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The bench-press head down

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The bench-press head down based on the prior development of the lower part pectorales muscles. This exercise helps “separate” the muscles of the chest from the press and get a nice relief. Exercise is used as a special-training in American football, tennis, Golf and gymnastics. In powerlifting and bench press it is rarely used, since the amplitude of motion of the shoulder joint is increased, and the athlete may be subjected to injuries when too tight for too long trajectory.

The movement is more prevalent in bodybuilding. The aim of the study = drawing the same “line” that separates the chest from the abdomen. In terms of complexity it is quite a load movement. It requires the assistance of a belayer and accuracy of the athlete. The exercise works the chest muscles, front deltoid and triceps. The stabilization of the body of the athlete in exercise take the back and leg muscles.

The contents

  • 1 Correct technique
    • 1.1 starting position
    • 1.2 Movement
  • 2 traffic Safety
  • 3 Outfit
  • 4 Useful tips

Proper technique

Original position

Benches differ in the presence or absence of an emphasis for feet. If the foot is hanging in the air, and the ankle is fixed cushions, you should use the technique when taking the starting position, the athlete as if repelled from the rod to lock the blade rigidly to the spine.

If shop classic, you first need to position feet so that the feet were stable and did not slide. The belayer then takes the barbell, the athlete collects the blades, and rests them in the bench surface, and the back retains its natural curvature.

For most of the benches, the bridge is not possible, but watch out for the blades is still needed. Not allowed movement, when the athlete presses forward with rounded shoulders, relaxed and lying on the back.


Belayer removes the bar from the racks, the lifter smoothly lowers her chest to touch. The trajectory of the elbows from the neutral position on the ellipsoid, slightly closer to the body and back. Keep elbows to the sides, and especially the ears – traumatic technique. Although this is what bodybuilders usually do. Saves them the use of small weights on the rod.

Grip exercise is recommended average. It is a mistake to assume that it only works the triceps. With the average grip possible involvement of the chest muscles, and the impact point on the lower beams pectorally, as the failure with the chest still occurs due to the chest muscles.

When lowering you have to kind of stretch the rib cage to the neck. The shell is lowered below the nipple line, closer to the solar plexus.

After touching the bar must stop on the chest, and in one smooth, but speed up movement squeeze. Only this technique allows to get rid of the risk of fall of the projectile, and squeeze enough serious weight. The elbows should straighten completely. If they are congested and sick the only way – not to do for some time press.

Approaches and repetitions. The movement is done in 3-5 working approaches in the number of repetitions from 5 to 10.

The lowering of the rod occurs on the inhale, press – on the exhale.

Traffic safety

There is a perception that the back should be pressed against the bench in the lumbar. In fact, taking the natural lordosis of the lower back will do nothing in terms of security. But the relaxed upper back – the reason for the unstable situation of the athlete and injuries. In order that the athlete can perform the movement in a safe mode, to strain the back, and not to plant the blade in the plane of the back. Movement should not be relaxed on the back, but the lumbar lordosis is a valid thing.

The second point – the shoes should not slide if the exercise is done with the way to the floor and legs should not move on the surface . The emphasis of the feet should be coaching in the all IMAS, as it is the key to a proper initial position of the athlete on the bench.

Help the belayer is required. In the fitness rooms of the rack for bench press is made so that only people a certain height he can safely remove the rod. The people below 170 cm and above 186 cm usually have a problem with that. And eat barbells from the racks is a skill, if it is not trained, after the self-capture of the projectile, the athlete remains relaxed on the back, with rounded forward shoulders, which is unacceptable on safety.

Warm up for bench press on a flat bench they usually is the classic bench press. Either the athlete performs a bench press on a flat bench with a slope up to pump the top of your chest first. Only make sense that the first approach should not be performed with a work weight. Usually, however, any approach is preceded by a rotation of the shoulder joint, i.e., rotating exercises shoulder outside and inside, and warm up the elbows and wrists. Some athletes used to do and one set of any movement on the back, such as pull-UPS to get a feel for the Assembly of the blades.

Important: high blood pressure of an athlete is a contraindication for performing this kind of press. You should not press on an incline with the incline bench down, and if the athlete is experiencing dizziness when standing up. Is not recommended exercise if you take drugs to power the vessels of the brain. Also contraindication is the injury of the chest muscles, triceps and shoulder as well as shoulder, elbow joints and wrists.


Recommended only bandages and a wrist belt. Various podstavochki on the chest and other similar things tend to move out of the athlete’s body and interfere with the exercises. If the person lowers the weight of inertia, he doesn’t need a stand, but a trainer who will teach him smoothly in one motion lower the weight and record it on the chest and then a powerful explosive movement to squeeze up.

Useful tips

If a person is not able to reap in any other way except for the lowering of the rod around his neck, he should learn the proper working of the shoulders and back. Until this is done, no complicated presses are not recommended. If “unbearable” and really want to have the proverbial line separating the chest from the abdomen, you should work for some time with dumbbells.

To wean the athlete should be from the crease of the wrists. Rod weight should be distributed evenly on your palm, and twist of the wrist is not necessary. Elbows should firmly stand on the path, and not to twist up to the ears. The hands work in the same plane. Especially behind this is to follow people who have severe scoliosis.

Any deliveries under the basin, if people are injured, towels and other gasket between the athlete and bench are fixed rigidly. The body slide is the most common cause of injuries. Should not jump from the bench in a huge pace.

The most common problem of those who can not get hold of a beautiful breast is not a disadvantage of the presses, and the lack of competent programming load. For example, the athlete performs the first exercise is the classic bench and the wiring, and the second – presses on an inclined bench and “butterfly”. What should be the weight of the projectile? Heavy – only training. If we are talking about a natural athlete or fitnessista for themselves, maybe even every second. The lack of recovery is the most common problem among Amateurs. Because of this, and it turns out that a lot of presses give mediocre results.

For a lot of people huddling important personal equipment. Bandages should buy yourself under his hand and once. What is normally in the room too stretched to fix anything except the ego of the owner of the hall. The belt also should purchase powerlifters, not cheaper weightlifting.

Practice correctly, and you will definitely reach your goals.

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