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The benefits of a treadmill with aerobic exercise

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The benefits of a treadmill with aerobic exercise
The contents

  • The advantages of trainer for running and the benefits of such physical activity
  • Types of simulators that simulate Jogging during fitness workouts
  • Tips for choosing a Jogging exerciser for fitness at home

The treadmill is exercise equipment that is very popular among fitness enthusiasts and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Physical load exerted on the body when running, is considered to be aerobic, because engaging in this simulator, you can simultaneously tone muscle and lose weight. And if you can buy a treadmill for personal use, to deal with excess weight and maintain good physical shape can be at any convenient time, for example watching your favorite TV series.

The advantages of trainer for running and the benefits of such physical activity

Fitness training using sports equipment to simulate Jogging on the street can have such a positive effect on the human body:

  • due to the acceleration of the pulse, the heart begins to pump more blood and therefore exercise the heart muscle, strengthens the entire cardiovascular system;
  • normalize blood pressure in people who suffer from hypertension or hypotension;
  • lungs are developing, increasing the useful volume of the alveoli;
  • stabiliziruemost cholesterol;
  • accelerated metabolic and redox processes in the body due to the increase in the concentration of oxygen in the blood;
  • there is an effective and safe slimming by accelerating metabolism and large calorie consumption. During the 30-minute fitness classes can burn up to 400 calories;
  • the musculature of the whole body comes to tone and the muscles of the lower limbs and the bark is much stronger;
  • boosts stamina.

Jogging on the track have a number of competitive advantages to fitness training that uses other types of physical activity:

  • to run on the track is possible in any weather, unlike Jogging on the street;
  • having a treadmill at home, you can conduct fitness classes, not adjusting to the gym and not focusing on the duration of daylight;
  • has the ability to regulate physical activity by increasing the angle of inclination of the moving blade. In addition, increasing the incline, you can burn about 20% more calories than when running on a horizontal surface.

Depending on which goal is during gym, you need to consider some features of the training process. For example, for maximum calorie expenditure while running on the track you need to follow the following conditions:

  • run should be, making short and frequent steps;
  • the angle of the track can be up to 20 degrees;
  • the running speed should increase every 15 minutes for 3-4 km, assuming that the initial velocity is 6 km/h Maximum speed threshold — 12-16 km/h;
  • the total duration of provision of physical activity of this nature — about 45-60 minutes.

If Jogging is required, in addition to increasing the number of calories, efficiently strengthen the muscles during the fitness workouts it is necessary to observe following principles:

  • the angle of incline should not exceed 10 degrees;
  • you need to escape, spending the rest periods that periodically reduce the speed and transition on a wide step;
  • while running, you should not hold the handrails, and you need to actively work hands. Thus will be a physical load on the muscles of the legs, the bark and the press, but also the muscles of the upper torso.

Types of simulators that simulate Jogging during fitness workouts

A sports car with a moving canvas that can be used in fitness classes to simulate Jogging, there are such types:

  • Mechanical.

Them running belt moving by providing him a mechanical impact. In other words, the track moving, while the person it runs.

  • Electric.

In these models, the belt is driven with the electric motor and moves regardless of whether it runs or not. This simulator is controlled through electronics. Electric tracks are the most popular and commonly used in gyms. They are also practical and comfortable, the fitness trenirovatsya at home.

  • Magnetic.

In treadmills of this type of canvas comes in motion and stops due to the built-in magnet.

Tips for choosing a Jogging exerciser for fitness at home

Choosing a treadmill to practice at home, you need to focus on the following parameters:

  • Dimensions.

Deciding to buy a treadmill, you need to be aware that such a simulator takes a lot of space, and have an idea where it can be put. The size of the simulator, which will be used exclusively for walking (if Jogging is contraindicated for health reasons), may be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the tracks, designed for such strenuous exercise as running.

  • Power.

This technical parameter depends on the speed and smooth movement of the treadmill. More powerful equipment, have a greater cost, but if the simulator will deal with the woman with small body weight, then it will be enough of a shell with minimal engine power.

  • The design of the deck — of the machine, which is running canvas.

The deck size can be from 16 to 25 mm. It should be equipped with shock absorbing cushions that absorb vibration and reduce the intensity of negative impact of physical nagruzka knee and ankle joints.

  • Capacity.

The greater the mass of the human body, which will deal on the track, the heavier must be the trainer. Most of the treadmills has a load capacity up to 150 kg If weight training is close to this value, then you need to choose a lifting model shells for running.

  • The reliability and safety of the structure.

All the details of the simulator should be made of quality materials and securely fastened. It is desirable that the track was equipped with the so-called “security key” that stops the running belt in case of fall training.

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