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The basics of training at the gym for women

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The basics of training at the gym for women

The fan of a healthy lifestyle, wanting to develop muscles, will have to master not only the barbell and dumbbells, and exercise machines. To begin is familiar with the main principles of a workout in the gym – they will help to develop the correct training plan.

First trainings supporters of HLS should be simple

The girls who were new to the sport, do not overdo with the complexity of the training program. At the initial stage can be limited to a standard set of several basic exercises. For the untrained muscles even a small load is stressful. After a while, observing the principle of gradualism, we can move on to more complex training schemes.

Compliance with equipment – based sport progress

When working on the equipment easier to follow the correct technique, than when performing exercises with free weights. Here reduces the risk to distribute the load correctly – not on those muscle groups. Also decreases the chance of injury. But, although the simulator and guards against imprecise exercise, it is still the main control must implement the sportswoman.

In the early stages we should not strive for more weight – you need to practice the technique. When you run the information owner in the simulator or presses legs you should pay attention at the back – it should exactly fit to the support. The extension of the triceps, straighten the leg and traction on the lower block do not need to bring exercise to excessive stretching of knees and elbows.

For fitness needed complete rest

Girl, recently came to the gym, often make one mistake: to forget about the rest. They proceed to the gym with such enthusiasm that do not have time to recover. Between the training must be one day break. A day or two if the fan of fitness needs more time to recover. When the body will get stronger and functional performance to improve the number of workouts can be increased.

Constant overloading can reduce motivation and encourage the athlete to miss a regular workout. Therefore it is not necessary to start training with excessive zeal to push yourself to the limit. The program need to complicate gradually.

Coaching programme for girls-a beginner fitness

A set of exercises in the training for beginners may be different. Most important is to try to work out all muscle groups and how to boost metabolism.

At the beginning of the workout, you can perform the leg press and the reduction of arms. Then make traction of the lower block and pull the upper block wide grip. Then to work the press of a bar sitting in the Smith machine. Exercises performed in 2 sets of 10 repetitions. Between sets you rest for about a minute.

At the end of the workout, you can do rise on socks standing in the simulator. in the simulator for the press – 2 sets / 15 reps each exercise. Seven exercises in one program of training – a sufficient amount of for a beginner.

Exercise for weight loss for women at the gym

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