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Only proper nutrition

The basic rules of how to build abdominal muscles

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Oh, and flat abs is one of the main features of perfect physical beauty. Who does not dream about this? Let’s consider what you need to know about how to pump up the abdominal muscles correctly and do not cause your health harm.

Among the people involved in sports, the main goal is to pump up the press. And independent woman or a man. Because of course all without exception want to quickly and easily get a beautiful tummy.

The principles of nutrition

Initially, we note that without constant work and effort to achieve the desired result is not obtained. To get relief and elastic belly have to sweat. From a systematic and continuous trainings, and their power is directly affected by how much time you will get the desired effect. Do not expect that in a week or two will see specific changes in the abdomen. Because muscles grow very slowly. And after two or three months, given regular exercise, you will be able to contemplate the coveted dice. N

But there is another, rather important point without observing, that all your efforts will be in vain. Yes, of course, is proper nutrition. What is the point to work on the correction of the abdomen, if inflated cubes will be under a layer of fat?

Sustainable and healthy menu – this is useful in the case when we want to achieve the perfect figure, just the need.

Any athlete or coach can attest that without proper nutrition, exercise will be ineffective.

With food the body needs to vitamins, fiber vital minerals and set BDIM. If your diet is not balanced, health problems can not be avoided. The menu should be fruits, vegetables, proteins and all kinds of cereals. This is no hunger strike! Eat at least three times a day and include two snacks. From food to definitely eliminating the harmful foods and products.

Manual for six pack abs

In addition to weight control is important and aerobic exercise. Directly abs itself is built on 3 parts:

The stages of achieving this goal:

  • To reduce the fat layer. This requires diet and fat burning exercise.
  • To correct posture. In any case, no need to work, as because of this, the muscles relax, and the weight of the torso is transferred to the spine. As a result, the abdominal muscles are weak and pain in the back.
  • To strengthen the muscular system of the body. The press is not one muscle, in addition there are internal oblique, lumbar, and transverse muscle. Without their strengthening and development, a flat stomach do not know.
  • To develop (develop) the internal muscles of the abdomen. They help to form cubes. This will help these exercises like plank and the vacuum.
  • To download the press correctly. Do not pursue quantity of repetitions, but the key point is the technique. Each time you exercise to keep your entire muscular system of the abdomen tense, it will make the exercise much more productive.
  • The most effective exercises

    These exercises to build a press can be performed both in the gym and at home. Because special equipment for classes is not necessary.You will need a pull-up bar, fitness Mat, a bench or the floor.

  • Rises feet in vis.
  • Strap.
  • Bike.
  • Twisting classic.
  • The reverse twisting.
  • Vacuum.
  • The rise of the pelvis.
  • Frog.
  • The side plank.
  • Twisting with raised legs.
  • But not so smooth, there are several disadvantages when pumping the press.Muscle tissue adapts quickly enough to the load, and it says that it should constantly increase. To do this wisely, so as not to overtrain. Twice a month you should change the workout. Be sure to include anaerobic exercise, without them dice is not achieved. Performing many exercises, in no case do not turn in work the muscles of the lower back. This leads to back injuries.

    The principles of increasing the load of exercise on the relief of the press:

    • To increase the number of repetitions.
    • To reduce the length of stay.
    • Increase the time (strap).
    • Add wheel weights.

    Tips for training

    These simple rules will help to make more effective workout.

    In this article, we reviewed what exercises to pump up a press. And see that create the perfect stomach for a few months actually. It all depends on Your desire and motivation.

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