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The advantages and disadvantages of the use of creatine

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To create the perfect body vitamins from normal foods is not enough, so athletes get them from pharmaceuticals. One of the most popular supplements – creatine. Let’s see what it is, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of its use.

What is creatine?

Every day more and more people are turning to a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition and sport. Today, the ideal male and female figures – toned, athletic body. Gaining popularity this direction as a bodybuilding (muscle-building process through proper nutrition, pharmacology and intensive workout at the gym). People who are far from fitness enthusiast or are just the beginners in building the perfect body, often wonder what is creatine when the coach recommends to use it.

Creatine is a type of acid, containing in its composition carbon and nitrogen. He is involved in the exchange of energy in the muscles and nerves at a cellular level. The additive is used in bodybuilding to increase muscle development strength and endurance of the person.

Medical studies have proven the harmlessness of this acid to the body.

Creatine in the nineteenth century was opened by the French scientists, however active its application in the field of bodybuilding began only after conducting some research, which has been proven a definite benefit. In popular sports magazines of the US and the UK have published articles on this Supplement. They talked about the absolute benefits of creatine for bodybuilders, since this trace mineral helps to increase lean body mass without increasing fat. Over time, scientists of leading European countries has changed the formula nitrogen-containing organic acids, developing new types, but not all have high efficiency.

Creatine is contained in muscle every person. This substance is responsible for energy and execution of movements. This acid in its importance in the functioning of the human body is not inferior to the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats. Creatine is synthesized in the body from three kinds of amino acids contained in protein. The amount of this biological substance does not exceed one hundred fifty grams, and the daily consumption to two grams. During extreme physical exertion the cost of creatine increase so that athletes use chemical additives in conjunction with proper diet rich in this substance.


During bodybuilding athletes use exercises with high intensity. This training requires a lot of energy, which is produced by molecules of adenosine triphosphate. High-intensity training is the depletion of this molecule and phosphocreatine (a compound of creatine and phosphorus, which are responsible for producing energy in muscles). Accordingly, the use of chemical additives returns compensates for a deficiency of microelements and increases the strength of the athlete.

The undoubted advantage is the creatine and when missanabie because it allows you to gain lean muscle mass (without increasing fat percentage). Due to develop strength the athlete can lift more weight which contributes to muscle building.

However, it is important to remember about the individual tolerance of each person. Not all the use of creatine will be reflected in the form of high performance in sport. With a low sensitivity to this acid, the athlete will note only a slight increase in performance.

Also obvious plus of this substance improve muscle relief. This is due to the tight interaction of creatine with water. The H2O content of the muscles makes it more rounded and pumped.

Hormones are essential in the life of every person. Every athlete knows that for the quality of the training meets testosterone. Some scholars have noted the influence of creatine supplementation on changes in the level key for bodybuilders hormones, but not everyone shares this view.

The target audience of the creatine

As stated above, creatine is used in Supplement form by body builders. The effect of development power performance and increase power from of this acid is used in other sports.

However to use this Supplement is useful not only for professional athletes. Today gaining popularity of vegetarian nutrition system. Due to the lack of meat, fish, eggs, and other foods with high protein content in the diet of vegetarians they need somewhere to. To maintain the health of the adherents of this system of power consumed creatine is in a chemical form.

Also not so long ago was proven biological matter in accelerating metabolism by increasing energy and strength increases. Improved health allows a person to give the training to the maximum. Regarding the recommended age of the consumer of this product, studies have shown that the use of this food additive is safe for the body only after the final of puberty.

Disadvantages of food additives

Despite the fairly extensive list of benefits of creatine supplementation, it has a number of contraindications. The first thing to say about the dosage consumption of this product. Daily rate – no more than three grams per day. It was in such quantity that a biological substance is no harm to the human body. Besides dosage, it is important to remember that you can take it for a short time (usually a month). In the presence of human chronic diseases, the use of this additive must be confirmed by the doctor. Without prior consultation, you may experience acute illness. This is especially true for people suffering from allergies.

Summing up we should say that creatine has a lot of useful features and certainly some categories of people should reflect on its use. However, prior to using this chemical additives, or any other, you should carefully read all available information about it and consult with your doctor.

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