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Sudden fat: in diseases that may indicate unexpected extra pounds?

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1. If you’re still tired hypothyroidism

This is the first thing to check when weight. Hypothyroidism sore for approximately one in eight women. The thyroid gland helps regulate metabolism, and if it works poorly, the speed of digestion slows down.

Fatigue, dry skin, hair loss — other symptoms of this disease. However, it is perfectly treatable.

2. If irregular menstruation — polycystic

They affects about one in five. It is an endocrine disorder that razbalansirovat reproductive hormones and can cause various unpleasant symptoms: irregular menses, hair growth on the face, a migraine. Also polycystic can affect how the body manages insulin.

3. If you have stress — depression

Chronic stress you must be constantly something to fight, to endure spikes in adrenaline and cortisol, so fat is stored, alas, perfect. If you still have trouble sleeping, get tired, lose interest to the world, it is quite possible that you were depressed.

4. If you still can’t sleep at night — insomnia

Nothing helps to build pounds as well as sleepless nights (then do everything you can to better relive the days including eating). If you don’t sleep slows down metabolism.

5. If you are over 40 — predmenopause

The transition to menopause causes the estrogen level that increases, then decreases. Irregular menstruation, hot flashes, mood swings and libido — other symptoms that indicate this.

6. If the fat is deposited in unexpected places — Cushing’s syndrome

Very rare condition (10-15 people per million) caused by an overdose of cortisol in the blood. Fat deposited in the abdomen and behind the neck, while limbs stay slim. The syndrome is often accompanied by low energy levels, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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