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Supersets of exercises for effective weight loss

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Supersets of exercises for effective weight loss
The contents

  • Use supersets for effective weight loss
  • A set of exercises for supersets
  • Tips for effective organizations fitness

Supersets are physical exercises, combined according to the principle of the development of certain muscle groups in a few approaches. In this work, the load typically falls on the muscles of any body part or several muscles located in different parts of the body and rarely working at the same time. The technique of supersets in the gym allows you to enhance performance in the gym or at home. In addition, this technique is often used as a means of overcoming the “effect plateau”, which is characterized by the lack of results from the usual fitness program.

Use supersets for effective weight loss

The benefits of exercise in the technique of supersets is manifested in the following positive changes in the body:

  • target the muscles that are subjected to the highest load, quickly strengthened, and all the other muscles come in tone;
  • consumed a large amount of calories due to the high consumption of exercises;
  • strengthens cardiac muscles, improves the blood circulation and the entire circulatory system;
  • accelerated metabolic processes that allows a person to increase the consumption of calories, doing daily physical activity. It is extremely important for people who want to achieve safe and effective weight loss.

A set of exercises for supersets

Superset, as a result of regular which significantly strengthens muscles and effective weight loss takes place, can include the following training dynamics:

  • Pulling the dumbbells to your abdomen, performed at an inclined position of the body.

You must take the starting position, by tilting the body forward. The back should be straight and parallel to the floor and the feet to be at a distance, providing the maximum resistance that is approximately shoulder width. The dumbbells should be held near the lower limb, turning her wrist to her legs. Later in the exercise you have to inhale and direct the elbows up and back, bringing the shells to the ribs for a few seconds. Exhaling, lower the dumbbells returning to the starting position. This is a training movement should be repeated 10-12 times.

  • Polymastic with dumbbells.

For taking the starting position in this element of the fitness classes you need to lie on your back, put your feet on the floor, bending your knees. In each hand you need to take the weighting and bend your elbows at right angles. Shoulders must be on the floor and the forearms to be perpendicular to the torso. From this starting position is necessary, first, to raise the buttocks to the formation of a straight line from the knees to upper back, and second, to squeeze the dumbbells up, straightening your elbows. Exhaling at the peak load, and lower the shells, putting the shoulders on the floor. The pelvis should not be lowered until then, until you complete all repetitions of the presses, and there should be at least 12 to step up the process an effective weight loss arms and torso.

  • Flexion of elbow biceps in a sitting position.

Fitness experts claim that the development of the biceps, sitting on a chair several times more effective than similar work performed in a standing position, and forces reduced to 90% of muscle fibers of the biceps. For this exercise you need to sit on a Scott bench or a regular chair with back facing her and make her elbows. Take a dumbbell and explode the wrist to the body. Breathing in, bend the upper limb, bringing the dumbbell to the shoulder joints of about 15 cm. Straighten your elbows and repeat the motion 10-12 times. Data flexion during fitness classes can be performed alternately one hand or two upper limbs at the same time.

  • “Diamond” push-UPS.

For this kind of push-UPS characteristic a special position of brushes, through which the intensity of the load exerted on the target muscle, is increased almost by 25%. To perform this exercise of the superset, you need to kneel and to rest on the palms of the outstretched hands. Then, you should transfer body weight with knee socks on straight lower limbs. Followed by positioning the brush so that thumbs and index fingers on the left palm touched the same fingers on your right hand. As a result, the brushes should form a rhombus or “diamond”. Taking the starting position, followed by a slow bend elbows and bring chest to the floor as close as possible. Exhaling, lift the body off the floor, straightening the elbows. If the level of physical training can not fully without breaking technique, push-UPS focus on the socks, it is possible to include in the fitness training version of “diamond” pushups in the rack on the knees. The number of repetitions of this element of the superset can be from 8 to 15.

Tips for effective organizations fitness

Effective weight loss and strengthen muscles as a result of executing supersets is guaranteed only if the training in this technique to actively implement the following important recommendations:

  • to proceed to the main part of the work is necessary only after the warm-up load. Its intensity should be moderate, so as not to cause premature fatigue. As a warm-up before the superset fitness experts recommend light cardio and joint exercises, mainly working on those parts of the body, which will be the main load;
  • the rest period between exercises of the superset should be minimal, so that the muscles do not have time to relax and pulse slow down. In such circumstances, the process of development of muscles and weight loss will be the most productive;
  • training movement superset, you can exclude and add, while taking into account the fitness levels of the most problematic areas and individual preferences;
  • after execution of the superset is recommended to do some simple stretching exercises. During their execution there is an opportunity to relax the muscles that are rapidly reduced, and to restore the pulse and respiration. Moreover, a hitch helps to prevent the occurrence of delayed onset muscle soreness – muscle soreness that occurs after intense physical activity.

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