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Take care of the vagina! 6 common problems “downstairs”

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you got it: it smells good. But stop to use fragrant Soaps and lotions. She is able to self-clean, and chemicals can hurt her. Choose light, without odor, to clean the area around the entrance to the vagina (i.e., the vulva).

2. Infection

A small volume of colorless allocation is the norm, but if something has changed in their color, consistency or smell — this indicates a problem. For example, bacterial vaginosis, which often manifests as an unpleasant discharge after sex. From it is easy to get rid of the medical advice, but sometimes the selection can indicate a more serious problem, so don’t close your eyes to it.

4. Allergic to condoms

Yes, this is unfortunate, this kind of Allergy affects about 6% of people. It manifests as itching and rashes in the intimate area. If this occurs often (after having sex with a condom, of course), try to switch brands or go to belateche alternatives.

5. The wrong underwear

It so happens that your favorite g-string cause notorious vaginosis or other problems. Try to wear comfortable underwear made of natural fabrics.

6. Stress

It can cause extreme dryness, oozing and even ease the way for the infections. When you are stressed, the body produces cortisol, which lowers resistance to disease. So that’s another reason to learn to deal with it as efficiently as possible!

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