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Such a simple twine: 5 myths about stretching

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Such a simple twine: 5 myths about stretching

The contents

  • Myth 1: Stretching can master everyone
  • Myth 2: stretching Exercises help to lose weight
  • Myth 3: the development of flexibility shouldn’t be too long
  • Myth 4: Stretching is painful
  • Myth 5: Stretching makes the muscles relief

The term stretchihg or “stretching” came to us from the English language. In fact, with the stretching of the muscles as such we’ve seen, but in recent years it became a separate fitness area, a system of exercises aimed at improving flexibility of the body. To improve the mobility of his joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles considered it my duty many athletes, and far from fitness people with this and decided to begin my acquaintance with the world of sports. That’s just not all managed to achieve some positive results, and some do faced with a variety of unpleasant consequences. MedAboutMe leads 5 myths about stretching, debunking them and opening the veil of truth over stretching.

Myth 1: Stretching can master everyone

Do not confuse stretching with an ordinary hitch that needs to be done after each workout. The latter includes exercises on stretching the muscles and to ignore it is by no means impossible. Why? Yes, because immediately after training muscle felt stiff, as they say professionals soreness and stretching relieves tension, reduces delayed onset muscle soreness, returns a form that soothes and balances. Stretchihg the same — it is a separate area which is taught in different sports clubs and fitness clubs. And this one is the most stretching available and not useful to everyone.

First, you need to take into account their physiological data. We all have different elasticity of tendons and ligaments, a muscle’s ability to contract and relax. Some people have good flexibility from nature, i.e. caused genetically, but lifestyle, food play not the last role. Secondly, men in this respect are inferior to women, because the latter flexibility needed for childbirth, pregnancy and subsequent delivery. Well, another important factor is the age. That’s why I take gymnastics from early childhood and puberty can make a career in this sport.

Well, another point, which not to mention is a chronic and other diseases. The older a person is, the more health problems, and therefore the less chances of the successful development of stretching. All kinds of injuries — ligament damage, fractures are contraindications to exercise, and any disease in the acute period. Persons with mental disorders, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, Oncology can’t do this type of fitness.

Myth 2: stretching Exercises help to lose weight

Surely every man has a friend who with curvy shapes can do the splits. And how many bodybuilders regularly attending the gym, capable of such feats? From this we can conclude that stretching is not associated with weight and directly affect him, she can’t. Yes, stretching in General has a positive effect on the elasticity and firmness of the tissues, improving flexibility and, therefore, prolonging youth, but without of cardio and strength-loads to get rid of excess weight do not succeed, not to mention the food.

However, this does not mean that stretching is not able to give people benefits. Dealing with this kind of fitness is easy to learn good posture, smooth movements and cat-like gait. Stretching is the best prevention of cellulite, because it sustains and restores skin elasticity. These classes are beneficial to the muscles, increase muscle tone so that the person looks fit and cheerful.

Myth 3: the development of flexibility shouldn’t be too long

That this process is not quick, everyone knows, but some idea about the time increasing its flexibility somewhat skewed, if not wrong. It is believed that to obtain appreciable results already after the first workout, seek all the newcomers. It “destroys” the majority of beginners, who believed “the experts from the Internet” that promise to fit the splits in one week. Stretching, which was originally a way to minimize the risk of injury in fitness, she has turned into a traumatic sport, and all because of the desire to achieve the impossible in a short period of time.

To do the splits, you should regularly perform the appropriate exercises for 2-6 months. Train should be at least 4-5 times a week for 30-50 minutes. Here we are talking about stretching, not stretching as a way to warm up muscles before exercise and immediately after to reassure her that the athlete takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Have got your own stretching warm-up and setback, required to perform under the guidance of an experienced coach. Stretchihg is a sport that is better not to learn on their own at home. At least, at least a couple of times to see a specialist, to develop a course of action, assess risks, and then to master the technique at home.

Myth 4: Stretching is painful

If you work on flexibility constantly, gradually increasing the load, no severe pain will not occur. Moreover, pain is an indication that the muscles are not yet ready for such exercises, to such a large load, and therefore need to take a step back and some time to work in this range. For this reason, man will never be able to start stretching from the moment he was interrupted for a long period of time. He will be forced to start something called “from scratch”, developing and stretching again “forgetting” about the load of the muscles.

Use stretching as an ambulance when the pain in the muscles too. The study by Australian and Norwegian scientists showed that this only slightly reduces nasty syndrome, but the probability of microscopic discontinuities increases significantly.

Myth 5: Stretching makes the muscles relief

If stretch marks really were such properties, then all of a ballerina as one paraded on stage with abs and pumped biceps. Meanwhile, none of them is “foot player”, but doubt that they all give themselves to the profession, doing 7 days a week, no. Really make the muscles more visible and “legible” without strength training is simply impossible. Stretching not pursue such a goal and is not able to produce similar results. They can only workout with weights and with proper protein supplementation, because it is a protein responsible for the growth of muscle tissue. So do not wait for stretch marks all at once. This sport is very interesting and useful for health, but the approach to its development responsibly and not expect the impossible.

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