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Only proper nutrition

Tested on itself: the sad truth about proper nutrition

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Tatyana Kurbat
The fitness blogger, graduated from courses in health fitness (direction — bodybuilding) Belarusian state University of physical culture.

What is proper nutrition and what it eats?

This is a strictly limited diet, which consists of a sparse set of approved products. Preparing these foods more often steamed or baked. The list, which can definitely get vegetables, egg whites, oatmeal, whole oatmeal, buckwheat, brown or wild rice, bran and fiber, fish and seafood, Turkey. The chicken is already under question — antibiotics and hormones. Cheese and milk also, from them swelling, and lactose intolerance suddenly blossomed to full flower. Everything else is not — well, or in very minute quantity.

There is one products filter — glycemic index. The index, which applies to carbohydrate foods and shows with what force and speed they influence the rise of blood sugar and as a result, insulin release.

What should be the proper diet? Calorie diet proper nutrition (hereinafter — PP) varies generally from 800 to 1500 kcal per day. Brave accelerates to 1700 kcal. But if you want to lose weight quickly, it is often 1200 kcal per day.

All the food is certainly weighed down to the gram and checked for compliance KBZHU (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates). That is, if losing weight she decided that the day she eats in the range of 1200, it is in spite of everything, should fit into the limit. Also to get the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Here come to the aid of a app like FatSecret or MyFitnessPal where you can count the calories of almost any product or food. With large errors, but the adherents of PP close your eyes.

Proteins are absolutely safe, according to the PP.

Carbohydrates are stored in fat, so for them need be watched. Fats also are dangerous, so better to exclude them or to leave light spots in a tablespoon of flax oil in the morning on an empty stomach or fatty fish once a week.

The daily ration is divided into 5-6 meals. People need to eat every 2.5−3 hours. Skipping meals, as we are assured by scholars and experts, will inevitably lead to the fact that the metabolic rate (aka metabolism) will include a stop-cock. And everything we eat then, certainly transformered into fat.

There is such a thing as cicmil, he is authorized sagor. But cicmil sounds fancy. This is when times per week PP-adept allows himself in one meal to eat whatever he wants. In unlimited quantities. Though the cake, even the pan fried potatoes.

Separately want to say about salt, which is eliminated entirely. It often leads to the violation of water-salt balance in the body, which will inevitably cause swelling. Those swellings that look like extra pounds of fat, which subsequently begins a bitter struggle. Useless, really.

The consequences of cutting calories, the rejection of fats and carbohydrates?

If you look at proper nutrition sober and not under the influence of euphoria from melting on the scales pounds, you will notice that it is, in fact, low-calorie diet with a very poor set of products. Doctors call this mode of deficit.

About the lack of proteins and not talking — PP, diet excludes it.

At deficiency of carbohydrates the person is not getting the right amount of energy for a normal life — not to mention the fact that he did not have enough fuel to workout. But all who adhere to the PP, you know that carbohydrates are deposited as fat. Therefore, calculate to the gram.

With the shortage of fats, the body turns off the lights on several floors of his house: stops producing the hormones that pauses reproductive function, saves on skin quality, let in free swimming the hair, reduces the speed of the brain, impairs memory, and that’s not all. Put simply, the body begins serious failures. Only know about themselves, they do not give the next morning, and after a few months — when the “margin of safety” ends.

It turns out this situation: we like what we see in the mirror, but our body from the inside very, very bad. Only we don’t hear or feel, because we fall into a strong dependence on the new image of the body emaciated, with a clear relief of muscle, which can easily fasten the jeans sample 2005. And this dependence is stronger in times of alarm signals that the body sends.

And here happens the gap of the head and body. They at some point cease to be friends and start living on your own programme: the head is afraid of everything that does not fit into PP, and the body tries to survive. To survive, emphasize. It suffers and is depleted by getting stingy and monotonous set of macro – and micronutrients.

The pleasure of eating

As people, experienced by this is the PP more than a year, I can say: a sense of guilt myself in this story it happens much more often than the pleasure of eating. Are you eating an Apple and frantically count in my head, whether it fits in your daily caloric. You come to the event and when you see food, you start to get nervous. You’re off to sweet (because not to break can not) and then I reproach myself for that, promising you to definitely increase the amount of cardio the next workout. You are constantly in war with itself and with your food.

