breathe correctly when Nordic walking. Inhale air through the nose and exhale through the mouth every other step. You need to constantly follow the breath, it should be smooth and deep. Such breath saturates the body with oxygen, not only strengthens the immune system, but also allows you to increase lung capacity by 30 percent.

In the process of walking in the fresh air, the heart rate increases by 15-20 beats depending on tempo training, which helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and to consider Nordic walking a full cardio workout. When done correctly, the exercises in the exercise involves almost all muscles, especially the muscles of the shoulders, back and legs.

Walking in the fresh air in any weather not only maintains muscle tone, but also strengthens the body, enhances immunity, helps to fight insomnia. Should gradually increase the time of exercise. You can start with 10 minutes a couple of months you can increase the duration to an hour.

The fight against excess weight

Despite the apparent ease of movement, energy consumption, Nordic walking is not inferior to Jogging, which is not available to all. Accelerating the metabolism, 720-750 calories burned in one hour of training, the extra weight burns out without residue. Increasing the tempo, it is possible to regulate the sweating, and the use of special clothing while walking will help in the fight against excess weight.

Gentle stretching after class will also promote additional burning of calories. With regular exercise and a balanced diet to maintain a slim figure is not difficult. Do not overeat before class, because the goal is not to maintain the uneasy balance and burn more calories.

Benefits for the elderly

Elderly Nordic walking is especially useful because in the process of exercise strengthens the back and knees, improves coordination of movements, normalizes blood pressure, decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood. Advanced age is not an obstacle for active sessions, only need to control the level of activity, dress accordingly to the weather and to monitor the regularity of the exercises.

Walking is recommended for older people with diseased joints, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, suffering from insomnia and depression. Excess weight is a problem for most people of retirement age. It also solved the training by increasing calories burned.

Older people have more life energy, reduced risk of stroke and other heart diseases. They become more active and cheerful.

Possible contraindications

To practice this gentle, but still an active sport, there are some contraindications. Practice walking is not necessary, if aggravated a chronic disease, in the cold with a body temperature much higher than normal, after recently suffering a heart attack after surgery if contraindicated any physical activity. Contraindications are diseases such as acute thrombophlebitis, hemophilia, acute renal failure, arthritis last stage, anemia, bradycardia, tachycardia, pinching different parts of the spine, mental disorders.

If during training come up with any discomfort or discomfort, exercise should be postponed. Training should be fun and improve the health of the entire body. If you stick to the correct techniques and follow the advice of experts, the result will not keep itself waiting.

Nordic walking — a good alternative to exhausting exercising in the gym. Effort is spent less, and the pleasure and benefit a lot more. It is only important to correctly choose the equipment, and the right to build route. Even if the first time fails to find partners for these walks — not scary. This sport appears more and more fans. Therefore, Nordic walking is a great way to find new friends and good friends.

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