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The basics of strength training: the replacement of exercise and the effect on the muscles of the body

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The basics of strength training: the replacement of exercise and the effect on the muscles of the body

The contents

  • Principles of training in bodybuilding
  • The body will tell you when to change the program
  • New exercises and other ways to change a workout

Anyone who plays sports and professional “modeling” of the body, sooner or later will face a period of stagnation, when growth of muscle mass stops. Even when you exercise in a more intense mode and the increase in weight of muscles do not produce the desired response. To avoid such a situation, builders are forced to periodically change your workout plan. We will understand why we have to make changes in the training plan, and how often you need to do it.

Principles of training in bodybuilding

The number of muscle fibers each person individually. It depends on genetics and does not change throughout life. So when we are talking about muscle growth, do not mean their number and the volume ratio. Muscles grow due to microreserves muscle fibers that occur during intense weight training.

Between workouts, the muscles recover, strengthen and thicken. As experts say, is improving their “quality”. Thereby increasing the volume of the muscles. The higher the load on the muscles, the more they are destroyed, and then progress and grow. To ensure continuous muscle growth, you must consider this feature of the human body.

Training in bodybuilding is based on the following principles.

  • The constant increase of the load.

High weight approaches or with a large number of repetitions (muscle to failure) causes the body to feel in new ways. After all, before it had received the load, so it tries to adapt to her, and the muscles start to work on the purchase volume. While the training intensity is increasing, and will increase muscle mass. If you train with the same weight for a long time, muscles will cease to develop due to the lack of incentive.

  • Sufficient amount of load.

Any athlete who dreams to build muscle, you need to consider this figure as the amount of load. It is calculated as total operating weight in all the reps. For example, the weight of the French press is in the first approach, 30 kg in the second and third – 60 kg, and the number of repetitions in each set – 12. Then the total load is 1800 kg (30х12+60х12х2). The higher the number, the greater the muscle growth it causes. At the same time to increase the amount of as possible due to weight and due to the number of repetitions.

Thus, the training progress is not so much replaced exercise how much of the progressive load growth and increasing its volume. A frequent replacement of components on the rate of increase of muscles are not always affected by the way we would like the athlete.

The body will tell you when to change the program

To make changes to the training program necessary in the event that it becomes habitual. The body stops responding properly to provide the load. The exercises are easy to progress in muscle growth is not observed. There are different reasons for changing the training plan. To understand whether you need to add variety to the usual training, you should focus on some of the most common signs.

  • Don’t grow strength, muscle mass practically does not increase.
  • When you exercise, fatigue from the monotony of elements.
  • Classes “not lit”. If the athlete was active, confidently walked to the goal, now he lost motivation to go to training. In class he feels boredom and loss of interest in exercise.
  • The athlete’s priorities have changed. For example, previously, he was an ardent fan of bodybuilding, now his passion is running long distances, swimming or another sport.
  • Changing the build phase of the body. To get closer to the ideal figure, you need to become stronger, increase the weight and work on the relief of muscle. All these stages take place in different training conditions. In the transition from one phase to another it is necessary to change the schema classes.
  • New exercises and other ways to change a workout

    Regardless of the reasons for which the athlete changes exercise program, there are ways to do this most efficiently.

  • The new program should be more complex and sophisticated, you should choose advanced, multicomponent system of training. There are many schemes by which you can do the bodybuilders. Strength exercises combined into cluster sets and supersets. To increase the responsiveness of muscles are used isometric exercise. So it is possible, without making radical changes in training to improve its effectiveness.
  • You can replace split workout for the whole body. This will help to add variety to the training process. After all, the same exercises performed from month to month on each muscle group, get bored and lose their effectiveness. In addition, training the whole body is not necessary to carry out as often as exercises for individual muscle groups.
  • To muscle growth never stopped, every 1-1. 5 month to change the number of performed repetitions. First, you can practice the exercises with heavy weight and little reps. Then the weight changes and the number of repetitions grows in accordance with the plan of increasing load. To change the composition of exercises at this is not necessary, and familiar tasks will not require re-training when switching to higher versions of items.
  • Another option changes the training plan is the selection of new exercises. It is possible and not to use, especially if the previous ways to start muscle have yielded positive results. Replacement exercises may be useful if you want to increase the motivation and interest to training. Routine bodybuilders is no different from the repetitive movements of other athletes. Therefore, if the athlete did not experience the joy of training, new exercises will help him to regain lost passion.
  • Most professionals are of the opinion that to make changes in the training program, it is necessary not more often than once a month. Depending on how the scheme bodybuilder builds his training and level of training, this period may increase.

    It is not necessary to drop the “old” exercises and to look for a replacement. A training plan can be adjusted, focusing on the assignment and your current athletic goals. Sometimes it is enough just to increase the working weight and number of repetitions according to the total load.

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