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Tae Bo

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Tae-Bo – aerobic group program, focused on wanting to lose weight. In one lesson burned up to 900 calories. Great? Yes, especially when you consider that the lesson is devoid of complicated choreography, the inherent step aerobics, designed for people with any level of training, and relies on punches and kicks. Still want to feel like an action hero, right? In 2000-e years in the fitness clubs have been a real “boom” Tae Bo, a hybrid of aerobics and martial arts has gathered a huge group. Today, the popularity has decreased a bit. Training is energy consuming, requires effort, mass, attending group classes, I prefer something easier. But for those who want to conquer obesity and to build a figure of dreams, best and not necessary.

The contents

  • 1 What is Tae Bo
  • 2 Workout Tae Bo for beginners
  • 3 Development of endurance
  • 4 safety performance of various elements of martial arts
    • 4.1 Original stand
    • 4.2 Straight punch with the left hand
    • 4.3 Straight punch with the right hand
    • 4.4 Side with his left hand
    • 4.5 Side kick with the right hand (right cross)
    • 4.6 “Care” (slope) to the left
    • 4.7 “Care” (slope) to the right
    • 4.8 Strike the right knee
    • 4.9 the Impact left knee
  • 5 Bundles of items
  • 6 Kicks
    • 6.1 Kick back
    • 6.2 Impact forward
    • 6.3 Strikes to the side (Rhonda and side)
  • 7 Contraindications
  • 8 Conclusion

What is Tae Bo

The majority believes that Tae Bo is a home exercise program. Thank Youtube to do at home today everyone can. But initially it was training for a fitness club that meets all the requirements to make it popular:

  • Is held under the fiery music.
  • Simple choreography;
  • Allows you to move a lot;
  • Has several levels of intensity

Tae Bo was invented, according to legend, a former Navy seal Billy Blanks, are embedded as a fitness instructor. One day he was so tired during practicing strikes that included pop music. The idea is to make training for the fitness club itself was born.

The word comes from combining the terms “Taekwondo” and “box”. In fact, in this workout quite a few from martial arts. The beats are simple, and between them inserted a bunch of steps to relax.

Martial arts give people a peace of mind, coordination, and good hitting power. And they allow you to spend a lot of calories, but only if you practice them actively. Aerobics helps to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, and make the lesson available to all, as is on average available for athletes entry-level heart rate.

The advantages of Tae Bo obvious:

  • Strengthens the heart, blood vessels, helps to fight stress;
  • To cope with the lack of exercise;
  • Improves coordination;
  • Allows you to tone the muscles of the legs, hands and body;
  • Increases calorie consumption

It is considered that Tae-Bo is for “dry and tight” muscles, but actually “pump” that lesson is not possible. Girls after the classes, just lose weight, but will not change the proportions, and young people can become more “drawn” relief, subject to the availability of already formed muscle mass.

Important: if the goal is aesthetics, which is close to bodybuilding, playing such a plan it is better to limit to a reasonable minimum. 2 short 20 minute workouts a week, the average natural athlete, not to lose muscle mass, and burn fat.

By the way, Billy Blanks opened its hall, has certified the program and began to sell it, train instructors and making videos. Those interested can find his Youtube channel.

In our country very “close” to Tae Bo club group programs. Clubs buy Body Combat and Piloxing, as they are more simple choreography.

Workout Tae Bo for beginners

Beginners can just come to class and begin to move with them. No problems, usually the workout consists of an easy warm up, light stretching and mobilization joints, the main part in which to show and work out the punches and kicks, and some simple exercises for abs and back.

I need to pay attention to the development of endurance, and working out the elements of martial arts, in fact, the club lessons just do not require. Tae-Bo came up with below:

  • To meet the needs of any person;
  • To adapt to his mobility and technique

Yes, straight kicks can be performed at a level not above the waist, and hands – even a couple of times to mix. The purpose of the training is to increase calorie consumption, because a beginner should just move actively.

