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The basics of push-UPS

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How to learn to do push-UPS at home? More and proper technique of the exercise to observe? The following tips will help aspiring athletes in developing muscles of chest and abs. Recommendations that will help to do push-UPS correctly and effectively!

How to do push-UPS at home?

One of the main types of exercises for chest muscles at home is pushups. During the preparation of the train lies in a horizontal face down, resting on hands. Thus are produced the alternate lowering and lifting of the torso. The exercise trains the same muscle groups when lifting weights lying down.

If you perform an exercise incorrectly, you probably will do more harm than good. You need to follow the exact methods of pushups is to involve exactly the pectoral muscles, muscles of the shoulder, deltoid muscle, biceps and abs. Required to perform the exercises efficiently. Should not be run for a large number of presses. This method will not lead to the desired result. Applies for beginners and for masters.

What muscle groups are involved during training?

Using push-UPS warming up several muscle groups: the pectoral muscles, which bear the main load of the shoulder muscles (triceps), superficial chest muscles (located on top), biceps muscle (biceps) and abs, which receives a static load.

A huge plus push-UPS is that they have many variations of execution. You can use a stand or bench, and thus to increase or decrease the load on different muscle groups. For example, the upper muscles of the chest exercise, if you put under the feet of the bench and keep your head below the level of the body. And back if the stand be placed under the hands, the emphasis happens on the lower part of the chest.

What are the pushup variations?

In addition to the transfer of stress on the muscles through the use of the stand, you can also use all sorts of groups when adjusting the latitude placement of the palms. If widely to place hands, it will involve the upper muscles of the back and shoulders. If narrow positioning the palm of your hand, you will work the muscles of the triceps.

Quite effective and difficult to implement kind of push-UPS is one in which the foot rested on the bench, and hands placed slightly wider than shoulders. Here the maximum result that will not only train the shoulder joints and back but also the muscles of the chest. Exercising hard and regularly, three-dimensional shape of the back will not keep you waiting.

How to pump breast?

Despite the fact that when performing push-UPS, you cannot use the extra workload, the right quality process of exercises in different versions will give good results. Don’t forget about the bar, which train and slow-twitch fiber muscles.

The important thing to remember in the process of bench press from the floor is that you can’t exercise daily. The rest (including the triceps) requires approximately 36 hours since the growth and increase of muscle fibers occurs during tissue repair. For proper growth fit two to three classes per week.

As a beginner to learn how to perform the exercises?

First you need to endure standing in the bar on straight arms with a length of not less than 50 seconds. After overcoming this barrier you need to go to push UPS on my knees. You need to train as slowly as possible, feeling each muscle of the chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominals.

It should be repeated that there is no point to continually increase the number of repetitions, because the right 20 slow push-UPS will be much more effective than 100 infidels and fast. After 20 quality of exercises you need to go to the bench press.

The correct technique of push UPS

  • Starting position – upper arms.
  • Brushes are wider than shoulders.
  • The blades are assembled.
  • The look is directed down.
  • The neck is in a relaxed position.
  • Body straight (buttocks do not stick out).
  • On the breath in the body goes down (working the chest muscles and arms).
  • Late on several accounts at the bottom, straining the abdominal muscles.
  • On the exhale, push off and raise the body up, it also involve the muscles of the arms and chest.
  • 7 steps to teaching a child

    Usually children incorrectly performing push-UPS. This can happen for two reasons:

  • They do not know how to do push-UPS.
  • They are tired of the exercise, as there is no force to keep the case straight.
  • Parents should teach the child to do push-UPS correctly.

    Children especially quickly assimilate everything, including the correct training, so you should not miss the point from the beginning. 7 steps below will help in this case.

  • Place the child face down. The hands near armpits.
  • Collect feet together.
  • Straighten the child’s hands. The body remains in a straight condition.
  • Lift the knees to the body kept straight.
  • Lock this position.
  • Slowly, counting to 5, omit the body of the child down in a live condition.
  • After touching your chest to the floor straighten your arms, returning to its original position. Allow the child to repeat push-UPS. Follow the correct execution.
  • How to do push-UPS from the floor to the girls?

    Any home exercise does not have to begin immediately. First, there must be a warm-upworkout. Stretch your body is necessary for 7-10 minutes.

    After warming up the girls lie down on the Mat and equipment to perform classic pushups 10-12 times in 3 sets. The technique must be performed correctlybetter to do less time, but high quality. Weights can be added after the first month of training.

    If the goal is to lose weight, you need to try to rest between sets as little as possible (no more than 90 seconds). To do push-UPS need no more than a day. After onetwo months of training (in the case of the ability to handle 25 reps for 1 set), you can do the exercises every day.

    To breathe correctly during workouts so you need to breathe in a relaxed position, and exhale when you press. Non-standard (reverse) breathing method is present in yoga and light physical culture for adaptation. During intense training, including weight, required to comply only 1st breathing technique.


    The tips presented in this article will help you learn how to do push-UPS from the floor. At home, it is especially useful to those who have no time to go to the gym, or who does not like strangers during a workout. If you wish to lose weight push-UPS will be a great addition to the basic training. Do not forget about the workout! A positive result will appear after 2-3 months of regular training.

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