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The benefit of exercising with weights for fans HLS

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The benefit of exercising with weights for fans HLS

The contents

  • Fitness with weights: where to start?
  • Recommendations to the adherents of a healthy lifestyle on the choice of the working weight
  • Power fitness exercises for different body parts

Among fans of a healthy lifestyle, who decided to seriously engage in strength training, many questions arise: how often to train, what weight to take, how many exercises to include in training. To coming to the gym, not to feel helpless, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of working with weights. On their basis are built all the individual training program.

Fitness with weights: where to start?

When planning strength training, you must first set goals. Depends on the whole future strategy work. If you want to build muscle, the emphasis should be done on basic exercises, performing each in three or more approaches for 6-8 repetitions. Weight use large, often working until muscle failure.

Slimming fit program combines strength and aerobic load. Recommended weekly 1-3 2-4 power and aerobic exercise. For weight loss fitness exercise is repeated several times: 10-12 repetitions in one approach. Just do 3 sets of each exercise. If a fan of HLS plans to engage in strength training to promote health and improve well-being, she will approach the training in which each exercise will be performed in 1-3 set with 12-16 repetitions. In this case, not necessarily chasing a maximum weight of shells.

Working with weights requires good technique. This is especially true of exercises with free weights that give better results than the gym, but harder to master. If the novice at the initial training stage, did not pay enough attention to developing the proper technique, he will continue to do the exercises with errors, which, first, will reduce work efficiency, and secondly, can cause injury.

At the beginning of each training necessary to carry out the workout. Through simple warm up exercises warm up the joints, stretch the muscles, increase blood circulation in the muscles and thereby prepare the body for the upcoming power load. Without preliminary warm-up to begin to exercise power not – cold muscles less involved in the work and are easily injured. However, too much workout is not enough to highlight her for 5-7 minutes. As a warm-up exercise you can use squats, lunges, swings, spins, running in place or exercise of the common complex, but in the Lite version.

Recommendations to the adherents of a healthy lifestyle on the choice of the working weight

Operating weight – is the weight of the weights, which allows you to perform a number of iterations without violations of the technology. Operating weight value is not stable: it can vary depending on the objectives of the bodybuilder. If you want to develop strength, the exercise is taken one weight, if the athlete seeks to improve stamina and etc. Fans of healthy lifestyle, build muscle mass, make usually 6-8 repetitions in the approach. In this case, the best would be a working weight where you can do 8 reps, but with effort. Two of the last repetition should be difficult but not so hard that the left forces on the following approaches. Operating weight, in each case selected individually as athletes – both beginners and professionals – all with different fitness level. The growth of fitness the weight of the projectile should be increased.

Beginners in the first time it is better to take the shells of minimal weight. Too big weight prevents beginning bodybuilders to concentrate on the technique. The result of the athletes making mistakes, engaging in improper work of the muscles and fixing the incorrect pattern of motion, which will then be difficult to break. Maximum weight doing power fitness unsafe for novices: the habit to pull back, to injure ligaments or unable to cope with the heavy projectile, drop it on themselves. Beginners are recommended to go to heavy weights after 1-2 months of training.

Maximum weight is taken in the basic exercises that utilize large muscle areas. In isolation fitness exercises designed to work individual muscles, use lighter shells. As basic exercises allow you to take bigger weights and to work the body holistically, they form the basis of training to build muscle mass. Insulation is used to hone and Refine the topography of certain muscles.

Power fitness exercises for different body parts

Fans of a healthy lifestyle, practicing fitness for the recruitment of muscle mass, are working on different parts of the body following exercises:

  • deadlifts, squats with a barbell on the shoulders, lunges with dumbbells, lifting on socks for the legs and the gluteal muscles;
  • the bench press barbell (dumbbell) lying, the layout of dumbbells, pushups and bench (hands put wide) for chest;
  • lifting dumbbells for biceps, dips, pushups for triceps and biceps;
  • breeding of dumbbells in the slope, srage – for shoulders;
  • pull-UPS, thrust block for a head, deadlifts – for back;
  • different kinds of twists, lifting legs in vis – for the press.

Developing the muscles usually work out the entire body, paying special attention to problem (lagging) areas. However, here the main thing not to overdo it: focusing on pumping certain areas, a fan of HLS risks soon to deal with imbalance – uneven development of different parts of the body.

On average, strength training lasts about an hour. During this time, the fan of the power fitness can have time to perform 6-8 exercises. Exercise beginners are often longer – up to 1.5-2 hours – due to the fact that they are longer rest between sets and exercises. A week is usually carried out 3 strength training. To increase the amount of training you need with caution: the body should be enough time to recover. Do not forget that in the period of rest is the active muscle tissue development.

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