Whether “the street” come on Tae-Bo? The classical technique of fitness this lesson considers some “skill of the second level.” Arriving at the club, the beginner must first:

  • To strengthen the cardiovascular system, doing low intensity cardio in the gym;
  • To tone the major muscle groups with strength exercises;
  • Improve mobility in the joints;
  • To lose the first 5-7 kg weight loss, if it a lot.

The development of endurance

In order not to be bored in a group lesson, and not fall from fatigue, will have to increase endurance before going to happen the first lesson Tae Bo.

Ideally, the person who is going to teach this lesson should “be able to” jog easy jog about 3 km at a pace of 6-7 minutes per kilometer. Such “skills” will not choke, and do a proactive move.

The first month in the gym is to spend 3-4 40-minute cardio workout. You need to pedal an exercise bike or walk on a treadmill with a slight slope. The main task – to go all time period with the feelings of the average load. You can evaluate it on the pulse areas, adhering to 60-70% of maximum heart rate, but you can feel. Needs a little sweat, but to be able to hold a conversation.

About a month of this work will give a sufficient basis for exercise Tae Bo.

Important: treadmills and bicycles can replace the conventional walk down the street

The technique of martial arts

Lessons for beginners how times are based on working off of blows by hands and feet, so you should just find a class for beginners on video, and repeat after the instructor. Master will have:

  • Straight punches and kicks;
  • “Crosses,” that is, cross-punches;
  • Uppercuts and hooks;
  • Kicking backward and sideways

The technique is better to work out in advance. Is not just waving hands and feet, but to carry out strikes. It is important to correct stance and breathing.

The original stand

Starting position for the punches in Tae Bo:

  • Front resembles a fight, but it’s a bit simplified to become available fitness clients.
  • For a start master state “crust”, of the center of the body:
  • Stand with your back to the wall, just tighten the stomach, and “turn up the pelvis” forward;
  • You should get the position where the natural curve in their lower back is reduced;
  • Press should be fit about 30-40% of the maximum resistance of the abdominal muscles;
  • Now step away from the wall, slightly bend your knees;
  • Arrange them so that the feet looked a little to the side, about 30-45%, and the stand was stable.
  • The enclosure must be assembled, the shoulders – in the free neutral position, the thorax is opened;
  • Knees can be slightly bent so that the stand was stable.
  • Try in this position to shift weight from one foot to the other;
  • Go to the front part of the foot arch, and a little jump;
  • Follow the stomach. It should not “fall out”

Most often, people just can’t relax in the main stance enough to make the amplitude of the bumps. They squeeze the scapula to the spine rigidly, trying to take shoulders away from your ears, and “locked” in this position so that the punches applied are not obtained. Because the main counter and you need to work, there should be a comfortable, tension, press, and Assembly the back must not interfere with the hands to make the beats.

Tip: if you are a beginner, try to work on the elliptical trainer at the fitness club. The body naturally accepts the position in which the center is assembled, the belly is tucked up, but his legs and arms can make the amplitude of the movement.

Straight punch with the left hand

Hands appear on the level of the jaw so as to protect her. Fingers clench into fists. Direct impact is the impact on the level of the shoulder line batsman. On the exhale, you need to sharply bend the arm at the elbow and hit forward, the “free” hand protects the jaw. The support leg takes the weight of the body, free – out on toe

Straight punch with the right hand

In Tae Bo are usually alternate straight punches forward right and left hands. You need to ensure that the muscles were tense, stomach. Upon impact, should not relax the press, to avoid overloading the spine.

Side kick left hand

You need to shift the body weight to the right foot, left foot behind, and make a sharp blow with the left arm in an elliptical path

Side kick with the right hand (right cross)

In stance with left foot forward and right back, right arm has dramatically in an elliptical path. Stretches latissimus dorsi. Then the hand abruptly appears in its original position.

“Care” (slope) to the left

Care is the deviation of the body from the line of the imaginary blow. In Tae-Bo you will have to shift weight from right foot to left, simultaneously moving the body right and left. Good “care” for the purposes of the fitness class is wide, the amplitude of the movement. You need to perform a tilt so that the main work was done in the hip joints. The movement occurs due to the oblique muscles of the abdomen, and hands in a Boxing stance to protect the jaw. When care left the body leans to the left, weight is transferred to left leg

“Care” (slope) to the right

The movement is similar to the previous mechanics, is committed only to the right and transfer weight to the right side.