Thus the food becomes the center of your universe: to buy groceries for a week, cook food for tomorrow or for the whole week, weigh portions, to lay out the containers, put the alarm in the mobile for each meal, take everything with you, to eat the contents of the container, wherever you may be — at work, in stores, in the subway again to go to the store. And so every day.

And this is against our nature. When something goes abnormal, the body resists and declares war. He starts to behave in a tough and unpredictable. We understand that all was started for the coveted XS. But for him it looks like an attempt of the mistress to kill him.

Food should be fun as well as other human physiological needs! If you perceive food as proteins, fats and carbohydrates in strictly permitted proportions, you have issues.

In that moment, when you find yourself feeling guilty for the food, can begin to sound the alarm: your head and body have lost the understanding. And then you can take control yourself, or sooner or later it will have to do therapist.

Eating disorders

The so-called doctors all models of eating behavior, which go beyond the normal. Here ortoreksiya, and anorexia and bulimia, and compulsive overeating. Eating disorders are much more but these are the most common.

And if anorexia is visible to the naked eye, because the person loses weight literally to the bone, the same ortoreksiya or compulsive overeating problems inside the person.

Fortunately, today the image of the ideal body has changed, and girls no longer chasing bones and skin. Therefore, anorexia nervosa is increasingly rare and usually among teenagers.

But gaining momentum mental disorders that are not so obvious externally, but which pose a huge danger to humans.

The girl sitting on the PCB and properly trained, most likely a perfectionist. She got used to the fact that she is doing well and even perfectly. Its successes have all come to admire. So when her mind starts problems, she even thought not allowed to openly ask for help.

How to admit that she’s weak and needs support? No, she will do everything herself.

Sooner or later the problem starts with the kilos they grow. A strong desire to control body weight leads to the fact that the measures are becoming more stringent. Caloric intake drops even further, the list of allowed foods actually remain some cucumber and water, increasingly, there are nutritional breakdowns. Then the deafening guilt, again a restriction in food, then stall and so on.

And it all started innocently: weigh food, count calories, eat every three hours, don’t eat nasty things.

You can try to help yourself by expanding the limits and honestly removing the hard bans. But there is an important awareness. To pretend that you are currently allowed carbs at night is not the same as to allow them to relax. Only when the body you believe he will go to reconciliation.

Help and articles doctors on the Internet a lot of them.

You can read a book psychotherapist Svetlana Bronnikova “Intuitive eating” — where all the food violations investigated in detail. And to each of the recommendations. You can contact the specialist if there is any good. But in any case, we should not isolate yourself and keep a problem inside.

Proper nutrition for women — a healthy diet

Only after passing all the stages of PP, I realized that it has nothing to do with a healthy diet. Healthy is intuitive. When you eat, feeling hungry when get joy and pleasure from food. When in your head at the sight of the plates is not activated the built-in calculator. When you are not afraid to eat too much fruit because he did not fit in KBZHU. When you know what food is harmful and which is useful, but you don’t live only with thoughts of food, containers and PP-the recipes don’t hang out on the specialized Internet stores. You just live. And rejoice. And don’t blame yourself. And train for fun, not to work eaten.

Think about it, if you are on the PP.

Instead PS: don’t become a victim of proper nutrition

1. Counting calories and weighing food is OK, if not tighten. Enough a month to play around just to see what it looks like, for example, 100 g of buckwheat or fish. But not to turn your life in endless pursuit of KBZHU.

2. Giving the proper nutrition? Be aware that until now, no adequate scientific studies that would support the use of fractional power. But doctors say that frequent snacking is the constantly elevated insulin and the risk to make diabetes of the second type.

3. Do not allow the strict prohibitions. Truism: the more you imagine something forbidden, the more it hurts then there will be breakdown.

4. Without fanaticism! We all know how looks is definitely harmful food from her and refuse. The extremes don’t get, cookies from amaranth flour with added protein and stevia does not bake.

5. Eating on feelings — when we feel hunger, not the clock.

6. Eat effortlessly. That is, if we eat means eating, not flipping on instagram or anything else in the smartphone. So quickly come to the understanding that you are full.

7. Do not make a cult of food and not get hung up on every calorie. The body is still smarter, and he takes her — no matter how you resist.

8. Trying to accept the fact that a healthy body is not fat-free body. This is the most difficult in all of history, but will have to work with your head and perception of the reflection in the mirror.

9. Find such a power supply system where you can easily survive a few years. Where you and your brain, and your body will be nice and comfortable.

10. Trust your body. And stop trying to control everything.

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