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Table tennis: simple fitness for beginners

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Table tennis: simple fitness for beginners
The contents

  • Table tennis — fitness for beginners
  • Features table tennis
  • Table tennis — fitness, forcing the athlete to think
  • Sports fitness — how to achieve success

Healthy lifestyle — a rejection of bad habits and active physical training and sports. Now it has become fashionable to do fitness and eat right. One like athletics and vegetarian food, bodybuilding and protein diet, others choose a casual walk in the fresh air and daily food without frills. For those who haven’t decided what sport to do, you can suggest table tennis. It is suitable for people of any age and fitness level. About the benefits and features of this sport you can learn from this article.

Table tennis — fitness for beginners

The main advantage of table tennis is its availability and simplicity. It is not a technique games and in the physical load on the body, which increases with the improvement of the skill of the athlete. At the initial stage the load is small. But from workout to workout, it will grow, and in a natural way. Thus, to practice in this sport is almost impossible. That is why table tennis is perfect for fitness beginners.

Table tennis allows you to develop:

  • coordination of movements;
  • care;
  • speed;
  • dexterity;
  • accuracy;
  • force;
  • endurance.

Thus, such sports fitness gives you the opportunity to raise almost all the physical qualities of the body and strengthen the nervous system.

To play table tennis on the outdoor sports court, or in the gym, and at home. The cost of equipment for training is low. If you wish for a small sum you can rent a table tennis table, rackets and a good workout at any convenient time. If space allows, you can purchase a table and for your personal use, installing it at home.

Scientists have proved that maximum energy consumption table tennis is higher than basketball. Indeed, the professional version this game requires good physical preparation. But the load should always be proportional to the technical abilities of the athlete. The more he uses the racket, the more load falls on the muscles.

Features table tennis

Every athlete competing in table tennis, chooses the most suitable style of play that suits their level of technology and physical abilities. Starting to deal with this gym, no need to focus on technique trained athlete. In the first stage we just need to learn how to hold the racket and try to manipulate the ball. The individual characteristics of the techniques of the game will only appear after a certain level of skill.

The player also need to have a good motor and visual memory to achieve automaticity of movements when performing certain technical elements. This is especially important to consider when choosing table tennis as a fitness for beginners. Visual memory is developing well and during the game itself. The brain learns visual signals and gives commands to the response of physical movement. To succeed in the game, you need to train complex movements. So, experienced craftsmen can watch the individual drawing games. A novice athlete should first learn how to perform simple moves and gradually complicate them, combining the reception and supply of a variety of ways.

Table tennis, as the sport of fitness should form the athlete a clear sense of the ball, regardless of its position and speed. To succeed, you must also consider the position at the table of the opponent and the direction of his movements.

Table tennis — fitness, forcing the athlete to think

Playing sports is often focused on the development of physical qualities. But such fitness, table tennis combined motor abilities of a person with the speed and logic thinking. Operational thinking helps the athlete to instantly sort out the situation at the table and make the right choice in favor of a particular combination of movements. Any mistake in assessing the situation — and the advantage is on the side of the enemy.

Artists say that the speed of thinking in table tennis must be accompanied by the almost lightning-fast reaction of the muscles. Due to this combination the player has the ability to anticipate events several moves ahead. Thus, one who is able to make fast decisions during the game, receives a benefit. Efficiency of mental activity in the sport of fitness can be raised only through training. The more an athlete plays, the faster he will be able to make decisions.

Sports fitness — how to achieve success

Fitness is more of a General physical training. If we are talking about it as a sport, it must involve the participation of a sportsman in competition. How to achieve sporting success in table tennis? For this you need to learn lightning to control his movements and not be distracted by spectators and the noise of the hall.

If physical qualities can be developed during regular training, table tennis and gym, to achieve stability of the mind and equanimity of emotions will be harder. Prelaunch fever often interferes with the athlete. There are times when a clear leader of the competition because of the sheer excitement loses less experienced players. Prepare your mind for competition only regular competition. The more player participate in the tournament, the calmer and more collected he behaves at each subsequent match.

Of course, tennis, fitness beginners should not start with a game result. We need to set ourselves a less ambitious goal, eventually raising the bar. We need to develop not only physically, but also spiritually, to train not only the body but also in nature. Fitness loves hard-working, persistent and purposeful people. Regular exercise will necessarily result, if not to doubt their capabilities and to work under specially designed program. There can not do without the help of an experienced mentor.

If it is not possible to play tennis in a team under the guidance of a coach, you need to find yourself a skilled player, is able to teach you all the subtleties of the sport. Regular fitness training should become a good habit, only in this case, you can count on sporting success.

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