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The benefits of dance fitness: exercises, body ballet

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The benefits of dance fitness: exercises, body ballet

The contents

  • Cardio Barre — a dance fitness
  • Scheme of exercise program
  • Body ballet: basic exercises

It is considered that girls for a beautiful well-proportioned body you need to study hard, monotonous performing strength exercises. However, in addition to the usual training, it is good to develop muscles and get rid of excess fat using active dance moves that will make this process more enjoyable and inspiring.

Cardio Barre — a dance fitness

Body ballet is one of the types of dance aerobics, which is a simplified follows the movements of ballet and adapted for women with no special training. During the course, this kind of fitness can use some device such as a gymnastic ribbon.

The main advantages of such classes are as follows:

  • a special complex of exercises promotes rapid disposal of excess weight;
  • during exercise well strengthens muscles of the entire body, it is relief;
  • body ballet well restores locomotor activity after injury and strengthens joints;
  • improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • almost all exercise body ballet includes elements of stretching, which increases muscle elasticity;
  • regular exercises help to improve coordination of movements and posture;
  • during the training, movements become more smooth and soft.

Fitness of this kind is suitable for almost everyone, but be sure to get advice and permission from the doctor to workout people with diseases of the cardiovascular and urogenital system, musculoskeletal apparatus.

Scheme of exercise program

Dance fitness is a great number of exercises which are performed mainly at the bench. However, not being able to visit the fitness club, can be addressed in the home, doing exercises, as without tools, and with them.

In this case, we consider a set of exercises using a gymnastics ribbon. To perform each exercise, one sets of 10-15 reps, after each set take a break of one minute. After one round of exercises, you can do a few more, considering their own health and physical ability.

To improve workout results and accelerate the process of losing weight, can also perform 3-4 cardio workouts per week for half an hour. It is best to alternate days of classes of body ballet and days of aerobic exercise.

Body ballet: basic exercises

The next set of exercises involves the use of gymnastic ribbon. For a start, it is recommended to take a softer tape for mastering exercise technique and build strength, then move on to a more rigid option.

Exercise for weight loss:

  • Standing straight, place a gymnastic band around both legs just below the knees, arms down and rounded so that they touch each other with the fingertips. Then take one leg out to the side and run polupriznanie, knees apart on the sides. Hands it is necessary to separate the parties and keep in a horizontal position. The next iteration step in the other direction. This exercise is good considering the inner thighs.
  • Lying on back, lift straight legs at a distance of 30 cm from the floor. Pull the tape with both hands and hold her at the hips. Slightly raise above the floor, the shoulders and head, the foot of one leg try to get the inner surface of the knee of the other, and the tape resisted moving the thigh. The next repetition do for the other leg. This exercise affects the muscles of the abdomen and inner thighs.
  • Lie down on a gym Mat face down, pull clasped hands and feet, having put on the lower part of the legs of the ribbon, in the shape of a ring. Raise your shoulders and legs above the floor and at the same time separate them to the sides, thereby impacting the lower back, hips and buttocks.
  • Stand up straight with your feet level shoulder width apart. Hook it over the Shin of one leg gymnastic tape and take the ends in hand. Slowly raise your hands to a horizontal position and spread them around, it also pull back and up with the tape. Thus working the muscles of the shoulders, buttocks and upper back.
  • To get to work the shoulders and hips at the same time the following exercise will help. Standing straight, place the tape on the foot of one leg, crossed its ends. Take the tape in both hands, and place the working foot on the ankle of the other leg. Raise your hands to a horizontal position and then raise them to the sides, a straight leg with a wrapped foot print sideways.
  • Stand straight with the tape secure on the foot as in the previous exercise. Tips her head in his hands. Up with the tape pull back, holding her above the floor at a height of about 30 cm, arms hold at the sides (horizontally). Bend the raised leg at the knee, holding her still behind on weight. This exercise is working muscles of the hips, buttocks and shoulders.
  • Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart, squat slightly and slip into the ankle tape in the form of a ring. Hands raise up and give them a form if you are holding a large ball. Straighten legs and take one of them aside, moving the center of gravity to another. In the next iteration of the do the motion for the other foot. In this exercise, you load the hips and shoulders.
  • The following exercise is working effectively the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, and abs. Lying on your back, tuck your knees to your chest. On the foot wear my ribbon, crossed the ends and hold them in your hands. Head and shoulders should also be slightly raised above the floor. Fully unbend his legs, holding them at a distance of 30 cm from the floor.
  • This complex of simple exercises well is working all the muscles of the body, focusing on problem areas: thighs, buttocks and belly. Another important advantage is the effective and constant work of stabilizing muscles that are also very good for losing weight and strengthening the muscle corset.

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