Kick right knee

In Tae Bo distributed blows with the knee forward, according to the technique they similar to direct impacts only occur with a bent leg at the knee. You need to transfer weight to the left foot, bring right knee forward and hit them in the air.

Kick left knee

Weight is transferred to right leg, left knee is shot. In Tae Bo this movement resembles a “knee up” in aerobics, simple swing hip, not a real shock.

Bundles of items

An important rule when it comes to weight transfer, and during light jumps – knees should remain “soft” and “paste” the knee, rigidly unbending the leg should not be. The hyperextension will contribute to stretching of the ligaments of the knee joint. Because you should slightly bend your knees, and not to change this situation, but how to make a kick.

The simplest of the bunch is the “ladder”. Stands occur from direct 1-2 direct impacts right and left hand steps with opposite feet, then 2 leaving left and right, 2 knee kick up.

The ligaments can be used in more complex punches:

  • Hook-shaped punch, hands down a little lower, the fist at the waist level, from this position – a short kick to an imaginary opponent’s jaw, is effected by exhalation. During the uppercut should keep the biceps shortened, but not to bring fist to shoulder too much.
  • Blow to the jaw from a side position. At the same time raising the forearm in the plane of the shoulder and straightening the arm at the elbow joint, make a sharp blow.

When practicing striking techniques all movements are repeated for 2 minutes at a good pace. You can alternate them, to unite, and to pause to rest for 1-2 minutes, just jumping and shifting body weight from one foot to the other.


Kick back

Kick back starts with a weight shift onto the supporting foot. And then occurs a sharp blow “free” leg back, heel to the waist level.

Kick forward

Leg is bent at the knee and hip joint, strike with the heel forward so that all the energy was invested in the imaginary point in the middle of the heel. Direct kicks in Tae Bo alternate.

Blows to the side (Rhonda and side)

Side kick is performed after transferring the weight to the supporting leg, the deflection of the body towards the supporting leg. First, “beating” leg obespechivayut, then strike with the heel sideways.

“Circular” kick Ronde, or is the movement like “inside out” heel. Rond reminiscent of a side impact, but it looks like drawing an imaginary curve heel.

If you have to train at home, without an instructor, it makes sense to shoot your product on video. This will give an idea about the posture, and the nature of the impact.

Tae Bo is more aerobic than a martial art. With the power to invest in the shock body, or dramatically until it clicks, straighten your hands is not recommended. Need to work in a comfortable mode, trying to maintain the frequency of strikes and the average power level


Tae Bo creates a significant load on the spine. The lesson is contraindicated in those with severe scoliosis. Should visit a podiatrist if you can not jump and run, Tae Bo is also to refrain.

Other contraindications standard:

  • Injuries of locomotor apparatus at the stage of recovery;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • SARS, malaise;
  • Severe violations of the cardiovascular system

Can pregnant to do some tai Bo? In the “Soviet” school of gynecology we are told that in any case. Kicks can cause the tone of the uterus, the arms just to be uncomfortable due to a changing center of gravity. Meanwhile, there are special lessons with elements of Tae Bo for pregnant women. They take into account the features of the physique and contraindications to the use of striking techniques with the legs, and focus on the breath, work with your hands, and aerobic steps.

Obesity can be a contraindication if the person has impaired coordination of movements. Just full can exercise, but should not actively jumping. The most likely injury to people – damage to the ankle joint. For a recommended walking high knee stretch.

How to avoid overtraining? Wishing to quickly lose weight manage to do Tae Bo every day for a couple of hours. So no need to do simply because it causes fatigue of the CNS, and can cause injury because of impaired coordination. For weight loss enough to do 3 hours a week, if no additional load is not performed, or 1-2 hours if classes are supplemented by strength work.

Important: during exercise, drink pure water, to avoid dehydration.


Lose weight without serious losses of muscle mass to get a slim and trim figure you can, if you combine workout Tae Bo power lessons, for example, Hot Iron, or working out at the gym.

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