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Subcutaneous fat – the enemy must know in person

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Few people know that the fat in their body is divided into internal and subcutaneous. About the danger of internal fat talk a lot, subcutaneous fat is often ignored, although it also harms the health.

For many people, losing weight means to get rid of the fat that they feel, but the fat is divided into two types – subcutaneous and internal. Subcutaneous fat or subcutaneous fat – this is one that you can feel. When a small amount of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen and in other areas harmless, moreover, it protects from many diseases. Internal or visceral fat is dangerous, it surrounds the internal organs.

To lose the subcutaneous fat layer easier than the internal. When getting rid of subcutaneous fat man is changing visually, it becomes thinner, reduction of visceral fat, it is impossible to track by eye. To understand how to remove the subcutaneous fat, need to learn the basic facts about him.

Subcutaneous fat is for everyone

The layer of fat under the skin is in a healthy person, the percentage of subcutaneous fat in the body depends on many circumstances. The amount of fat under the skin is affected by genetics, lifestyle and nutrition. If a person spends a lot of time in a fixed position, not involved in sports, has little muscle mass and consume more calories than it spends, it will have a lot of fat under the skin. The amount of fat affects insulin resistance and diabetes. Techniques how to get rid of subcutaneous belly fat, is aimed at eliminating those factors that can be influenced.

The presence of a large amount of fat often means that a person has and visceral fat, but not always.
How to get rid of?

The question how to burn body fat, must be approached comprehensively. Most often, the fat is localized in the waist area, looking for a way how to get rid of subcutaneous belly fat, people are starting to vigorously carry out exercises on the abdominal muscles. This is not an effective strategy, as the burning of subcutaneous fat occurs in approximately equal proportions all over the body. It is important to balance the calories to spend on training more energy than comes from food.

The role of diet in getting rid of subcutaneous fat

Nutrition plan for problem how to remove subcutaneous belly fat and whole body, should be based on the principle of calorie deficit. In conditions of energy deficit the body will begin to burn our own deposits, but if the body is faced with hunger, fat loss will stop. Thus, you need not to starve, but to create a caloric deficit with the right product choice.

The most natural fat burner subcutaneous fat is a protein that the products contain few calories but make you full for a long time. Sugar and easy carbohydrates and associated metabolic problems, appearance of internal and subcutaneous fat, excess weight and obesity. Thus, to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, replace part of the carbohydrate in the diet on protein. Protein will create an energy deficit without feeling hungry and sacrificing muscle.

Other strategies to combat subcutaneous fat

In addition to the foods on the amount of subcutaneous fat is affected by the psychological state of the person. Chronic stress causes the body to produce more of the hormone cortisol, with permanent effects on the body, the cortisol causes an increase in the percentage of fat in the body. Stress is especially dangerous for those who have the habit of eating his sweets, for them, the stress that comes along with excess weight, new fat folds on the body and increased risk of developing diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Despite the fact that subcutaneous fat is not as dangerous as internal, from its excessive quantity is necessary to get rid of. If a healthy person watching their diet and exercise regularly, he has no problem with the appearance of an excess amount of subcutaneous fat.

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