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TABATA: fitness training for endurance

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TABATA: fitness training for endurance
The contents

  • Fitness training TABATA
  • Two modes of exercise: what’s the difference?
  • Features fitness: exercises TABATA
  • Workout for weight loss
  • The effectiveness of training

Become stronger and fitter, doing just a few minutes a day, it’s not a myth, but a scientifically proven reality. TABATA — short fitness training at the limit of physical possibilities. These exercises that is the true test of the human body for strength, but the result is worth the effort.

Fitness training TABATA

TABATA is an intense fitness workout, invented by Professor from Japan by Izumi Tabatas for the training of skaters. At the end of the last century in search of an effective way to improve athletic performance TABATA tested on Olympic athletes in the country, special methods of fitness training and has achieved tremendous results. He conducted a scientific experiment and find out how the intensity and duration of the training effect on aerobic and anaerobic endurance (simply put — on muscles and the heart).

In the experiment, one part athletes spent time training with the intensity of 70% (aerobic training five times a week for six weeks). And another four-minute workout is eight rounds of 20 sec work and 10 sec rest with an intensity of 170% (anaerobic mode). The results showed that the athletes from the first group increased aerobic endurance, and the second is not only aerobic, but also anaerobic.

After some time had conducted research in which scientists found that short intense fitness training contribute to a significant increase in anaerobic endurance and physical training.

Two modes of exercise: what’s the difference?

To understand what constitutes aerobic and anaerobic modes, compare the two types of fitness — cardio and strength. In the process, cardio (aerobic mode) the main source of energy is oxygen. The body at this time is in a specific pulse area, using enough. Among the cardio exercises include: rowing, Cycling, walking, running and so on. In the process of performing strength exercises or intense training (anaerobic mode), the body lacks oxygen, therefore, moves to the work mode without him. And if cardio continue on average 30-60 minutes, perform a set of exercises for a long period of time in an anaerobic regime is unlikely to succeed.

Features fitness: exercises TABATA

Before doing these exercises TABATA, and before any other workout, you need to warm up. TABATA is in most cases strength exercises with its own weight or a small weighting. In the set of exercises may include: pushups, squats, jumps, burpees, sit-UPS, sharp attacks, exercises to pump the press and so on. The load must have a sharp, explosive character. In the process of training the body is under stress, but just in this mode and trained endurance. To accurately track work time under load during your workouts is common to use a timer.

Classic TABATA not recommended more than twice a week in the format of four minutes of 8/20/10. Whereas high intensity (170%), such fitness workout suitable for people with good physical preparation. So before you come to the first class, preferably two to three months to dedicate to cardio training and the implementation of power complexes.

Workout for weight loss

We often hear that TABATA classes promote active weight loss. It’s not quite right. In principle, the training Protocol nothing to do with the process of losing weight has. Originally TABATA workout was developed to increase aerobic endurance, as well as strengthen and accelerate muscle growth.

However, if the person is training in the mode of 20 sec work and 10 sec in the sequel 40-60 min with intensity of 70%, in this case, it is really possible to lose weight (although this is not a classic TABATA). To ensure a stable effect of weight loss is recommended to do three to four times a week for half an hour or two to three times a week for 45 minutes with less intensity.

The effectiveness of training

Some say that the four-minute workout is unlikely to be sufficient to achieve the desired result. They’re wrong. Implementation of a large number of approaches with high intensity is unlikely to make training more effective, but harmful to health can.

Quite simply — TABATA workout allow it to disperse the metabolism, which is not always possible to achieve when doing other types of fitness. For short periods of time the body has to resume work when he does not have time to fully recover from the previous load. Therefore, in order to make fitness the most effective, you need to take seriously every twenty seconds workout.

In General any properly designed class will benefit if they are regular. And just as in other training exercises TABATA is necessary from time to time to change or alternate. If every day to perform the same movement, the body gets used to physical stress, which reduces the effectiveness of the training.

A significant impact on the performance of fitness and having the right diet. The diet of a person who is regularly engaged in TABATA, should contain adequate amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Supporters of low-carbohydrate and mono-diet from intense fitness workouts should be abandoned.

In addition, these studies contraindicated newcomers to the sport and people who have problems with cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular system. High intensity and impact loads are extremely dangerous for pregnant women and the elderly. It is impossible to engage in such fitness in the presence of injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To refrain from the exercise experts recommend during or after colds.

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