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Swim practice: guidelines and exercises

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Swim practice: guidelines and exercises

Fitness classes in the pool — perfect for people dreaming of pull up the body, but are unable to do strength training or cardio because of health. Active exercises for weight loss performed in the water, increase endurance, burn calories, enhance flexibility of the body.

Releasing the joints, training on swimming safely reduce the weight without harming the health. Vigorous cardiac contraction accelerate blood circulation, saturating the body with oxygen, strengthens blood vessels, eliminates congestion.

Basic recommendations for fitness enthusiasts

Fitness training in the pool is constructed with the following requirements:

  • Intense and hard work. Not enough to saunter slowly from side to side or just to stay afloat.
  • Proper nutrition. Spending calories in water, most immediately making up their harmful products, which nullifies the useful effect of the performed exercise for weight loss.
  • Exercises should be performed 3 times per week with a duration from 40 minutes to an hour.
  • Alternating with other exercises. It is recommended to visit fitness lessons of Pilates, yoga, callanetics.
  • The maintenance of sufficient caloric content. You should not reduce your calorie intake to 1400 per day and below to avoid feelings of fatigue and shift the body in the accumulation mode.
  • Compliance with these rules will ensure the smooth achievement of sustainable results.
  • The basic program of fitness classes in the pool

Before beginning fitness training you should perform warm-up, accelerating blood circulation and warming up the heart muscle. The intensity should be increased gradually: first 5 minutes — a slow moving crawl, then accelerating and again a 5 minute crawl at a given pace. Further, the retention Board to swim with your hands and intense footwork. After butterfly 4-6 times in both directions. The end of the training — 15 minutes in a comfortable style. After fitness classes in the pool — stretching.

An example of an extension:

  • After the final 15 minutes of swimming and 20 twists on the land;
  • 20 squats;
  • 20 reverse push-UPS;
  • 20 push-UPS.

The number of repetitions should be gradually increased, to prevent any habituation to the load.

In the process of swimming is permissible to use sprint, that is, move a short distance with a high speed, gymnastic elements, running in the water and other exercises for weight loss. The resistance created by the water causes the body to expend more energy and to connect additional power sources in the form of fat reserves, which favorably affects the appearance. Discipline and control will help to achieve quick results without compromising health.

Examples of exercises for weight loss in the pool

Intense fitness classes in the water are an effective way to get rid of extra pounds. To burn fat, you must do more repetitions, up to a characteristic sensation in overworked muscles. Thus it is necessary to constantly monitor the health, stopping if you experience shortness of breath or dizziness. During the break between sets you can just relax or swim at a normal pace.

Fitness training in the pool, aimed at the destruction of body fat should include vigorous kicks. As a rule, these movements are used as exercise for weight loss the back of the thighs. To increase load you can stretch your hands to the toe of the working leg.

To pump up the glutes with fitness in the pool, you need to include in the training program, steps to the water. Hands should be extended forward, and the knees raised as high as possible at each step. To the work involved not only the legs and hips, but the upper part of the body, should be widely spread hands to the sides. It is desirable that each session like this walk took less than twenty minutes.

To strengthen back muscles, you should use a so-called pose of a ballerina. You need to stand in the water exactly, fully and straighten up as much as possible to involve the stomach. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to perform a few light slopes in different directions.

A powerful fat-burning has the effect of mixing and dilution of the legs, which can be done with any amplitude. Standing in the water, you should tightly close my legs and hands drop down. Doing raising the legs, you need to press palms to each other, and when you return to the starting position raise the arms over the water. Throughout the exercises it is very important to monitor the posture, trying to keep a straight back.

Those who are bored to do water gymnastics, you should pay attention to the active game. The pool activities include volleyball and water Polo which have a high load on the body, forcing it to constantly burn calories. Doing with the ball, you can lose a few pounds and improve the shape in just a month.

Pool exercises for Weight loss

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